Monday, 2014-12-08

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ThatTreeOverTherHow the heck can Jolla run Android Dalvik apps?00:28
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ThatTreeOverTherI want some of this hocus pocus for myself, though.00:31
lbtthe solution Jolla uses is not opensource sadly00:31
ThatTreeOverTherIs it just a Dalvik VM with overloaded API functions?00:32
lbtthere are open projects doing 'run android apps on linux' though00:32
lbtthough 'just' is the fun bit00:32
ThatTreeOverTherTheoretically then it shouldn't be extremely difficult, because Java's reflection layer could possibly make it far easier than rewriting Dalvik00:33
lbtit runs a VM - the VMs calls to the OS APIs are intercepted where needed00:34
lbtsadly you've hit the TZ transition ... it's time for me to call it a day :)00:34
lbtthere's material out there on this00:34
ThatTreeOverTherOh, darn. Thanks for your help, it's been great talking to you00:34
lbtalso #jollamobile and #sailfishos are more jolla-focused00:34
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lbtnp - catch you again sometime - 'night00:35
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jidiablolbt: Hi lbt15:00
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jidiablolbt: do you know how to set global ldflags on build config of OBS?15:06
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jidiablolbt: I found that there is only __global_cflags. It will not take effect for linking15:07
lbtis that in the rpm config ?15:07
lbtStskeeps may have a quick answer15:08
jidiabloI prefer a overall solution so that all the package could utilize it.15:09
lbttypically you drive this from the base project15:10
jidiabloStskeeps: Hi are you there?15:10
jidiabloIt is for coverage test15:10
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lbtalso worth asking on #obs15:11
lbtI don't know if it can be overrided in prjconf15:11
jidiabloI see15:11
lbtnot sure you can set ldflags there15:13
jidiabloThanks, I am checking it15:14
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xavinuxHi people17:43
tadzikhello xavinux17:46
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xavinuxhello ladzik17:49
xavinuxhow are  you?17:50
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tadzikstarts with a t :18:19
tadzikpretty well18:19
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xavinuxsomething I can star to help with?19:11
tadzikplanning, at this point :)19:12
tadzikif you're reffering to the architecture graph19:13
tadzikwhat's your background, xavinux? Are you a mere user, a developer, an insider who knows everything?19:13
tadzikI'm interested in what do different people expect of this thing19:13
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xavinuxI work as a linux sysadmin in an internet service provider form argentina, and as a linux instructor in an information technology institute here. Here's is my blog and my linkedin to let you know more about me19:23
xavinuxlet me know if I can be useful...19:23
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tadzikwell, what would you like to do? :)19:42
tadzikhow could that graph be useful to you?19:42
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lbtI actually think it makes sense to think about what information we need and how to present it19:58
lbtthe actual data and storing it can come later19:58
lbtAard mentioned a dot solution iirc19:58
tadziksure. That go me thinking about target audience19:59
tadzikwho needs that, and how do we make their life easiest19:59
Aard"what things does this component depend on"19:59
lbtthere are some neat javascript tree-graphing solutions - my concern there is that there's going to be a lot to see19:59
tadzikfrom my own perspective, it's "this component of sailfish on my jolla sucks, I wonder where do I look to fix it"19:59
tadzik"and is this project even opensourced"20:00
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xavinuxI don't think in what I want to do, but think in what Sailfish and mer need me to do22:11
xavinuxand of course if I can do what the project need me to do22:12
xavinuxbut need to know where I can be useful22:12
xavinuxtesting, documenting22:12
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