Wednesday, 2017-05-03

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sledgesPSA: sfos collab @ #mer-meeting, starting...08:01
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* lbt leaves this here for abranson and sledges to mention in the meeting :)
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dcalistehello, I've seen in the meeting log abranson mentioning the new mer-core-contrib group. Excuse me if I'm too hasty, but how can we submit new project there ? I guess my request to add gpgme would well fit there, don't you think so ?09:56
abransondcaliste: if you like we can fork the email stuff you've been using into there too.10:06
dcalisteabranson: I don't know. It's up to you if you prefer to keep the MR in mer-core or not. From what you mentioned in the meeting, it seems to me that it was the right place to advertise community contributions to Jolla.10:10
dcalisteBut I can't understand how to create project under mer-core-contrib…10:11
abransondcaliste: we only just created it - not sure how to handle it ourselves yet. but if you're up for it you could be a maintainer of the email stuff in contrib - so you could work and merge yourself, then people could test it before it was upstreamed10:12
abransonwe're aware that it's difficult to make progress when relying on sailors to do reviews and merging10:12
LarstiQabranson: afaik you should be able to create a project there for dcaliste10:14
abransonLarstiQ: and I can manually add him as a dev until the Maintainers scripts is done?10:15
LarstiQabranson: yeah10:15
abransonthanks - here we go...10:15
dcalisteI understand it's new, and I'm maybe too hasty ;) But the idea of it is great, thank you for build up this.10:16
LarstiQdcaliste: you're right on time, not too hasty :)10:16
LarstiQthough I expect we have some kinks to work out, as usual10:17
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abransondcaliste: ok done - i forked messagingframework and nemo-qml-plugin-email from mer-core, and gpgme from you. i made you Master of all three.10:22
dcalisteOk, that's, I see the projects appeared. Thank you.10:22
abransondcaliste: have you used OBS for building yet?10:23
dcalisteI will request MR from my personal forks to mer-core-contrib for the GPG stuffs.10:23
dcalisteYes, I've used OBS already. Tested the compilation of gpgme and gnupg recently.10:24
abransonok - and feel free to merge them yourself10:24
dcalisteQMF also with the .bin bug correction.10:24
abransongreat - so if you can publish the whole lot to a repo that people can add on their devices and test.10:24
dcalisteExactly, that's the next step indeed.10:25
dcalisteMay I ask you to fork gnupg also in mer-core-contrib ?10:26
tortoisedocmonich : I happen to have regularly this issue
tortoisedocmonich : im on Jollac w/latest10:34
tortoisedocmonich : any info on what to look for?10:34
tortoisedoc(i can debug)=10:34
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monichtortoisedoc: take a full log with ofono logger app, email the tarball to, ping me10:52
tortoisedocmonich : ofono logger app?11:05
maltortoisedoc: that's available in store11:06
tortoisedocmal : thanks11:06
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tortoisedocMonich : sent11:31
tortoisedoc,onich : sent11:31
tortoisedocmonich : sent11:31
tortoisedocI made a few test calls, the issue reproduced on the last one11:31
monichtortoisedoc: got the tarball11:33
tortoisedocmonich : let me know11:37
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dcalisteIn OBS, related to new mer-core-contrib, is there a mer-core-contrib:devel like there is a mer-core:devel that we can branch the packages of ?13:15
LarstiQnot yet, but there should be13:15
dcalisteOk, I'll wait for it to come. Another question, if you don't mind, on the mer-core-contrib way to work:13:18
dcalisteShould we create branches in respective projects and submit MR to mer-core, or13:19
dcalisteshould we fork mer-core-contrib as personal projects and submit MR to mer-core-contrib master, review and later on accept, and then submit MR on mer-core from mer-core-contrib masters ?13:20
LarstiQdcaliste: workflow still to figure out13:23
LarstiQdcaliste: if there is much traffic, I think it makes sense community members like yourself act as "maintainer" in mer-core-contrib, accepting MRs from others13:24
LarstiQdcaliste: with less traffic, working directly in mer-core-contrib may make sense13:24
LarstiQbut it would be good to somehow stay compatible with the mer-core branches13:25
LarstiQthen again, remotes are remotes13:25
LarstiQdcaliste: I'd start with branches in contrib, submitting MRs to mer-core, and then when needed start merging inside core13:26
LarstiQdcaliste: does that make sense?13:26
dcalisteI'm wondering about this, because I imagine the situation where some MR are accepted in mer-core-contrib because judged LGTM by some people and merged into master. Then a MR to mer-core from master oblige sort of mer-core to accept all in one or nothing, which seems subobtimal to me.13:26
LarstiQlevels of delegation13:27
LarstiQdcaliste: offering small bits is good13:27
dcalisteThat's why, it seems to me better to accept branches in mer-core-contrib from maintainer there and submit these branches to mer-core one by one.13:27
LarstiQdcaliste: sure13:27
* LarstiQ was thinking of linux-next type things13:28
LarstiQdcaliste: making things 1) as easy as possible for the mer-core maintainer 2) as blockless as possible for the community13:29
LarstiQdcaliste: I think we're agreeing?13:29
dcalisteOk, so I'll quickly scratch master back to mer-core state in messagingframework and nemo-qml-plugin-email and work into branches instead before anyone notice…13:29
dcalisteSorry for the mess, begining…13:30
LarstiQno problem at all13:30
dcalisteOk, now in mer-core-contrib/messagingframework, there is a gpg branch, where I can submit MR from personal repo and then I'll submit a MR to mer-core master when ready.13:40
dcalisteThank you for clarification.13:40
LarstiQdcaliste: thank you for driving this :)13:42
dcalisteWell, my pleasure, it's nice to see thing going on with community implication, hopefully it will make more OSS supporters think better about SFOS… and contribute.13:44
dcalisteI need to leave, thanks again.13:44
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dcalisteabranson: thank you for gnupg214:39
abransondcaliste: sorry I didn't see your message earlier!14:39
dcalistedon't worry, I'm not in a hurry.14:40
abransoni read over the previous conversation - i'm not sure the best way to proceed either :)14:41
abransonI think it would be great to have a master branch in contrib which had all fixes that you are happy with - so it's a good demo of the new features that people can use if they want14:42
abransonbut at the same time i'm not sure how that could be broken up for upstream MRs14:42
abransonmaybe it is best after all to polish up then push all your new features when you reach a stable point14:43
dcalisteAt the same time, having branches where one can accept several MRs can solve this.14:43
abransonwell having different branches during development is a good thing14:44
abransonbut the best testing for upstreaming is a complete merge of everything new14:46
abransonwill have to ask chriadam if he fancies forking any caldav/carddav project into there too, when it's his daytime again14:47
dcalisteTo keep master in sync with upstream i.e. mer-core, one can create a devel branch that gather all MRs and this branch is MR from time to time according to maintainer decision.14:48
LarstiQabranson, dcaliste: you can of course submit for MR the commit right before the integration point, presuming that the following features are branched off early and not after a merge of an earlier feature15:01
LarstiQtakes a bit more discipline when branching15:02
LarstiQand if things get out of sync too much you'll get larger and larger merge conflicts, but well15:02
abransonrebasing would be necessary though no?15:03
LarstiQbranch off of mer-core master, merge in mer-core-contrib master15:04
LarstiQallows for individual merging of branches to mer-core, and previewing integration in mer-core-contrib15:05
dcalisteyes, that's my view also. xyz branches in contrib can be used to accept MRs for a given development or bug fix. Then the devel branch is used to merge all the xyz branches and is kept in sync by rebase on master and when ready, core can accept either some xyz branches or the full devel one.15:08
dcalisteIs that what you have in mind also ?15:09
locusfholler me as well so that I'll know what to include to mer:nemo15:09
locusfonce that gets created15:09
abransoni think this contrib group has a role to play in the nemo effort...15:09
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LarstiQdcaliste: yeah, contrib master may or may not need rebasing depending on fate of MRs to mer-core15:10
LarstiQor devel if you want to use that name15:11
dcalisteOh, I'm not attach to the name that f course. I'm wondering if contrib/master can play this role or if master should be kept identical to core/master for easy rebase.15:12
LarstiQdon't know if gitlab has some functionality to update branches based on remotes15:13
locusfthis feature known as synchronisation is only available in the enterprise edition15:14
LarstiQotherwise it's just a person doing git fetch mer-core; git push contrib mer-core/master:mer-core-master15:14
LarstiQlocusf: right15:14
LarstiQwe could automate that too, like we have for mirrors15:14
LarstiQjust by a cron script doing the above15:14
locusfabranson: yes I think that this is the missing thing thats needed to make it all work15:25
locusfat least for middleware side15:25
locusfso that its possible to link together potential experimental features from source to packages in obs15:25
dcalisteSimple question, is there a wiki where we can write the procedures down so it's  easy for a newcomer or myself to understand what to do ?15:26
* LarstiQ is tempted to start a new gitit wiki15:27
locusftheres contribution guide in sailfish wiki15:28
LarstiQdcaliste: there is and15:28
LarstiQold and outdated,
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dcalisteOk, thanks, I'll try to write something this evening or tomorrow and let you know then for correction. Thank you.15:29
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