Friday, 2015-01-02

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Steven__Happy new year everyone (a little late). I got a N900 for Christmas and I have been looking through the Mer/Nemo stuff. I see talk of Nemo on the N900 and I would like to try it, but I haven't found a newish (e.g. Wayland) image. Does anyone know if there is one floating around, experimental or otherwise?04:26
Steven__I think I should be asking this in #nemomobile actually...04:38
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tbras there are android builds happening on Mer OBS: this might be worth taking into consideration
tbrseems there is a copyright dispute between two parties and one of them goes around filing DMCA notices07:07
tbrI guess this - if at all - is in code that doesn't need to be built anyway07:09
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Stskeepslooks like fun07:24
Stskeepsis a bit unclear what exactly is infringing though07:27
tbryes, I personally find that also a bit vague07:27
Stskeepsthe good news(?) is that indeed, we don't remotely do that deep builds for the dhd stuff07:28
tbrwould be interesting to contact Nuance and ask for indemnification when using their code (doubt you'll get it)07:28
tbras nuance bought svox a while ago07:29
Stskeepssheesh, svox is nuance?07:29
tbracquired in 201107:29
tbrthat code is marked 2008 though07:29
tbrin totally unrelated news: bleagh, rain07:30
tbrback to black07:30
Stskeepsrain + storm here soon07:30
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tbrbut I guess the only sensible thing is to remove that file and consider rewriting it. They must have contacted google, wonder what they did.07:32
Stskeepsit can't be the first time android gets hit with claims07:34
* Stskeeps is watching a thomas the train marathon with kiddo..07:34
Stskeepsstill on vacation for a few more days07:35
tbrthe file hasn't been touched since 2012 it seems07:38
Stskeepsprobably replaced with $GOOGLEAPI07:38
Stskeepsor provider07:38
tbryes, google has its own TTS07:39
Stskeepsbasic reference implementation there for credibility's sake07:39
tbrngh, batteries ran out on my BT-LE tv remote...07:40
Jope_and just think, the batteries in IR remotes last for years07:43
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tbrI'll take the BLE remote over IR any day though, it's soo much more convenient07:50
tbrdon't need line of sight07:50
tbralso I have a pile of NiMH AA cells for some reason, so not a problem07:51
tbrmy yamaha amplifier uses IR with a very narrow reception angle and it's super annoying. The projector I have is very convenient though. seems there the engineers did a very good job at processing reflected IR signals - I can point its IR remote essentially anywhere _away_ from it and it works.07:53
tbrwouldn't surprise me if that's patented though...07:54
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Stskeepstbr: morbid curiousity, do you have a background in any kind of audio stuff too? i know you did amateur radio08:45
tbrStskeeps: depends on which part of audio you mean08:49
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tbrreminds me, need to check FOMS agenda for FOSDEM, there are some things I need to discuss with real experts08:50
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Stskeepswell, able to understand something like i guess08:51
tbrah, that's a bit more into the higher math bits of it. I should be able to grasp the general concept and high level details, but won't fully grok it.08:56
* tbr prepares to head out though, bbl08:59
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lbtPSA: OBS going down later today (will actually do it this time - last time the disk check took too long!)11:22
lbtin ~30m11:23
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r0kk3rzw00t or lpotter around?11:27
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lbtOBS is going down nowish12:13
* sandsmark starts holding his breath12:15
gogetahi lbt12:17
* lbt changes his mind - sorry. I'll have to do it later12:18
lbtgogeta: hey12:18
gogetahope well for OBS12:20
gogetais kvm based or xen ?12:20
lbtyeah - I just have to go out in a bit and the disk may not be done before then so I'll delay it a bit12:24
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CosmoHillHi .o/19:55
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lpotterr0kk3rz: I'm around23:09
CosmoHillI think everyone is more around since christmas :)23:09
r0kk3rzlpotter: how up to date is the documentation for sensorfw?23:13
r0kk3rzlooks like it hasnt been updated in some time23:13
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lpotterprobably years old. but not much has changed. I only recently actually built it :)23:21
lpotterthere is a MR making it build again.23:23
r0kk3rzoh right23:24
r0kk3rzso sensord in sailfish is different?23:24
lpottersailfish has two 'sensord' currently. one is androids23:26
lpotterthere is another MR that changes sensorfw's to "sensorfwd"23:26
r0kk3rzyeah i saw that, i think i shouldnt need to worry about androids23:27
lpotteras there is also lmsensors 'sensord'23:27
r0kk3rzhah, sounds like a popular name23:28
r0kk3rzi'm looking at writing a plugin, which the documentation and code examples look fairly useful23:29
r0kk3rzstill learning how everything connects together23:31
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lpotterahh. ok. You might also want to look the the QtBearer plugins too23:37
lpotteror sensorgestures :)23:37
r0kk3rzqtbearer plugin?23:41
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tigelilpotter: I guess dealing with the connectivity stack made you want to start sensor stuff around you :D23:45
r0kk3rzim still not convinced that what i'm trying to do is even possible without a lot of work23:47
r0kk3rzwant to integrate i2c based sensors into the qtsensors api23:47
lpottertigeli: I've been told my main focus will be sensors :D23:53
lpottermaemo council is still around?23:59

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