Friday, 2017-06-02

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_jester_hello all18:26
_jester_can someone please help me undertand the whole maemo ->  mer -> sailfish , tizen etc projects?18:27
_jester_or point me to an article that does?18:27
_jester_ok, is tizen based on mer or are both based off maemo and hence have 'efforts' to share18:30
_jester_or if i want to make a mobile os of my own, do i start with maemo? tizen, mer or sailfish?18:31
alteregoTizen is loosely based on MeeGo, which was a group effort between Intel and Nokia to develop a flexible mobile operating stack. MeeGo was based on Nokia's Maemo and Intels' Moblin.18:31
alteregoMer was an effort to continue the MeeGo project after it was cancelled when Nokia and Microsoft started working together and the project was scrapped.18:32
alteregoIntel then began working with Samsung on Tizen.18:32
alteregoSailfish is based on Mer18:32
_jester_thanks a lot18:33
_jester_but forbsomeoje trying to figure it out its quite a mind bender.18:33
alteregoI guess you had to have been there :D18:34
alteregoIt did all happen rather, quickly.18:35
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_jester_i suppose so, cause all i see is that they are all mobile / device based os who are based on something and contribute efoorts towards another and are in alliance with this third group18:35
_jester_even though i did loosely follow the whole thing cursing m$ a lot18:36
alteregoIn reality, things are different to how they appear in print.18:36
alteregoMer is independant, but Jolla are easily the primary contributors due to Sailfish.18:36
_jester_so is sailfish fully open source?18:37
_jester_or does it have components which are still propriety?18:37
alteregoTizen also wants to be independant, but there are less people using it, Samsung basically do what they want with it.18:37
alteregoEvery mobile OS has proprietary parts.18:37
_jester_but is it more than their android support ?18:38
alteregoSailfish is no different, Mer is fully FOSS, but Sailfish adds a Jolla owned user experience, and as with all devices, there are closed binary blobs for things like graphics.18:38
_jester_i am using a port and the excellent irc app on sailfish 2.1 at the moment18:38
_jester_which obviously is the 'open' part of the sailfish efforts towards and along with mer18:39
_jester_and whats missing from the official jolla features are the android support and video calling perhaps18:40
alteregoThere is no video calling in Sailfish18:41
_jester_what i am trying to figure out is, would this port be using commercial components?18:41
alteregoThe only peice missing is Android support I believe, there is a work around for this however.18:41
_jester_there is a phone, oulumus i think which is based on sailfish18:41
alteregoTechnically, yes. There are commercial components.18:41
alteregoAny vendor wishing to ship devices with Sailfish must have an agreement with Jolla, so ..18:42
_jester_i know the anbox thing, im trying to help with it. im trying to sorta also familiarize my self with the dev environment so as to what i can touch and waste time on and what not to worry about18:43
_jester_if thats the license, i.e. using it in a commercial product then it doesnt really concern me18:44
alteregoWell, in that case don't worry about low level graphics drivers, modem drivers and the user experience. :)18:44
alteregoEverything else should be there for you to hack on in the mer repos.18:44
_jester_well thats a shame, i actually liked the user experience. they should totally open source it.18:45
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alteregoWell, is there something broken that you want to fix there?18:46
alteregoYou can use it, obviously, you can write applications that use the Silica components, etc.18:46
_jester_nopes, just functionality to add, which mostly comes from mer18:46
_jester_so im looking forward to the meeting18:47
_jester_but yes a multi user capable conversation app that can replace the messages app, and allow other apps a fully developed chat interface so people can add plugins18:48
_jester_ive been told it has been discussed but it is not on top of the pile at the moment18:49
_jester_so the interface would be silica, which is prop, but the app would essentially be a mer app from the visual toolkit down, right?18:50
alteregoIt's fairly straight forward to either replace any of the core Sailfish apps with your own.18:53
alteregoOr reuse some application engines and just replace UIs with added functionality.18:53
_jester_thanks a lot alterego, highly appreciated.18:55
alteregonp, I'm waiting for dinner ^_^18:56
_jester_i just had pizza but im bad at sharing18:56
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xy2_hello, has someone messed with the kobo touch?19:41
xy2_I am trying to install debian on it (messing with u-boot at the moment) and saw that the wiki has a page on it19:44
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_jester_alterego: wait a minute. this means any mer applications would also work on sailfishos if the visual toolkit is installed20:49
_jester_oh and where does nemo fit into all of this?20:52
alteregoI wouldn't worry too much about nemo anymore. It's all just Mer AFAIUI now.20:56
alterego_jester_: and if you want to develop Sailfish applications then install the Sailfish SDK20:57
alteregoThat would give you access to the Sailfish specific components that are built on Mer.20:57
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