Wednesday, 2014-11-26

sandsmarkhow do I register?00:00
phaeronldap account same as bz I think00:00
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M4rtinKphaeron: yep, bz credentials work00:03
M4rtinKphaeron: but is there anything ?00:03
M4rtinKoh, now I see a bunch00:03
M4rtinKinteresting :)00:04
sandsmarkit's one project per package, or something?00:05
phaeronproject == git repo00:05
M4rtinKI used to check "whats new" in the old Gerrit instance00:06
M4rtinKso it is good to have a working replacement :)00:06
sandsmarkah, plfiorini has already created a merge request for cmake00:08
* sandsmark strikes off list00:08
* plfiorini was summoned00:29
plfiorinisandsmark, cmake 3.0 if i recall00:30
sandsmarkyeah, the one in there already was a bit outdated :)00:31
sandsmarkI'm learning OBS now to try to get karchive up00:31
plfioriniare you up to something cool?00:32
sandsmarkI'm making a snapchat client for sailfish, and bundling my own AES implementation is ugly :p00:32
sandsmarkand they also use zip files00:33
sandsmarkso it would be neat to get qca (to drop the aes implementation I have), and karchive to get the zipfiles working00:33
plfioriniah it's the sexting application :)00:35
sandsmarkhaha, yes00:36
sandsmarkpeople mostly use it as cheap throw-away MMSes here, though, not much sexting :/00:36
* plfiorini uses his jolla as plain old phone mostly00:37
w00tsandsmark: oh, didn't know you had a jolla :)00:38
sandsmarkI bought one a couple of months ago :D00:39
sandsmarkvery happy with it so far00:39
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sandsmarknow I just need to finish this client, so I can help beidl_ with the owncloud client :p00:45
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sandsmark[   49s]   CMake 2.8.12 or higher is required.  You are running version
sandsmarkseems like is the one in
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StskeepsUninstall: ping09:56
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UninstallStskeeps: pong13:58
StskeepsUninstall: did you ever build your stack with 4.9 yet?13:58
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UninstallStskeeps: no13:58
Uninstalland we'll not switch to it13:58
Uninstallwe are happy with linaro 2014.0813:59
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Uninstallat the time of the last linaro release for gcc 4.9 it was quite buggy and it was breaking linux on amd6413:59
Uninstallprobably they have fixed all the issues, but it's not worth to spend any time on it14:00
UninstallI would stick to a LTS approach with it, and I think that next time I will upgrade gcc will be for gcc 5.x when it will be available next year14:01
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Uninstallgcc 4.8 with glibc 2.19 is a rather tested combination, and they are both part of Ubuntu 14.0414:02
UninstallStskeeps: do you plan to upgrade it anyway?14:02
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Stskeepswell, port of reasons is that we're looking at a silvermont chipset, so14:03
Stskeepsand a good time to look at toolchain upgrade now anyway, plus asan14:03
Stskeepsbut nothing  decided yet14:04
Stskeeps4.8 might be good enough14:04
SK_workStskeeps: isn't the Nemo + Mer devel repo using 4.9 ?14:04
UninstallGCC now supports the new Intel microarchitecture named Silvermont through -march=silvermont14:06
UninstallIntel AVX-512 support was added to GCC. That includes inline assembly support, new registers and extending existing ones, new intrinsics (covered by corresponding testsuite), and basic autovectorization. AVX-512 instructions are available via the following GCC switches: AVX-512 foundation instructions: -mavx512f, AVX-512 prefetch instructions: -mavx512pf, AVX-512 exponential and reciprocal instructions: -mavx512er, AVX-512 conflict detection14:06
Uninstallinstructions: -mavx512cd.14:06
UninstallI don't see any further new Intel instruction14:07
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Stskeepsit's out of order compared to in-order , so14:10
UninstallStskeeps: what you mean?14:10
Stskeepsthe cpu way of doing things so tunings change14:11
Uninstalloh, I see what you mean14:13
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Uninstallin few points:14:15
Uninstall* no big changes  for developers (C++11 has been introduced with gcc 4.8)14:15
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Uninstall*  improved performances with silvermont (instruction reordering)14:16
Stskeepsanyhow, it doesn't hurt to test things against newer gcc's anyhow14:16
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Stskeepsnobody really uses binary deliveries, we all build ourselves14:16
Uninstallsure, it has been a bad idea to keep using 4.6 for so long at the time14:17
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Uninstallon the other had this means that you are not going to use something well tested as gcc 4.814:19
sandsmarkgcc 4.6 is horrible...14:19
Stskeepslet's see.. right now i'm finally stabilizing 4.814:20
Uninstalland honestly that's the thing that worries me mure more than any other thing14:20
Uninstall*much more14:21
Uninstallgcc 4.8 is also what is going to be used around in the embedded world14:22
Uninstallgcc 4.9 is still too young14:23
Uninstallis this for sailfish 2?14:23
Stskeepswell, sailfish in general14:23
Stskeepswe have one codeline14:24
sandsmarkhow in sync is sailfish kept with mer? if I read the git right, mer has cmake 2.8.12, but the sailfish obs couldn't find anything over 2.8.1114:25
sandsmark(2.8.12 is required by all the new fancy kde libraries)14:25
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Stskeepssandsmark: sometimes good sometimes bad14:26
sandsmarkheh, ok14:26
UninstallStskeeps: by the way I would spend some more time into stabilizing the rpm update I was working on14:27
Uninstalland libzypper/zypper update too14:27
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UninstallStskeeps: we have an already good quality rpm4.10.2 and libzypp 12.16.314:29
Uninstallmain issue with newer libzypp is mic14:30
Uninstallwhile rpm 4.10.2 is ok, it has to be tested14:30
Stskeepsok, but libzypp doesn't strictly speaking need newer rpM?14:30
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Stskeepsor reverse14:31
UninstallStskeeps: my update is meant to take the whole package stack from openSUSE 12.314:32
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Uninstallso rpm, libzypp and zypper versions match14:33
UninstallStskeeps: can you see my old MR for them on gitlab?14:35
Stskeepsbit of network issue here atm14:35
Uninstallif you don't I can commit them again14:35
Uninstallok, zypper and libzypp is not there14:36
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Stskeepsok, and this one breaks mic?14:53
Stskeepsah, it says..14:56
UninstallStskeeps: yes, or mic is old so some changes have to be backported from tizen one14:57
Uninstallor it has to be manually patched...14:58
StskeepsAard: phaeron: do we want to look into getting a more modern libzypp + updates for mic ?14:58
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phaeronyay more work :D14:58
AardStskeeps: yes, but needs some investigation as it has the potential to horribly break our updates14:58
phaeronnew bindings too14:59
phaeronwould be needed14:59
Aardbasically, the latest version of zypper does patterns the right way, how we thought 2 years ago patterns should be done, and tried to emulate it in packagekit :)14:59
phaeronah but also observes file conflicts15:00
UninstallAard: this one is not the latest version15:02
Uninstallit's just newer than the one we have15:02
Uninstallif you ask me why that version the reason it's quite simple: really stable (it has been out for a while) and it should require the minimum ammount of changes to keep everything working15:08
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