Wednesday, 2018-01-03

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Son_Gokudoes anyone know where meego-rpm-config sources are?15:40
Son_GokuI found the packaging sources, but that includes a tarball15:40
Son_Gokuwhere's the real stuff15:40
Son_Gokulbt, ol, now that all the major bits you guys relied on from openSUSE is upstreamed (in rpm 4.14), I'm taking another crack at bumping Mer up to a modern rpm16:10
sledgesabranson: pvuorela: ^16:27
abransonSon_Goku: you could start with my PR for 4.13 from last year:
abransonbut scratchbox needs some changes first - it completely breaks the targets on rpm upgrade right now. there's a WIP, but needs more16:32
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Son_Gokuabranson, I'm going to see if there's any of those changes that can be upstreamed to rpm16:36
Son_Gokubut I also don't intend on using the submodule pattern for this16:36
Son_Goku(mainly because of how broken submodules are conceptually)16:36
Son_GokuI'm surprised you hacked in old libs, because OBS should depresolve to the point everything cycles to be built properly16:37
abransonSon_Goku: probably a last attempt to fix the sb2 breakage16:38
Son_Gokualso, I'm going to redo meego-rpm-config16:39
Son_Gokuit's horrifically out of date :/16:39
Son_GokuI assume it's okay to call it mer-rpm-config now?16:39
abransonthe problem is that scratchbox on emulated targets masks some binaries like rpm with the host version to speed things up. so after the new rpm is installed and the target dbs are migrated, the next build uses the old binary and breaks horribly.16:40
abransondon't know about renames though. ^lbt16:40
Son_Gokuthat's... very broken16:40
Son_Gokubtw, do you guys have x86_64 repos published somewhere that I can use with a mock config to test stuff?16:41
abransonSon_Goku: it makes a large difference to build times though. martyone's got a PoC to stop the masking when the versions don't match, which should be enough. but it has to be finished off and applied to the other accelerated binaries.16:42
abransonthere did used to be x64 repos. not sure if they're still building. they might have been abandoned during the aarch64 push. there's i486 though16:43
abransononly slightly failed:
r0kk3rza lot of those fails might just be webhook problems anyway16:45
abransonhmm yes. the packagekit one definitely is16:45
Son_GokuI'm guessing you guys still want to keep using zypper16:45
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Son_Goku(as opposed to switching to dnf as the yocto guys did)16:46
abransonwell with packagekit abstracting things on top it's possible. is there a strong reason to switch?16:46
Son_Gokuyou get to drop boost?16:47
abransonbecause upgrading existing devices with a change like that would be a pain16:47
abransonthat's a noble cause though :D16:47
Son_Gokuwell, if you're only using packagekit and not the zypp command line stuff, you could just go with libdnf and call it a day16:47
abransonzypper's not even installed by default16:47
abransonbut we have quite heavily patched packagekit's zypp backend16:48
abransonso it wouldn't be simple16:48
Son_Gokuthe dnf backend is the best backend out of the box in packagekit16:48
Son_Gokuyour packagekit is OOOOOLD16:48
abransonpvuorela's only just updated it too. though I think he managed to drop a few patches16:48
Son_Gokuin Mageia, we switched to the dnf backend just as Fedora did16:49
Son_Gokuit's the slickest backend out there16:49
Son_Gokuthe big issue though is if you use old-style patterns (aka not metapackages)16:49
abransonthat webhook isn't current. it's been updated to 1.1.716:49
abransonwe've switched a lot of the patterns to metapackages16:50
abransonbut they still remain in the specific device configs and MIC builds I think (not sure)16:50
Son_Gokumodern zypper will be broken with old style patterns16:50
Son_Gokuthey're not supported16:50
Son_Gokumodern patterns are implemented as metapackages16:51
abransonyeah, the migration is working towards that16:51
Son_Gokuwith lots of weird provides and whatnot16:51
abransontrouble is our old rpm doesn't support that loose dependency (recommends, suggests?)16:51
Son_Gokuiirc, OBS can automatically translate old-style patterns to comps xml data, which DNF can process, but pk doesn't have support for it yet:
Son_Gokuabranson: new rpm will support it ;)16:52
abransonit all hangs on that sb2 fix really16:52
Son_Gokusounds like it16:52
Son_Gokubut yeah, if you guys aren't really using the Zypp stack and it all centers around PackageKit, you might want to consider moving to the DNF stack16:53
Son_Gokuyou get to drop boost, and insofar as dependencies for PackageKit goes, libdnf only requires librepo16:55
Son_Gokuand glib216:55
Son_Gokuwell, and librpm16:56
abransonwasn't augeas a zypp dep too?16:56
r0kk3rzabranson: any pitfalls for using metapackages for device patterns?16:56
Son_Gokuabranson, iirc, I think so?16:56
abransonyeah a lighter pkg stack would be nice. esp boost.16:56
Son_Gokuit still is16:57
Son_Gokuand the DNF team is generally tons more responsive than the Zypper team, in my experience16:57
abransonr0kk3rz: afaik the image building still requires a pattern. I made parallel metapackages for some devices, but I don't know enough about MIC to say what's needed there.16:57
abransonof course we'd break all current device image building if we moved to that16:58
r0kk3rzyeah MIC is a bit voodooy16:58
abransonif my knowledge of all of this was a civ map, MIC would be several squares into the blackness, bearing nukes16:59
Son_Gokugeez, that's not good for a core tool16:59
Son_Gokuthough, to be fair, this is why we're replacing urpmi with dnf in Mageia17:00
Son_Gokuno one knows how to maintain the old stuff :)17:00
Son_Gokuplus... Perl :/17:00
abransonsure, lots of people. not me though.17:00
Son_Gokuoh, well, that's a much better situation then17:00
abransoni mostly do middleware, concentrating on the camera stuff17:00
Son_GokuI usually live in the low levels of the stack17:01
abransoni just put together some PRs for the pkg stuff last year when I was quite new17:01
Son_GokuI'm doing a systemd rebase for Mageia right now17:01
abransonah, IZh did that for us last year17:01
abransonquite a big jump17:01
Son_Gokuand for Mageia 6, I did all that:
Son_Gokuwe would have beaten Fedora to DNF 2.x if we had released one week earlier17:03
Son_Gokuso at the last second, I had to change to "one of the first" instead of "the first" :)17:04
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