Thursday, 2014-12-25

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jidiabloHi, I found that the "cost" in ks file does not work, do everyone know how to solve it ?09:53
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phaeronjidiablo: I don't think it is implemented in zypper backend. not sure about yum backend.10:48
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jidiabloI see, I will have a try. Thanks10:54
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Stskeepsjidiablo: out of curiousity, what are you doing with mer?11:06
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jidiabloStskeeps, I am try‚ÄĆing to create a Image from different repos, however two repositorys provides same rpm file, I would like to pick one by defining "cost" keyword in ks file.11:19
Stskeepsah yes, i was more curious about what you are using mer for :)11:19
jidiablohowever I found that the cost can not be used to control the priority of repos11:19
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jidiabloactually I am using it for our project11:21
jidiabloin china11:21
Stskeepsok, glad to hear its in use other places too11:21
Stskeepsi read of some china made os based on mer as well but never spoke to anybody from there11:22
jidiablo:) Thanks, by the way, I have tried to add you on linkedin many times, you did not accept my connection request11:23
jidiabloI think I am:)11:23
Stskeepsyeah i only accept people i spoke to or met11:23
Stskeepswhats your name?11:23
jidiabloJi Xiang11:23
Stskeepsso i can add11:23
jidiabloI will re-connect you11:24
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jidiablodo you mind to re-spell your linked name?11:25
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Stskeepsaccepted, i think11:28
Stskeepssitting in a car so was a bit unsure if it managed to connect11:31
Stskeepswas the other mer based china os i heard about11:33
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jidiabloI think this is the only one so far, there might be another company doing the same work11:45
jidiabloso many positive comments, thanks11:47
jidiabloI havent received your acception11:47
Stskeepshmm, odd11:47
Stskeepswill double check, now at computer11:48
StskeepsXiang(Jason) Ji ?11:48
Stskeepsat windriver11:48
Stskeepsis connected here now at least11:48
jidiabloyes, my previews emploeer11:48
Stskeepsso you're doing yuanxin os or do i misunderstand?11:48
jidiabloI am from Yuanxin.11:49
Stskeepsok, glad to see you represented here :)11:49
* lbt waves too11:50
jidiabloSorry that I did not be so activity here11:50
jidiabloit is due to the high workload11:50
Stskeepscan imagine11:50
jidiablothanks lbt11:50
Stskeepswe're always working 300% over at jolla too so11:50
jidiabloand many thanks your help befor11:50
lbtso true11:51
jidiabloThat is cool11:51
lbtI'm taking a few hours this holiday to work on other fun stuff too11:52
lbtmaybe some openGL or some automation bits11:52
lbtgot to make sure it's ready for a tablet now !11:53
* lbt had a minute whilst wife was on the phone .... but I'd better get back now ... she wants her xmas presents!11:53
lbtmerry xmas everyone ... l8r o/11:53
jidiablomerry xmas!11:56
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merlin1991I have a question regarding tar_git, does it resolve submodules recursive? also can I somehow combine it with a patch, in my case I need to add an api key on top of an otherwise complete application15:44
phaeronmerlin1991: yes it does submodules recursively. Yes you can combine a patch in the rpm subdir and apply it in spec15:53
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merlin1991the patch question is actually more interesting, I wondered if I can put a patch on obs level for a package that is otherwise built by tar_git16:00
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merlin1991so basically I want to apply a patch on top of what tar_git checks out from the git repository16:01
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phaeronmerlin1991: tar_git copies out the contents of /rpm subdir so obs can use them16:06
phaeronthat's where you can put the patch16:06
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space_llamaHey, I'm in the Mer sdk on ubuntu, and for some reason I don't have gpg inside the sdk although I can use it fine outside of it. Anyone got a clue why?16:14
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