Wednesday, 2014-10-29

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tigeliStskeeps: good morning ;)
Stskeepsthey just keep on coming..06:38
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tigeliStskeeps: thank you :)06:41
tigeliyeah, closed source.. no problems ;)06:42
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tigeliStskeeps: :)08:38
tigelithen I should be finished for today.. :)08:38
Stskeepsyou forgot chagnelog08:39
Stskeepsadd a new request as it's already merged08:39
tigeliwill fix it08:39
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Adriano_ #nemomobile-porters11:26
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lbtAdriano_: instead of typing in the channel name and then clicking on it just type :    /join #nemomobile    ... that way it doesn't go to everyone11:28
Adriano_ok, thank you11:28
lbtnp :)11:28
Adriano_lbt, can you give some imformation about mer?11:29
Adriano_the packages are pre-compiled on repository?11:29
lbtlots - be more specific11:29
Adriano_using mic to create a mer machine11:29
lbtthe main thing mic creates for you is a root filesystem11:30
Adriano_for example, if I want test lipstick alone11:30
Adriano_how to do that?11:30
lbtyou mean if you want to test changes to lipstick?11:31
lbttwo approaches: 'd modify git; commit it to a personal repo; push to git server; OBS would build it in a few seconds; update the device; reboot11:32
lbtor modify src; build it locally; copy to the device; update rpm; reboot11:33
lbtwhen you're happy you'd build an image; test that works properly and then do a pull request11:33
Adriano_what is OBS?11:34
lbtour build service
lbtwhat's your interest in Mer?11:35
Adriano_not Mer, I'm interested on Nemomobile and lipstick11:36
Adriano_can I test Nemomobile and lipstick alone11:36
Adriano_run outside mer?11:36
lbtNemomobile is Mer :)11:37
lbtMer + some extra bits for the UI11:37
Adriano_and lipstick?11:40
lbtlipstick is in nemo11:41
Adriano_another question11:42
Adriano_please open this page11:42
Adriano_and search for bootloader-rpi11:42
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Adriano_see this11:57
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Adriano_what the best place to search packages?15:36
Adriano_for mer?15:36
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SK_workAdriano_: mer search field15:52
SK_workmer obs search field15:52
Adriano_this seach  ?15:55
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SK_workAdriano_: don't search novell bugzilla15:58
SK_workuse the small search field on top right15:58
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Adriano_try for exemple search for qt5-qtwayland15:59
Adriano_not work15:59
SK_workAdriano_: haha, it cannot be used to search packages, but only source packages16:02
SK_worktry searching qtwayland16:02
Adriano_ok, but now I've 30 results16:02
Adriano_and what should I choose?16:03
Adriano_almost all packages are broken! :(16:04
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SK_workAdriano_: I guess you'd better ask16:06
SK_workexplain what you want to do16:06
SK_workpeople here that manage the stuff will explain what to do16:06
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SK_workespecially: Stskeeps do you think mer:devel:armv6l can be (ever) fixed ?16:06
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Adriano_I'm working on testing Mer on RPI16:07
Adriano_I can't use wayland16:07
StskeepsSK_work: sure16:17
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SK_workStskeeps: btw, mer:devel:armv6l shows the reposa s using armv7hl, bug or intended ?16:43
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tigeliStskeeps: :)21:17
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