Monday, 2014-12-29

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Stskeepsyeah, i was supposed to walk through those..08:35
tigeliStskeeps: those are new :)08:35
* Stskeeps goes that08:35
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tigelithen there are file, and glibc ones.. which I will not do until 2015 :D08:36
tigeliStskeeps: also, libpng15-compat (one without -devel and one for especially for sailfishos until upgraded to 1.6-branch)08:37
Stskeepsntp, python-yaml ..08:38
Stskeepsrpm ..08:39
Stskeepslibpng.. unzip08:55
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Stskeepslibpng15-compat.. which one is that08:58
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tigeliStskeeps: the other one is for master-branch (without devel-package) and the other for sailfishos-branch (with devel-package)09:07
tigeliStskeeps: both are basicly the same but spec-file differs09:07
tigeliI guess they could be kept in same branch.. other one having libpng15-compat.spec and other libpng.spec09:08
tigeliwill do that first09:08
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tigeliStskeeps: (that's the one)09:14
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Stskeepsmoo qwazix09:22
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tigeliStskeeps: I will merge the
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kimmolilbt: ping (obs not updating rpm's in download dir for one project)14:06
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tigelikimmoli: there is a world rebuild going on.. and if the packages is depending on some other packages it will not be updated to repositories before build has finished for all the depencies14:34
kimmoliah, no mention about this on rpmbuild... repos shows new rpm's, but just not appearing in downloadfolder14:36
tigelikimmoli: which package?14:37
kimmoliwas the world building already yesterday?14:38
tigelikimmoli: it's in the "repository is being created right now"-state.. but that should not take long14:40
kimmoliwhat that does mean?14:40
tigelikimmoli: pretty much that the rpm's are being deployed to the download-dir14:41
kimmolibeing for 18 hours then14:41
tigelikimmoli: ok.. however
tigelikimmoli: says that it is waiting some other task to finish (the clock-icon)14:42
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kimmoliuh. maybe the ham is not ready yet the14:45
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kimmolitigeli: what is patchinfo ?
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kimmolideleted that patch-info, and triggered rebuild. now it is ok.15:02
tigelikimmoli: hmm.. can't say, never seen :D15:06
kimmolibut now i know...15:06
tigeliah.. there is "create patchinfo" on packages-pages15:06
kimmolithat "silently" block creating repo15:07
tigelimaybe it is broken..15:07
tigelilbt: ^15:07
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kimmoliand the patchinfo is backthere ... wth15:18
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kimmoliagain delete patchinfo, and trigger rebuild works.15:22
kimmolithat respawned patchinfo shows that the file is changed 2 months ago15:23
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* lbt sees things look OK now?20:38
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kimmolilbt: that patchinfo did respawn20:49
lbtumm - I'm getting 500 for that url now20:50
kimmoliyep, i deleted it20:50
lbtok - odd that it 500's and nor 40420:50
kimmolii'll try to push something soon, lets see will it appear again20:50
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kimmoliok, two times deleting patchinfo was enough then21:02
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