Friday, 2014-10-03

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spiiroinlbt: Stskeeps: ping. any progress with those unresolvable nemo:mw builds?10:02
Stskeepsspiiroin: that's what we're doing with the stuff in #nemomobile :P10:02
Stskeepsand getting rest of patches going so it can switchover10:02
spiiroinok, great ;-)10:03
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[ol]Can somebody take a look at ?12:17
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[ol]I have a patch for glibc, but I'd like to rebase it on newer version before creating a merge request.12:17
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AdrianoCampossomebody whit some experience with MerSDK?14:25
AdrianoCamposSomebody are here?14:29
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AdrianoCampossomebody are here?15:19
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SK_workwell, AdrianoCampos I'm here but not expert with mersdk15:22
AdrianoCamposI'm trying make a SO for Raspberry with mersdk15:24
AdrianoCamposCan you giveme some help15:24
lbtAdrianoCampos: best thing, as always on irc, is to just ask your question15:25
AdrianoCamposI'm triyng use this tutorial15:31
AdrianoCamposbut this don't worl15:31
AdrianoCamposthat give the next error15:32
AdrianoCamposWarning: repo problem: nothing provides lipstick-colorful-home needed by pattern:nemo-ux-.noarch,  Error <repo>: found 1 resolver problem, abort!15:32
AdrianoCamposCan  somebody help-me?15:33
SK_workI think this page is terribly outdated15:33
SK_workthis might be related to thef act that lipstick-colorful-home do not exist in the repo anymore15:33
SK_workmaybe the best would be to first try to build a mer image?15:35
SK_workI also guess that since mer went wayland, that it might not be perfectly suited for rpi15:35
AdrianoCamposwhat you mean about build first a mer image?15:38
AdrianoCamposI must use linux or windows»15:38
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plfioriniAdrianoCampos, you need to install the mer platform sdk on linux and run things like mic from there15:46
AdrianoCamposok, i did that15:47
plfiorinicheck the "Building an image" section15:47
plfiorinithere's an example on how to create a simple mer based image15:48
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AdrianoCamposok I did that and now I 've this error15:49
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AdrianoCamposUnable to find vim15:49
AdrianoCamposunable to find package: vim15:49
AdrianoCamposdo you know why?15:50
AdrianoCamposi used this ks file: mer-i486-latest-sdk-rolling-chroot-all-sb2.ks15:50
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plfiorinilet me see15:52
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plfiorinivim should be there15:54
AdrianoCamposCan you test?15:54
plfioriniprobably the mer-release repository is outdated15:54
plfioriniwiki urls are old though15:55
plfiorinisame error15:56
plfiorinisomething happened since 21th Sep15:57
AdrianoCamposMay the problem be in :15:57
AdrianoCamposrepo --name="mer-core" --baseurl= --save --debuginfo --ssl_verify=yes repo --name="mer-cross-tools" --baseurl= --save --debuginfo --ssl_verify=yes repo --name="mer-tools" --baseurl= --save --debuginfo --ssl_verify=yes15:57
AdrianoCamposthis repos?15:57
plfioriniAdrianoCampos, just edit the .ks file and remove the vim line15:58
AdrianoCamposi did that15:58
plfioriniit won't give that error for sure, maybe some other error but not that one :)15:58
AdrianoCamposI'm confised15:58
AdrianoCamposI will get whit this step one image to run on virtualbox?15:59
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plfiorinino it will create a root file system in a tar16:00
plfiorinisudo mic create raw mer-next-sdk-rolling-vm.ks -o . --pkgmgr=zypp --arch i48616:00
plfiorinithis is how you create a VM version (given the proper kickstart file)16:00
plfiorininote the raw argument to mic16:01
AdrianoCamposraw is for virtualbox?16:01
plfioriniraw is a raw image which will need to be converted to a vdi or vmdk file16:03
plfioriniwith something like:16:03
plfiorinisudo VBoxManage convertfromraw IMAGE.raw IMAGE.vdi --format VDI16:03
plfiorinisudo qemu-img convert -O vdi IMAGE.raw IMAGE.vdi16:03
plfioriniplay around with mer and kickstart files to get familiar with the tools16:04
plfiorinithen move forward with the raspberry pi16:04
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AdrianoCamposI will change my nickname16:05
plfiorinihi :)16:05
AdrianoPTI change to linux16:05
AdrianoPTAfter coment VIm16:05
AdrianoPTI got this error16:05
AdrianoPTError <repo>: Could not run transaction.16:05
plfiorinidid it download the 321 packages?16:06
AdrianoPTyes, but I got this warnig16:06
AdrianoPTWarning: installing package glibc-common-2.15-1.1.70.i486 needs 113MB on the / filesystem16:06
AdrianoPTAll packages send this warnig16:06
AdrianoPTwhat happened?16:07
plfiorinithe kickstart has a line with part / --fstype="ext4" ....16:07
AdrianoPTI can't run a basic example :(16:07
plfiorinichange --size=500 to something larger like --size=300016:08
AdrianoPTya (part / --fstype="ext4" --ondisk=sda --size=500)16:08
plfiorinii guess that 500MB is not enough16:08
AdrianoPTI will get a raw file and after a converto to a .dvi16:10
AdrianoPTi can run that on virtualbox16:10
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plfiorinimake sure you are using a kickstart that is meant to be for virtualbox like this one
plfioriniapply all those changes if this one is broken too (comment vim, increase partition size)16:13
plfiorinithere's a steep learning curve but it pays out :)16:13
AdrianoPTwhat the target for this diferetns .ks files16:15
AdrianoPTthis folder have 3 diferents .ks files16:17
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AdrianoPTThis vm.ks file got this error:16:25
AdrianoPTError <creator>: URLGrabber error:
plfiorinithose are the old meego repositories16:30
plfioriniguess the -vm kickstart is really old16:30
plfiorinireplace the repos with those from the other ks, going to find the nemo URLs mean time16:31
AdrianoPTAnother question. I'm going to get a image of mersdk?16:33
AdrianoPTI want a image a SO basead em mersdk16:33
AdrianoPTDo you understand what i mean?16:34
plfioriniwell the mer sdk is a linux OS16:35
AdrianoPTbut i want to make a Linux SO basead on mer16:36
AdrianoPTlike Sailfish OS16:37
AdrianoPTrunnning on virtualboz16:37
SK_workAdrianoPT: mersdk is the sdk for mer16:39
SK_worktechnically it is a chroot16:39
SK_workyou want a mer image :)16:39
AdrianoPTSo, to emulate on virtualbox i have to use this file: mer-i486-latest-sdk-rolling-chroot-all-sb2.ks16:41
AdrianoPTi got this error with this file16:44
AdrianoPTError <creator>: URLGrabber error:
AdrianoPTI don't know what to do16:44
SK_workAdrianoPT: point them to mer build service16:44
SK_workone sec16:44
SK_workAdrianoPT: use this url in your ks file16:46
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AdrianoPTi have all this repos in ks file:16:50
AdrianoPTrepo --name="mer-core" --baseurl= --save --debuginfo --ssl_verify=yes repo --name="mer-cross-tools" --baseurl= --save --debuginfo --ssl_verify=yes repo --name="nemo-mw-shared" --baseurl= --save --debuginfo --ssl_verify=yes repo --name="nemo16:51
AdrianoPTwhat should I replace?16:51
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SK_worklast one16:55
SK_workhum ...16:55
SK_workyou have nemo-mw shared16:55
SK_workI don't know16:56
AdrianoCamposThis project are completly broken16:57
SK_workindeed since there had a lot of evolution since the writing of these wiki16:58
SK_workone sec16:58
SK_workuse this ks16:58
SK_workit should be up-to-date16:58
AdrianoPTrepo --name=mer-core --baseurl= --debuginfo16:59
AdrianoPTwhat i should replace in @mer_release17:00
AdrianoPThow to pass this argumetns to mic?17:03
plfioriniok looks like SK_work was faster than me17:09
plfioriniother stuff got in between17:09
AdrianoPTbut we are with a lot of difficults17:12
AdrianoPTnothing work17:13
*** AdrianoPT has quit IRC17:15
AdrianoCamposI will try next week17:16
AdrianoCamposMaybe I will found some ks that reaky work17:17
AdrianoCamposbye thank you SK_work and plfiorini17:17
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u1106lbt: tried to download some source (just 1 small package) from Does neither work in web UI nor using "osc update -S" (osc co still worked)18:32
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* CosmoHill pokes stephg and waves at everyone else18:58
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