Thursday, 2014-11-13

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DassI'm thinking about porting QT5 for another OS11:50
DassWhat QT5 depends from Java?11:50
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alh_h /b #p5p13:03
alhOh yeah13:05
alhMy client evilly auto-jumps you to a new channel when auto-join kicks in :\13:05
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DassI'm thinking about porting QT5 for another OS14:26
DassWhat QT5 depends from Java?14:26
SK_workDass: no14:30
SK_workQt5 is a C++ framework14:30
SK_workDass: it is already ported a bit everywhere14:30
Dassbut QML are javascritpt14:31
costellojavascript isn't exactly java, only looks a bit like that..14:31
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Dassbut QML are just compiled when aplication start14:32
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SK_workDass: QML is QML, QML uses Javascript14:32
SK_workit is compiled with JIT14:33
costellohmm, javascript is interpreted. most likely javascript is compiled into some kind of bytecode before execution but the interpreter hides that..14:33
Dassthe interpreter of javascript in QT are done by c++?14:34
SK_workDass: it was v814:34
SK_worknow it is v4, an implementation by the team behind Qt14:34
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Dassv4 is c++ code?14:36
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SK_workDass: yes14:38
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SK_workeverything is here:14:38
IgorSKHello, everyone.14:39
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SK_workhi IgorSK14:40
IgorSKI managed to put together a mer-core-*-base image and flashed it to my ARM-based board.14:40
DassSK_work, this folder is about qtdeclarative module14:40
Dassis the same for QtQuick114:40
SK_workqtquick1 is in qtquick1 repo14:40
SK_workqtdeclarative contains qtqml and qtquick modules14:41
IgorSKSo far I end up with "Failed to mount /dev:" and "Failed to open /dev/kmsg for logging" kind of errors.14:41
SK_work+ bonuses like v414:41
SK_workcompiler etc.14:41
IgorSKWhere do they come from? Should I deal with my kernel or with newly created image?14:41
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Stskeepskernel, check mer-kernel-config-checker or how was it14:43
Stskeepsyou need devtmpfs and such for systemd14:43
IgorSKThanx, Stskeeps.14:45
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haasnI'm interested in getting a tablet, and I'm trying to figure out what I should be looking at. So far, I've managed to find Mer and Ubuntu Touch as possible candidates, and I want to find out more about these. As I understand it, Mer is not a distribution on its own but rather a set of tools that other distributions can use?21:49
haasnWhat's the most popular thing people use together with Mer? Plasma Active?21:51
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