Sunday, 2018-05-27

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zotanHas anyone tried using Nemo Keepalive in a sailfish app?15:41
zotanMy qml import is failing.15:42
zotanha, it was a typo, I needed Nemo.KeepAlive not Nemo.Keepalive15:45
r0kk3rzyeah it should work15:52
* tbr only used the c thing from python :>15:57
r0kk3rziphb is not really keepalive though15:59
tbryeah, it's a bit more low level. was sufficient for the mqtt thing tho'16:09
zotanMy timers are still getting stopped when I press the power button to turn the display off with keepAlive enabled, any ideas?18:22
r0kk3rzzotan: they will, thats kinda the point of keepalive19:53
r0kk3rzzotan: which bit did you implement?19:54
zotanr0kk3rz: It was my mistake in the end, the timers keep running now an my whole implementation is much simpler than with insomniac.20:17
zotanI wonder if keepalive will ever be allowed in the harbour.20:18
r0kk3rzit is20:22
zotanreally? Is this list out of date?
r0kk3rzive not really used the qml side of it, and just static linked the library20:28
r0kk3rzbecause the sailfish upgrade system is terrible and depending on things will break stuff sooner or later20:28

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