Wednesday, 2016-11-23

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kimmolicoderus: do you "quit irc" soon?07:19
coderuscan you tell me how to configure project ot depend on mer-core?07:20
coderusin obs07:20
kimmoliisnt that via spec? no?07:22
kimmoliif you have multiple packages, use Prefer: in projconf07:23
coderusi want to configure my repo where to get build dependencies07:23
kimmoliisnt that done in meta?07:26
kimmolilike here
coderusseems so, can you tell me what to add?07:27
* kimmoli quits irc07:27
kimmolino, i don't know07:31
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coderusi did this:
coderushope it will work07:46
larstiqcoderus: the <path> elements are indeed the way to resolve dependencies08:07
larstiqwhether those repos contain the dependencies you want is of course something else, but it's the right mechanism at least08:08
coderusnot the dependencies i need :(
larstiqcoderus: that looks like more severe problems08:21
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coderusi didnt found any actual working qtbase build on obs08:33
coderusso i guess peoples are doing some manual magic to vuild it?08:33
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larstiqcoderus: mer:core and friends are going through some aarch64 upheaval atm08:35
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spiiroinreview appreciated: appreciated:
spiiroin^ ref
spiiroin^ ref
coderusspiiroin: ah, this is the reason :D17:02
coderusi can't imagine how much bugs like this some static analyze can fix :)17:02
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nfs_Hi guys,21:13
nfs_i just got sailfish running on the xperia arc s21:14
nfs_and its very nice :)21:14
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nfs_but the port for the xperia is version and i want to run the latest version21:15
mal-nfs_: good to hear, any issues?21:15
nfs_in general its working nice21:16
mal-nfs_: I will be building the images hopefully this weekend or next week, first I need to fix mobile networking in the new version21:16
nfs_cam is a bit slow21:16
mal-nfs_: but cam works?21:16
nfs_yes except of the front cam21:17
nfs_i dont like selfies so anyway :)21:17
mal-front cam? main biggest or smaller cam?21:17
nfs_sorry just found out that it doesnt have a front cam21:19
mal-maybe the configs could be changed so that it won't show the option at all21:19
nfs_so you created the nice port for the 2011 xperias?21:19
mal-I have been a liitle busy with all of my projects so I had to skip 2.0.2 release for those21:20
nfs_then thank you very much for all the time21:20
mal-I have 11 ports to maintain and many other projects21:20
mal-for example my latest port was based on android 6 and we had a lot get the new linker to behave21:21
mal-*a lot of problems21:21
nfs_maybe you have a hint for me about okboard?21:22
nfs_you know okboard?21:22
mal-never heard :)21:23
nfs_but at first can donate for all your work?21:23
mal-currently no way to donate21:24
mal-let me know if you find any problems in that port21:24
mal-nfs_: probably the more correct channel would be #sailfishos-porters21:24
nfs_then if you come once to Dresden i ll donate some beer :)21:26
nfs_how could i help in general for sailfishs progress?21:26
nfs_so my question about okboard ill ask in #sailfishos-porters21:28
mal-that channel is for porting, then there is #sailfishos for general discussion21:28
nfs_where are you from?21:29
nfs_a bug i found is that the picture viewer is crashing the i zoom in to much21:32
mal-I'm from Finland21:35
nfs_ever been to Dresden?21:36
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nfs_is there a chance to get the hardware buttons of the arc s running?21:47
mal-I remember reading that the home key could be mapped somewhere in some new sailfish version, not sure if that is yet supported, camera key is in theory possible (need some modifications to camera app, I had is working in an alternative camera app), not sure about the others21:53
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nfs_currently the home button is recognized also the camera button but return and options seems to do nothing21:55
nfs_cam button wake the phone just for one second and home seems to do something with the wifi connection21:57
mal-I can try that okboard but not today21:57
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nfs_thats nice thank you21:59
nfs_im looking forward for the new version if you need any help maybe for testing just ask22:02
nfs_i'll be here again at the beginning of next week22:02
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