Friday, 2016-04-22

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tortoisedocpvuorela : final cludge committed to xdg-utils repo08:39
tortoisedocpvuorela: one question, where's the command which extracts the tar.gz archive?08:42
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pvuorelatortoisedoc: um, either rpm or obs. anyway, could expect Source0 value should match the file name.09:24
pvuorelatortoisedoc: tested the current version?09:25
pvuorelai mean, building on obs.09:25
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tortoisedocpvuorela : no09:40
tortoisedocill change the source param09:40
tortoisedocthe source param however refers to the remote location09:41
tortoisedoci wonder if i can do file:///?09:41
tortoisedocpvuorela : ^09:41
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tortoisedochmm or better09:48
tortoisedoci could refer it to mer's gitrepo09:49
Stskeepsghosalmartin: i don't have any good ideas why that wouldn't match10:02
Stskeepsit doesn't make sense10:03
Stskeepslbt: can you understand why is unresolvable?10:03
Stskeepsit doesn't make sense in my book10:03
lbtoh, I was looking at this the other day10:03
lbtthe *only* thing I could see is a possible version comparison failure due to strings in the version10:04
Stskeepsthe + throwing it off maybe?10:05
Stskeepsbut even so it's really bizarre10:05
lbtlinkedbuild="localdep" ?10:09
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lbta rebuild of libglibutil fixed it afaict10:12
lbtI just added a CR in the _service file and it rebuilt .. so something went glitchy10:13
lbtghosalmartin: ^^^ should be OK now - monitor is looking healthier10:14
mgroverwoop woop :D10:14
mgroverI just noticed10:14
Stskeepsmgrover: where are biggest aarch64 issues right now?10:14
Stskeepsthat i could help with10:14
mgroverStskeeps: the only issue left is xulrunner10:15
mgroverand the fact openssl needs no-asm flags10:15
pvuorelatortoisedoc: no file:///, if checked it's only the file name, not path or url.10:15
mgroverBut the no-asm flags are used for other archs without too many problems10:15
tortoisedocso the url per se can be whatever - as long as the filename is the same10:16
pvuorelatortoisedoc: also if possible, please do run specify to regenerate .spec.10:16
tortoisedoci can try10:17
mgroveractually: lbt any idea why this happens
tortoisedoc(from mersdk)10:17
Stskeepsmgrover: what provides pkgconfig(libsimple-trace) ?10:17
mgroverStskeeps: i see10:17
tortoisedoc[rant] who the hell includes authoring tightly - coupled with building [/rant]10:17
mgroverStskeeps: also I had to manually add libgrilio and libglibutil into the aarch64 project, any chance you could add them to mer-core:devel?10:18
lbtuse the wh command10:18
Stskeepslbt: could you walk me through how you'd do it?10:19
tortoisedocpvuorela :10:19
tortoisedocInfo: Old spec file exists, patching xdg-utils.spec ...10:19
tortoisedochope this is ok10:19
lbtStskeeps: first:
pvuorelatortoisedoc: yea.10:19
lbtso I ask what the https url for the git repo is and what branch should be used10:20
lbtthen I type : wh mer-core:devel <package> <url> <branch>10:20
lbtbasically that's it :)10:20
tortoisedocpvuorela : pushed10:21
mgroveralso is libsimple-trace == libtrace-ohm10:21
Stskeepsmgrover: think it's a circular dependency?10:21
mgroverStskeeps: well basically we don't provide libsimple-trace, and its not in the repos at all10:21
mgroverbut libtrace-ohm is10:22
Stskeepsshows pkgconfig(libsimple-trace)10:22
Stskeepsand [   27s] [49/143] installing libtrace-devel-1.1.8-8.12.Mer10:23
lbtStskeeps: but it shows UNKNOWN10:23
Stskeeps[   73s] Requested 'libsimple-trace >= 0.0.0' but version of trace is UNKNOWN10:23
lbtmouseover the symbol10:23
lbton that link you just pasted10:23
mgroverI think this issue occurs in all of mer-devel not just aarch6410:23
lbtsounds like a packaging error in libtrace-ohm10:24
Stskeeps[   50s] Libtrace version: UNKNOWN10:24
Stskeeps[   50s]      API version: 0.0.010:24
Stskeepsmaybe it's looking in /lib64/ or something10:24
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mgrovercould be an out of date config.status causing the issue10:26
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pvuorelatortoisedoc: 1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- saving rejects to file scripts/
pvuorelatortoisedoc: on do_not_generate_scripts.patch10:28
lbtmgrover: Stskeeps: the service file for that points to the out-dated nemo one fwiw10:30
tortoisedocforgot about that one10:30
tortoisedocone sec10:30
mgroverlbt: ahh, shall I quickly link the package nad change it, or do you want to change it at mer-core:devel Stskeeps?10:30
pvuorelatortoisedoc: think it gets confused on _build directory included in .tar.gz, suggest skipping that and _build references elsewhere. Version: seems to be still rc3 too.10:31
lbtmgrover: I've updated it at mer-core:devel10:31
mgroverlbt: thanks :)10:32
lbtI doubt it'll change anything10:32
tortoisedocpvuorela :pushed10:33
tortoisedocone sec10:33
tortoisedocso it builds the tar.gz once it's extracted?10:33
mgroverwheres package version defined?10:34
lbtline 7 I think10:34
lbtbuild-aux/git-version-gen .tarball-version10:34
lbtbecause idiots10:34
mgroverdoes that even exist?10:35
lbtisn't it so cool being able to actually see the code!!!10:35
* lbt feels like he's in the future circa 2007 or something10:35
pvuorelatortoisedoc: now you removed the patch, meaning xmlto will be executed?10:35
tortoisedocit hurts my 3y3w10:35
* tortoisedoc runs away in pain10:35
* lbt pats pvuorela on the back ... :)10:36
mgroverlbt: well atleast we know why its UNKNOWN10:36
tortoisedocpvuorela : no, the mods are in the _build package :)10:36
tortoisedoc(for the makefile's that is)10:36
lbtmgrover: yeah ... so I wonder if a VERSION=%{version} ./configure would help ?10:37
lbtand/or just change the configure.in10:37
tortoisedocbut probably the _build folder should not be there10:37
tortoisedocif obs does not do a make clean first10:37
tortoisedocit might indeed confuse things10:37
mgroverlbt: so hardcode it?10:38
tortoisedocno _build in the archive10:38
lbtmgrover: I'm thinking what the correct way would be10:39
mgroverlbt: passing down from spec file seems best way10:39
lbtI'm thinking that too10:40
lbtspec/yaml could do with an update too - remove yaml and fix URL and suchlike10:40
mgroverkeeps it inline with whatever the version is set in there, set once and not have to worry about changing lots of instances10:41
lbtfeel like doing a tidy up MR ?10:41
mgroverlbt: yeah go on10:41
mgroverlbt: just to make sure, on line 7 of the, thatll happily take a env variable?10:42
lbtI'd do a local build using mb2 to check - I think it should10:43
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lbtm4_esyscmd looks a lot like "run a system command"10:43
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mgroveryeah shouldn't be too bad, url can go as well10:46
lbtmaybe m4_esyscmd([echo $SPEC_VERSION])10:48
mgroverlbt: i was thinking just a $SPEC_VERSION without the m4_esyscmd10:48
mgroverdoesn't seem to need it when echoing at bottom10:48
lbttry it - I was reading the document10:49
lbt"The arguments of AC_INIT must be static, i.e., there should not be any shell computation, quotes, or newlines, but they can be computed by M4."10:49
tortoisedocpvuorela : removed _build10:49
tortoisedoc(also in source ref)10:49
lbtso just being cautious10:50
mgroverlbt: ahh best follow that then10:50
lbtjust hack and see what works :)10:50
mgroverlbt: will spec accept: export SPEC_VERSION=`echo %{version}`10:50
lbtSage_: any hints on passing the .spec %{version} into a ?10:51
lbtSage_: we have
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mgroverwe'll find out soon10:52
mgroverdidnt like the sys command, wants a file name10:54
mgroverhmm $SPEC_VERSION didn't work either10:55
mgroveralthough now git version appears10:56
mgroverthats fixed it and I don't know why...10:56
mgroverwait maybe not :P10:57
pvuorelatortoisedoc: build succeeded \o/11:00
* tortoisedoc high five11:01
tortoisedocmerge? :P11:01
pvuorelacould now actually test :D11:02
tortoisedoci cant help you with that tho11:02
tortoisedoclast time i tried, tracker on my jphone got fully wiped :/11:03
mgroverlbt: currently hard coding it fixes the issue, ill take a look into passing it down11:03
tortoisedoc(and that was actually libcontentaction eh)11:03
lbtmgrover: OK - may be worth doing something as nasty as "echo "#!/bin/bash\necho %{version}" > build-aux/git-version.gen" in the spec11:05
mgroverlbt: ill make it pass down :P11:05
tortoisedocshortcuts = bad:P11:05
mgroverlbt: how important is policy-settings-common11:06
lbtumm - in what way ?11:07
mgroverlbt: is it used11:07
mgroverah okay, best make it work :P11:07
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mgroverlbt: I think the passing down works, but the issue is verison is  1.1.8+master.20160422110642.1.g5287eff11:09
mgroveri dont want to hack around it and chop off everything after +11:09
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lbt%{version} comes out with that ?11:11
mgroverlbt: think so, just confirming now11:11
* lbt sighs11:12
mgroverlbt: i think SPEC_VERSION is already defined11:12
lbtah - OK11:12
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mgroverlbt: actually yeah %version gives you the whole git tag11:17
lbtwell, that's our git packaging system for you ... just because it says "Version: X" in the spec file you don't actually *get* "X" ....11:18
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mgroverlbt: thats a shame11:20
lbtyeah, so
lbtjust hardcode it and blame it on our tools11:21
mgroverlbt: okays11:21
lbtStskeeps: see any other choices ?11:21
Stskeepsprobably not11:21
mgroverlbt: regex :P11:21
mgroverwell tis done, ill make a commit for the yaml deletion and were away11:22
tortoisedocpiped to the git version string echo?11:23
mgrovertortoisedoc: i think its not an issue of being able to do it, its more of an issue of over complicating a simple version number set11:23
tortoisedocmgrover, do not forget the "non-static" aspect of it tho :)11:23
tortoisedocbut welll11:24
mgrovertortoisedoc: i know, we could just hardcode is in the spec file and pass it down, so atleast when people change stuff and update the spec file, its obvious this must be updated11:24
mgroverStskeeps: anymore luck on android 6 libhybris, or are they doing some funky stuff in the drivers11:25
Stskeepsmgrover: still bashing my head at it11:25
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mgroverStskeeps: damn those android drivers11:26
tortoisedocStskeeps : interfaces difficult to hook?11:27
mgroverlbt: i take it the yaml file isnt used if were deleting it?11:29
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lbtmgrover: no, and you can delete the yaml templating stuff in the spec11:30
lbtwe're generally deprecating spectacle11:30
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lbtit's good for beginners but annoying for experienced maintainers11:30
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tortoisedoclbt : so .yaml stuff is not necessary for obs anymore?11:32
lbtit never was11:32
mgroverunless am being an idiot which there is a high chance, what yaml template stuff?11:32
lbtmgrover: the comments and things like # >> macros11:33
mgroverlbt: ahh11:33
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lbtmgrover: commented btw11:52
lbterm - keep the Fixes text in the commit - I shoulda said "change it to something like"11:53
tortoisedocpvuorela : how long might the testing take?11:57
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pvuorelatortoisedoc: seems to still work. think i could proceed with merging shortly.12:14
tortoisedocI see BEER coming up today :D12:16
tortoisedocand LOTS of it12:16
tortoisedocdoes it work better than before?12:16
tortoisedocyou can verify by making sure the documents app is NOT openened when using xdg-open12:16
tortoisedocor by setting a mime handler for for example .txt12:17
tortoisedocor what not :)12:17
pvuorelanot opened, like how?12:17
tortoisedocbut im sure the test cases should suffice for testing12:22
tortoisedoc(as well)12:22
tortoisedocI think the xdg-utils have some testings12:22
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tortoisedocrainemak : pvuorela LGTM'ed xdg-utisl12:46
tortoisedoccan ve merge now?12:47
tortoisedocs/ve/we :D12:47
rainemaktortoisedoc, yeap discussed with pvuorela like a minute ago... thanks for the contribution!12:47
tortoisedocyou can thank me with a merge? ;)12:48
tortoisedocand testing / releasing :P12:48
tortoisedocrainemak i assume it's too late for the changes to make it in the next update?12:49
tortoisedoc(sfos release that is)12:49
lbttortoisedoc: pvuorela: should that all be squashed down ?12:53
tortoisedoclbt : rebase + squash?12:53
tortoisedoccan be done12:53
pvuorelalbt: perhaps, though kind of like that the peculiarities are now documented in history.12:54
pvuorelaat least for modified .tar.gz12:54
tortoisedochmm right12:54
lbtOK - your call12:54
tortoisedoci second pvuorela on this12:54
lbtjust seeing things like _build tarball namechanges struck me as a bit messy12:55
tortoisedocwe could probably squash the last three commits together12:56
tortoisedocso rebase HEAD~ & squasj12:56
tortoisedoceven when keeping it as is for documenting purposes, the log is not clear as to why it was done12:57
pvuorelaok with squashing. just as long as something documents it's not upstream vanilla .tar.gz12:57
tortoisedocok proceeding with rebase + squash of the last three commits12:58
tortoisedoc(and editing log message for non-vanilla upstream .tar.gz)12:58
Sage_lbt: sry, didn't notice this earlier. No hints atm. :/12:59
lbtSage_: np ... we decided to hardcode it into :/13:00
* lbt wonders why qtdocgallery doesn't build docs13:00
tortoisedocabout to push13:01
tortoisedocgit push origin master -f13:01
tortoisedocdone once more, now we should be all clear13:02
tortoisedocand non-messy :)13:03
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pvuorelatortoisedoc: there.13:10
tortoisedocthink ill upgrade from beer to rum tonite13:10
tortoisedocthanks guys!13:10
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tortoisedocpvuorela what are the chances to see this in the next sfos update?13:10
tortoisedocps do not forget the libcontentaction ;)13:13
pvuorelatortoisedoc: wouldn't expect yet in next one.13:14
mgroverlbt: changed13:16
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lbt[   50s] Libtrace version: 1.1.813:31
lbt[   50s]      API version: 0.0.013:31
lbtmgrover: :(
mgroverlbt ah crap13:32
mgroverlbt: also thats not an issue13:33
mgroverwait what it was working13:33
mgroverany chance you could undo the mr?13:33
lbtyeah .. I'll fixup here13:33
mgroverbut the API version has always been 0.0.013:34
lbtyep not a problem ... good to see 1.1.8 though13:34
lbtas expected :)13:34
mgroverlbt: yeah i forgot 1.1.9 in at one point :P13:35
mgroverso yeah that works13:37
lbt looks good now13:40
lbtand a nice little rebuild session happening afaict13:40
mgroverlbt: good good, one less thing to worry about for all arches13:41
mgroverthe jolla ci sent me an email to my work :P13:44
mgroverlbt: Libdres version: 0.0.013:45
mgroverthat suffers from the same issue13:45
mgrovernothing depends on it yet though13:45
lbtwell, it's a never-ending task :)13:46
mgroveris slava on here?13:48
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mgroverlbt: thats the correct one15:21
mgroveractually ignore that :P just realised you just did it in the repo15:21
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faenillbt: Stskeeps I debugged that libtrace-ohm issue for hours...have you forgot we even discussed it already? :D16:04
faenilthat was the reason why I pinged lbt for weeks to have him update tar_git16:04
faenilbecause Jolla's rpm has the version file in the root of the rpm16:04
lbtfaenil: yes - sorry16:04
faenilwhile Mer's doesn't, and that causes the version error16:04
faeniland it seemed like it was tar_git not packing it in the tarball when getting the src16:05
faenil(sorry, s/rpm/tarball before as well)16:05
faenilbut then lbt updated tar_git and the issue remained...and we didn't debug any further16:05
faenilbut that's the issue, something is putting the version file in Jolla's tarball and not in Mer's16:05
faenil*even when* both Jolla's OBS and Mer's OBS were using the same revision of the same repo16:05
faenilso there's definitely some difference at OBS level that is breaking the build in Mer and not on Jolla's side16:06
lbtdid we check the tar_git tarball had it in?16:07
lbttar_git runs server-side so it's rather hard to check the magic is happening16:07
faenilI checked that the tarball on OBS side had it in, yes, I asked Stskeeps to provide the tarball iirc16:07
faenil(to provide Jolla's tarball, that is, or rpm can't remember)16:07
faenilI compared the tarballs created by tar_git16:08
faeniland Mer's was missing the version file16:08
Stskeepsfaenil: i have amnesia from a newborn :P16:08
lbtfaenil: well, I apologise - I know it's a PITA when you spend a long time working on something and it's not used16:09
faenillbt: no worries at all, I'm just sorry you guys had to go through it again :)16:09
faenilI learned stuff, not a problem16:09
lbtbut ty for the reminder about the tar_git side - I've got a lot to do on Mer side and I should add that into the list16:09
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faenillbt: you updated tar_git then...but that didn't not sure what else could be off16:09
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faenilbut if memory serves me well, the conclusion was that there was something going wrong in Mer's OBS16:10
lbtand Mer OBS is > Jolla OBS so downgrading would be bad16:10
lbtit may still be a bug in Mer OBS though - but there's now much newer OBS in suse that we should be upgrading to16:10
faenilStskeeps: haha, that's interesting...because my memory is sooo bad :D16:11
faenillbt: who knows...16:11
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ghosalmartinlbt, Stskeeps: how does pkconfig resolve names? is it the names of the packages in the spec file?19:08
Stskeepsit's autogenerated by the presence of a .pc file19:11
ghosalmartinStskeeps: ahh okay19:14
ghosalmartinjust updating the spec file fixed it19:16
ghosalmartininstead of mlite5, i used the package name of mlite-qt519:16
ghosalmartinStskeeps: the only "broken" stuff left for aarch64 are X stuff, font stuff, and stuff that deps on xulrunner, but qtwebkit builds to thats covered19:17
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Stskeepsdid the mic stuff get merged/qemu?19:18
ghosalmartinStskeeps: it did19:18
ghosalmartinbut ive noticed it only works when you first create the image, if the machine is rebooted it just refuses to chroot in19:18
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