Sunday, 2016-02-07

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peat-psuwitExcuse me, when making a call in Mer, what component set voicecall profile on pulseaudio?14:23
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Stskeepspeat-psuwit: probably the ohmd/resource policy stuff16:47
peat-psuwitStskeeps: I'm sorry but I'm new to Mer. What was ohmd?16:50
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Stskeepswhois peat-psuwit16:59
Stskeepswell, that's embarassing ;)17:00
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ghosalmartinnice day in the hills17:06
ghosalmartinit was windy17:06
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peat-psuwitStskeeps: I can't find such code. I'm finding how VSID support in pulseaudio-module-droid is used.17:28
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ghosalmartinin the release builds, weres the middleware at?17:30
ghosalmartinfor mer-core17:30
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Stskeepsghosalmartin: not merged, ignore anything but devel atm17:49
Stskeepsghosalmartin: tell me about the gdb issue17:49
ghosalmartinStskeeps: have to update to gdb 7.6, but the MR breaks gitlab17:49
ghosalmartinStskeeps: so can we point the devel aarch64 build to my repos for on device testing17:50
Stskeepswell in fixup you can change _service to point whereever?17:52
ghosalmartinStskeeps: I can indeed, and they point at my repos atm, but xorg stuff won't build without my enabling a lot of sb2 repos, so I thought it'd be easier to just point devel aarch64 to my repos tbh17:53
Stskeepsnah, bad idea.. sb2 repos?17:53
ghosalmartinStskeeps: fair enough, i mean sb2 packages17:53
ghosalmartinStskeeps: other than xulrunner, fixup is complete17:53
* Stskeeps still doesn't grok it :P17:54
Stskeepsas in, understand17:55
Stskeepsmight just be my mind being in the wrong place17:55
ghosalmartinStskeeps: all of aarch64 packages are more or less built17:55
Stskeeps[18:53] <ghosalmartin> Stskeeps: fair enough, i mean sb2 packages17:55
ghosalmartinStskeeps: ohhhh,
ghosalmartinsb2-tools-aarch64 has a lot of package deps17:56
Stskeepssb2-tools- can be ignored17:56
ghosalmartinah then, done :P17:56
Stskeepsthey're only supposed to build on i48617:56
ghosalmartinwell xulrunner still hates me, but I can't find any fixes for that, well aside from new gcc17:57
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ghosalmartinbut upgrading gcc to something new seems like a big deal17:58
ghosalmartinso whats next?18:04
Stskeepsyou can probably try to do a mic image creation of a mer core pattern for aarch64 with the mer-core:aarch64:devel and mer-core:aarch64:devel:fixup obs repos18:06
Stskeepsand see how far you get18:06
Stskeepsyou might need to patch a fair bit of python18:07
ghosalmartinewwwww python18:08
Stskeepsand when you have one of those, to try and boot it up in qemu for aarch64 or the likes18:08
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ghosalmartinfair enough, atleast someway to test18:09
ghosalmartinalso is the mic image stuff basically around page 27ish of the hadk18:10
Stskeepsjust mic cr -A aarch64 foo.ks .. i'll help with that18:11
ghosalmartinis this stuff documented in hadk?18:12
ghosalmartinwell mic doesnt have aarch6418:13
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ghosalmartinStskeeps: do you mean your going to provide the ks?18:15
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Stskeeps and mic cr fs -A aarch6418:15
Stskeepsnote the unfold comment18:15
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Stskeepsand adding aarch64 support is easy, AFAIK18:16
ghosalmartinahh okay18:19
ghosalmartini assume stick fixup in there18:19
Stskeepsyour headache will be about the qemu-arm vs qemu-aarch64 stuff i thin18:20
ghosalmartinwe'll see how it behaves when i setup aarch64 qemu then18:22
ghosalmartinshould take that happily?18:24
ghosalmartintime to add arch and start a headache18:27
ghosalmartinStskeeps: what do you mean by unfold? also is repomd the same as patterns?18:35
ghosalmartindoes it just mean populate that list with the mer-core packages18:40
ghosalmartinhmmm tizen updated mic with aarch64 support18:48
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Stskeepsas in expand the @Mer Core to the indivudal packages19:14
ghosalmartinfair enough19:19
ghosalmartini assume the archs are set somewhere in the python code19:19
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Stskeepsyeah if not already there20:00
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ghosalmartinfor now cant find a nice easy way to add aarch6420:13
ghosalmartinama just look at tizens code20:14
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Stskeepsfirst out try if it actually works and how much, first20:48
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ghosalmartinsorry i mean tizens mic21:24
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M4rtinKMer on MIPS when ? ;-)21:30
M4rtinK( )21:30
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ghosalmartinisnt there a mips port?21:31
ghosalmartinalso what would use a mips port?21:31
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M4rtinKyeah, some widely available hardware would needed first21:40
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ghosalmartinon the other hand aarch64 is unfortunately becoming very popular21:44
M4rtinKdepends on the flavor21:45
ghosalmartinwhatever android uses21:45
M4rtinKthe SBSA one with a spec & UEFI and ACPI should be nice21:46
M4rtinKthe one android uses is just the same old ARM madness in 64 bits21:46
ghosalmartinfun fun fun21:46
ghosalmartinthis would never of been that much of an issue if manufactures released both 32bit and 64bit binaries21:47
M4rtinKIIRC there should be some limited amount of backwards compatibility21:49
M4rtinKfor 32 bit stuff on the 64 bit cores21:49
ghosalmartinthere is21:49
M4rtinKmight not be enough for running a whole 32 bit OS21:49
ghosalmartinbut the binaries are 64bit binaries :P21:49
ghosalmartini tried a lot of flavours of android with a lot of different binaries, and replacing binaries with api version equivilant but no luck21:50
M4rtinKprobably not very related but still IMHO quite interesting21:51
ghosalmartinive read quite a few of his posts, seems to really like his 32bit to aarch6421:52
ghosalmartinwell he is an arm/aarch64 dev21:52
M4rtinKIIRC he tried to use an armv64 mustang as a desktop for a while :)21:56
ghosalmartinwould arm really make a useful desktop experience?21:58
M4rtinKwell, why note ?21:59
M4rtinKif affordable and powerful enough21:59
M4rtinK*why not21:59
ghosalmartinits the only upside i can see, cost22:01
ghosalmartinand lack of noisey fan22:01
M4rtinKthe actually usable 64 bit boards are still quite expensive22:01
M4rtinKif actually available22:01
ghosalmartinbuy a nexus 5x, rip out lcd, connect to monitor :P22:02
ghosalmartinport mer aarch6422:02
M4rtinKthe 32 bit arm boards are much cheaper - but the cost/performance ration might still be worse than a cheap x86 board22:02
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ghosalmartinload whatever window manager you want22:02
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ghosalmartinpersonally i miss hildon22:02
M4rtinKI think the "you need a custom distro to actually do anything" is at fault here22:03
M4rtinKtha hildon is kinda dead22:03
M4rtinKand we don't really have OSS mobile shells22:03
ghosalmartinno I don't believe a custom distro is required, seems to cause more fragmentation than good22:04
M4rtinKas the few people passionate enough are basically playing release engineers/package maintainers for their own distros22:04
M4rtinKnot moving things forward22:04
ghosalmartinand yeah a shame. I think hildon was a really good tablet ui22:04
ghosalmartinits kinda what I see most open source attempts ending in, everyone has a different idea of how the UX should be, and I can't see people agreeing22:05
M4rtinKI really think making a normal distro like Fedora run on mobile phones would really help22:05
M4rtinKyou would not need to care about (security) updates22:05
M4rtinKand could actually move things forward22:06
M4rtinKthat could also be an issue22:06
M4rtinKbut currently you don't even have a place where to run it22:06
M4rtinKon a mobile device22:06
ghosalmartinisn't that what mers for?22:06
M4rtinKwell, without an awful lot of unrelated work22:06
M4rtinKbut its a separate and very minimalistic distro22:07
ghosalmartinor is mer really still missing a lot, and sfos is what we really want, ie take sfos and skin it22:07
M4rtinKits more like - do we really need a special distro ?22:07
M4rtinKwhat's the different ?22:07
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M4rtinKcan't we really take a generic one and use it with some tweaks22:08
ghosalmartinit seems like mer is still missing a lot of implementation, while sfos you just a ux experience to22:09
ghosalmartincould be wrong22:09
M4rtinKMer more and more seems like just duplicating the work done by normal distros to me22:10
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M4rtinKeq. fixing CVEs, updating packages, fixing build issues, etc.22:10
M4rtinKwhile other things are actually required like improving the mobile oriented middleware, writing OSS mobile shells, etc.22:10
ghosalmartinwhat do you mean by mobile shells?22:11
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M4rtinKsuitable for mobile use22:11
M4rtinKideally it would just be a package group22:13
M4rtinKand enabled service preset on top of a "normal" distro22:13
ghosalmartinits not a bad idea22:14
M4rtinKinstead of Gnome Shell/Plasma Desktop it would have a suitable mobile shell/UX22:14
ghosalmartinits just I think distros think that mobile linux has already been done22:14
ghosalmartinby android22:14
M4rtinKand a couple of additional services for mobile use22:14
M4rtinKlike power management, telephony, etc.22:15
M4rtinKwell, I think it more like a resignation at the moment22:15
M4rtinKI see quite a lot of interest in "real Linux on a phone" among people22:15
M4rtinKit's jut that its still quite hard to do22:15
ghosalmartinby real linux phone, do they expect open binaries?22:16
M4rtinKdue to how fucked-up the ARM world is22:16
M4rtinKwell, that would be ideal22:16
M4rtinKand at least for Fedora kernel mainline support & no blobs would be a requirement for official deliverable22:17
M4rtinKand there are arm devices that satisfy that:
M4rtinKjust not any mobile phones or tablets at the moment22:18
M4rtinKbut I wonder how hard an unofficial deliverable would be to do & maintain...22:19
ghosalmartinwell gathering from the amount of difficulty for people to get hardware22:20
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ghosalmartinanywhere know where the mic repo is?22:42
ghosalmartintaaem: thanks :)22:46
M4rtinKghosalmartin: note the horribly outdated version of the bundled pykickstart :)22:49
ghosalmartinM4rtinK: I just want to find where its defining what arches it supports :P22:49
ghosalmartinand currently illness is getting the better of me22:49
M4rtinKsure :)22:50
ghosalmartinalso is bundling bad/22:50
M4rtinKjust noting that someone should finally update that22:50
ghosalmartinshouldnt this stuff be pointing to the upstream?22:50
M4rtinKor use a system package22:50
M4rtinKBTW, upstream:
ghosalmartinM4rtinK: ill try and get it done, if someone will look at the MR when i do it22:51
M4rtinKcool :)22:51
ghosalmartintbf mic itself seems out of date. is there any reason were not just using the tizen one? or have they gone with a different path for it?22:52
ghosalmartinsince tizens mic already has aarch64 and what not22:52
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ghosalmartinStskeeps: does fixup inherit from the main project?23:05
taaemghosalmartin: maybe interesting what the ubuntu guys are doing with libhybris 64bit
ghosalmartintaaem: am going to have to give that a good read tomorrow23:10
ghosalmartinbrain has currently gone to mush and is trying to brute force anything23:10
ghosalmartinthanks :)23:10
ghosalmartinif a package is noarch, mic should have no problems finding it, right?23:13
ghosalmartin for tomorrow23:26
ghosalmartinStskeeps: what i have so far, seems to miss out noarch packages23:26
ghosalmartinnight all23:26
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