Tuesday, 2014-11-04

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UmeaboyHow soon can the awk: fatal: cannot open file `sdk/files/tools_source.properties' for reading (No such file or directory) error be fixed in the SDK?00:05
UmeaboyI have added awk to PATH, but there seems to be something missing as standard.00:06
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UninstallI'm making an updated gdp package09:57
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UninstallStskeeps: yeah, gdb10:36
Uninstall(so I can build it on aarch64 too)10:36
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* lbt passes adriano_ a clue stick14:44
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sledgesPSA: sailfishos community meeting @ #mer-meeting . agenda: https://together.jolla.com/question/54157/sailfishos-open-source-collaboration-meeting-planning/14:59
adriano_hi, lbt15:01
adriano_why you mean about "clue stick"15:01
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adriano_how to make  a mer package?15:14
lbtremember:   [29/10/2014 11:28] <lbt> Adriano_: instead of typing in the channel name and then clicking on it just type :    /join #nemomobile    ... that way it doesn't go to everyone15:21
adriano_thank you lbt15:21
adriano_do you use web irc? or some program15:22
lbtpersonally I use konversation15:22
adriano_lbt can you tell me how to make may mer repo?15:24
lbtI'm not sure what you want to achieve15:25
lbta minute ago you asked about making a package?15:25
lbtnow a repo ?15:25
adriano_I'm making a mer image for RPI15:26
adriano_I've wayland and QT5 working15:26
adriano_now I want make my package15:27
lbtok - so we use rpms - and createrepo is the tool to make a local repo with your rpms15:27
adriano_but I want online15:27
adriano_for other people use15:27
lbtwhy ?15:27
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lbtok - use the OBS for that15:28
adriano_How to start with OBS15:28
lbtI think there's a wiki page for that15:29
Uninstalladriano_: are you italian by the way?15:31
adriano_where to register a account on OBS15:32
adriano_I can found that!15:32
Uninstalljust trying to guess about your name15:32
Uninstalladriano_: you should register on Mer bugzilla15:33
Uninstalladriano_: afterward you will be able to use that account to login in any mer project service15:34
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adriano_login done15:35
adriano_I'm thinking about made a Mer image to Raspberry PI15:36
adriano_Some tips?15:36
adriano_I shouuld made a new project15:36
adriano_or joint someone?15:36
Uninstalladriano_: you have your own personal home project on mer OBS15:36
Uninstallthat's a good starting point for you15:37
adriano_What you (all) think about a Mer Distro to RPI?15:37
Uninstallonce you have something good you may ask to move it somewhere else15:37
Uninstallthat's ok for us, I think ;)15:37
SK_workdr_gogeta86: ^ adriano_ is playing with armv6l too15:40
adriano_SK_work , wayland working verry well15:40
Uninstallby the way if you are still interested I have all the patches for hardfloat on armv6 ;)15:40
adriano_Can someone help me makink my first package on OBS15:40
SK_workadriano_: what are you packaging ?15:41
adriano_is a QT5 hello work aplication15:41
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Uninstalllbt: how's going with updated OBS?16:16
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lbtUninstall: deployed17:19
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lbtwe're on 2.5.4+patches ... most non sb2 are now in master and a couple of bugfixes in 2.5 upstream17:20
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adriano_Some ideia about this error:19:20
locusfadriano_: you need to include your .yaml file in the project  sources19:21
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locusfin that package19:22
adriano_thank you19:26
adriano_build sucessfull19:26
adriano_can I add this package when using mic?19:26
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locusfjust add: repo --name="adriano" --baseurl=http://repo.merproject.org/obs/home:/AdrianoPT/latest_armv6l/19:29
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