Wednesday, 2014-10-22

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liqiuHi, mds2 rsync server/service is down ATM.08:00
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Stskeepslbt: ^08:01
Stskeepson releases.*08:01
lbtah :)08:01
lbtliqiu: yes, my bad; I'll fix that during this morning. The service migrated to another machine and I forgot about rsync08:02
liqiulbt: ok. thanks(kiitos) I see now why the server was even down last weekend:)08:03
lbtyep - if you ever see an outage/issue feel free to ask me about it08:04
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VenemoStskeeps: ping11:24
Venemothis is a silly question, but can scratchbox2 be used for cross-compiling to non-mer targets?11:25
lbtread the pdf - it will explain11:25
Venemowhere is the pdf? :)11:26
lbthmm used to be in the src11:28
lbtmaybe do a git clone and look in the history for the docs/ folder11:28
Venemogit clone of what?11:28
lbt  is google down ?11:29
Stskeepsit was earlier11:32
* lbt is trying to figure out why DNAT is failing11:33
Venemodidn't find a pdf, but the readme is nice11:42
Venemothanks lbt11:42
lbthmm the pdf is really good let me see11:42
lbtVenemo: ok, it's in the mer-core sb2 tarball uploaded here:   do me a favour and put it in the sb2 page on the wiki ?11:45
* lbt goes back to iptables bugs11:46
lbtseems I need some ebtables magic11:47
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Venemolbt: I put it here:
lbtty - hope it's useful11:52
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liqiulbt: what's the status of mds2 rsync service. I now got connection timeout event instead of connection refused.12:03
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lbtjust sayin'  :
lbtnow we have a real eth0 routing to a br0 (with an ip but no if) which has 2 veths in it which map to eths in the VM so that's clear then12:43
lbtoh wait, not routing, DNAT'ing to a br012:43
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bencohwhy the veth ?12:47
lbtveths (to me) are the host side of the VM eths12:48
bencohoh, they changed the netfilter+bridge graph oO12:48
bencohlbt: aren't you using tap ifs ?12:48
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lbtnot afaik for kvm12:48
lbtthey're vnet<x>12:48
lbtit seems I need to match and 'DROP' in ebtables to make it work12:49
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lbthmmm   puppet-agent[2673]: Finished catalog run in 3857533.11 seconds13:07
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lbtnote to self .. don't log packets at syslog crit level if you want to use the terminal13:17
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Nokiuslbt: Yeah back online after a looong time will work on the wiki from tomorrow14:08
lbthey o/14:08
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* lbt is about to go to physio ... bbiab though14:09
stephghope your back is ok!14:11
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Nokiusstephg: :P16:31
Nokiuslbt: cool even the Search box problem is gone now16:33
Nokiuslbt: looks good so fare Parser works as wanted will have a deep look tomorrow16:38
Nokiuslbt:  is the "Bugentry" closed? looks to me that the license logo in the footer is broken may adding this to the Entry16:41
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