Friday, 2015-01-16

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tigelilbt_: healthy already?08:36
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tigelilbt: you were sick the other day.. back :D08:37
lbtoh, just that day - nothing much08:37
tigeliok. :)08:37
tigelilbt: about that..08:37
lbtty for asking :D08:37
lbtyeah - that08:37
lbtmer-tools sounds a good place08:38
lbtis that a tarball in git ?08:38
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tigelilbt: well, they release the stuff in tar-balls..08:39
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lbtyah ... there's some way to deal with it which uses pristine tar08:39
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lbtdoes upstream have a git repo ?08:40
lbtideally use that and then pick a tag and then map to the pristine-tar'ed tarball08:40
lbtotherwise just go from one unpacked tarball to the next08:41
tigelilbt: oo, it seems that they do have git repo08:41
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tigelilbt: I guess I will follow git-pkg instructions :)08:59
lbtwell, git-pkg is kinda deprecated09:07
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tigelilbt: hmm.. so how should I proceed. They have git-repo with proper release-tags and all, should I go with tar_git or the pristine-tar-way?11:27
lbttar_git has some kind of pristine tar support - phaeron knows11:28
tigelilbt: anyway, after doing 'pristine-tar commit tarball tag', to where am I suppose to dump the spec&changes files? do you have any example repositories?11:30
lbtI'll clone to
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lbtgit-pkg has proper support for pristine - I think tar_git should have too but I've never used it11:31
tigeliaah, there is --pristine on git pkg D11:33
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tigelilbt: happy?12:09
lbtoh, you used git-pkg ... sure ... does it build OK ?12:10
tigelilbt: yes, and works too. I'm bit confused about the git-pkg, tar_git and pristine.12:15
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tigelilbt: as I could have used plain tar_git, like with connman12:15
tigelicould have just used..12:16
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lbtit's a long story12:16
tigeliok.. :)12:17
tigeliwell, I'm pretty much interested in getting the bind-utils in as are many others. :)12:17
lbtif it builds then we're good12:17
lbttell me when you're happy and I'll fork to mer-tools12:18
tigelilbt: builds ok, and I'm ok with it12:19
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lbtI ran :  wh mer-tools:devel bind-utils pkg-mer12:25
lbtfailed :/12:26
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lbtwhen you say it builds... did you build it on OBS ?12:30
lbtor mb2 ?12:30
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tigelilbt: on obs12:44
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lbthmm - initial wh kinda could do with a tag option too12:51
lbtwhere's your OBS build ?12:52
tigelilbt: on jolla-obs it works12:54
lbtno comment12:55
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tigeliStskeeps: can we get the file, curl and openssl mr's merged so that them could be built over weekend?13:13
tigeliyou did it already :D13:13
tigeliStskeeps: sorry :)13:13
tigeliStskeeps: and thanks13:13
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tigeliStskeeps: (fixes changelog)22:25
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