Thursday, 2014-08-21

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tigeliUninstall: could you fix the mr :)08:34
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tigeliStskeeps: kaltsi confirmed that the patched file works ok, can you merge
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rodrigosolarialguien que hable espaƱol09:22
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lbthola - no ... I think :)09:42
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lbtPSA gitlab seems to have a problem with MRs - looking into root cause09:42
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rodrigosolarispanish please?09:43
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sledgesenglish-only channel09:47
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rodrigosolarias I can compile a mer core phone, it set then ingeneria study of software ... but not how to start an operating system09:53
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Uninstalltigeli: fixed11:43
Uninstallit was already ready for push on my git repo11:43
Uninstallcheck libtiff again11:43
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tigeliUninstall: ok.. will11:50
tigeliUninstall: also json-c breaks pulseaudio11:50
tigeliUninstall: or the MR11:51
lbtfyi I found the root cause of the MR issue11:52
tigeliUninstall: you may want to remove libtiff-CVE-2013-4234.patch and libtiff-CVE-2013-4233.patch :)11:52
lbtwill see how to fix ASAP11:52
tigelilbt: great :)11:52
Uninstalltigeli: I'll send you a new MR for pulseaudio11:53
lbthooks run system ruby, not gitlab specific one11:53
Uninstalltigeli: I know that problem, we just had to change pkgconfig for it11:53
tigeliUninstall: ok :)11:53
Uninstalltigeli: sure, I will improve it right now11:53
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tigeliUninstall: ah.. it's json-c nowadays :D12:04
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Uninstalltigeli: exactly12:22
Uninstalltigeli: I've tested the json-c change against pulseaudio 512:25
UninstallI see that Mer is running with pulseaudio 2.1, is it correct?12:25
tigeliUninstall: it seems so, jolla is using 512:25
Uninstallwhat about updating pulseaudio in Mer too?12:26
tigelibut I believe it's only build problem12:26
tigeliUninstall: maybe it should be done ;)12:26
tigeliUninstall: did you remove those extra patch-files from libtiff yet?12:26
Uninstallwait a second12:26
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Uninstalltigeli: I've removed extra patches12:35
tigeliUninstall: thanks :) will retest it :)12:36
Uninstalltigeli: did you had to fix any of my MR?12:38
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tigeliUninstall: nope, not yet at least ;)13:19
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tigeliStskeeps: please merge:,,,
tigeliStskeeps: kaltsi tested the file, it works13:29
Stskeepshang on, wrapping up something else..13:29
tigeliStskeeps: np..13:29
tigeliStskeeps: I will head to pick up my motorbike from the maintenance13:30
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gryffusHi, my X Server 1.13.0 crashes when i run "Marble" application. It's on kernel 3.6.11, i586. gdb: . Should i report it as a bug?14:01
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SK_workgryffus: wrong window ?14:03
gryffusSK_work: no... Or you think that i should report it against Xorg itself?14:03
SK_workgryffus: well, Mer don't use X so ...14:04
SK_workwell, it has been a long time since most mer users went to wayland14:04
gryffusSK_work: I'm using plasma active which afaik uses it... And it's based on mer...14:05
SK_workhum ...14:05
SK_workI would recommand you to either go to #plasma-active or to wait for their kf5 based plasma active14:05
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gryffusmy repositories:
SK_workas they are likely going to either change basis (not Mer anymore), or use wayland14:06
gryffusXorg is from mer repo14:06
gryffusOk, thanks for clarification14:08
SK_workgryffus: I would say that it is might not be maintained at the moment14:08
SK_workand KDE people are not pushing the active direction (IIRC) since they are busy migrating to kf514:09
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gryffusSK_work: well, KDE packages in devel are from git, so they should be up-to-date. Question is if they support wayland. Maybe i should only port init scripts to run KDE under wayland...14:17
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SK_workgryffus: I think you could ask on #plasma-active14:21
SK_workbut for KDE4 based applications (aka Qt 4), don't expect wayland14:22
gryffusSK_work: Hmm, so my best chance would be upgraded xserver in my home repo@ build.merproject.org14:26
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SK_workgryffus: indeed14:35
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gryffusi got another strange problem: "error: Package already exists: %package debugsource" , but i haven't %debug_package anywhere in my .spec file. The package is: . Any clues?14:45
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SK_workgryffus: isn't debugsource autogenerated ?15:01
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Uninstalllbt: hello17:14
Uninstalllbt: I need some help: my OBS database is too huge17:14
Uninstallhave you got any idea about that?17:14
lbtmysql taking up too much space in /var ?17:14
Uninstalllbt: 9 GiB17:14
Uninstallalmost 10 GiB17:14
lbtyep ...17:15
Uninstallis it ok?17:15
Uninstallare you aware of any huge table with logs or stuff like that17:15
Uninstallwhich I can safely purge?17:15
lbtit doesn't need to be that big and innodb can be tuned to stay smaller17:16
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lbtah yes17:16
lbtI think you want innodb_file_per_table17:16
Uninstallhow can I tell inodb to squeeze a bit?17:17
lbtwhat you need to do is tune the mysql settings17:17
lbtthen, stop obs17:17
lbtdump db, drop db, restore db17:17
lbtI've done it on a few machines now17:18
lbtbut not enough that I've documented it :/17:18
lbtI think the last one is pretty good17:20
Uninstallwhat about innodb_file_per_table performances?17:20
lbtdo you have a perf issue?17:20
lbtin general ... throw RAM at it17:20
lbtby keeping theses tables sanely sized they stay in cache/ram much more easily17:21
Uninstalllbt: I can grow the virtual machine as much as I like17:21
Uninstallthe main problem is that I have to rearrange disks and that might require some time17:21
lbtshrinking the innodb will really help17:21
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Uninstalland I would prefer instead invest some time to update OBS version and make a new and better machine17:22
tigeliUninstall: get a storage applience ;)17:22
tigelii wish i had one :D17:22
* lbt has one ..17:23
lbt /dev/sda17:23
UninstallI have no physical limits, the old machine has been created too small and difficult to scale up17:23
tigelii used to administrate 4 netapp clusters17:23
lbtUninstall: fwiw I run all OBS stuff on hetzner hosts and put LVM under it17:23
lbtbut I have no budget17:24
lbttigeli: we're using kyfc for resilience .. working quite well17:24
Uninstallwe are doing pretty the same thing17:24
tigelilbt: well yeah.. I do not think it would be wise to but few millions of euros to storage :)17:25
lbtUninstall: each of our workers comes with a chunk of disk so I backup to multiple unused RAIDs17:25
tigeliunless you are running thousands.of instances and need to get then replicated/mirrored on other side of the.globe17:26
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Uninstallby the way are you aware of any OBS check tool in case of any DB inconsitency?17:28
lbtbut ... no17:28
Uninstalland what about scheduler incosistences? we had few times some packages stuck as scheduled17:32
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Uninstalllbt: are you already using latest obs version for your private sailfish OBS?17:47
Uninstallis it production ready?17:47
lbtUninstall: Mer OBS is latest :)17:48
lbtwe're actually not using it in jolla yet17:48
lbtI have a few minor things to test out still (not sure about boss notifications)17:49
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Uninstalldo you think to deploy it in less than 2 months?17:50
lbtI'd say it's damned close - I just need to reintigrate some patches17:50
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javispedrois X11 mer still usable then? :)18:04
w00tjavispedro: with enough ducttape, anything is possible .. whether it's easy or a good idea is another matter ;)18:06
javispedrooh well.18:07
Uninstalllbt: ping me when some updated RPMs will be available18:09
UninstallI would be happy to update it too18:09
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lbtUninstall: OK - I'll try to remember :)18:09
Uninstallthank you18:10
Uninstall... and one last thing that I would really appreciate: aarch64 RPMs ;)18:10
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javispedrosamsung actually has released binary wayland drivers for exynos/mali..18:12
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Uninstalljavispedro: is it something completely new?18:15
javispedrono, they're from july'1418:15
javispedrobasically they ship libEGL+libGLESv2, libwayland-drm, libwayland-egl, and a bunch other deps18:16
javispedroI ponder how "flexible" the ABI between wayland and libwayland-{egl,drm} is.18:17
Stskeepsit sounds enough to run a sailfish stack..18:17
javispedrobut I have no source for any of the libwayland-* stuff.18:17
Stskeepsshould be known abi18:17
Stskeepslibwayland-egl is a very easy api18:18
javispedrosad: softfp.18:19
Stskeepsi forgot softfp existed.18:19
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javispedroI think I will never forget now =)18:21
Uninstallwhy on earth people is still using softfp on new hardware and on new software platforms?18:26
armax00guys, question: I would like to help the project.. but I do not know where to start18:26
armax00do you have an entry-level bug to point me to?18:26
StskeepsUninstall: meet samsung18:27
Uninstallarmax00: how would you like to help this project?18:28
armax00development mostly18:29
armax00I am looking to start doing development at os level, especially kernel level18:29
armax00(I am about to start my thesis on kernel memory management)18:29
armax00I do not have experience with that, but I would like to start build one18:30
armax00doing it starting with no objectives has always been a failure18:30
armax00I was looking into doing something with a goal, hence thinking helping a OSS project18:31
Uninstallarmax00: probably you are not on the best place here18:31
UninstallMer is meant to run on a linux kernel18:31
Uninstalland we are not going to replace linux kernel with something different18:31
Uninstallarmax00: there are several opensource projects where someone who wants to hack a kernel is needed :) but it is quite offtopic here18:32
Uninstallarmax00: query me if you wish ;)18:32
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javispedroStskeeps: how much would the Sailfish stack help me though, if nothing will fit in the 320x320 screen? :)18:33
javispedrowas thinking that maybe a softfp Mer image...18:33
javispedroi am quickly getting tired of tizen18:33
armax00Uninstall: thanks, I'll pvt you then :)18:34
Uninstalljavispedro: Mer has support for softfp, you should just use armv7l or armv6l repos18:34
Stskeepsjavispedro: makes sense18:35
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javispedroI got heimdall (OSS samsung flasher) to work so I feel more confident about reflashing it.18:35
Stskeepsaren't they lodin devices?18:36
javispedroseemingly not... (lthor18:36
Stskeepsok, .. :P18:36
UninstallStskeeps: do you mind if query for just one question?18:38
Uninstall*query you18:38
StskeepsUninstall: sure, just watching a documentary atm18:39
javispedroI suppose it would be pointless to mention the latest Mer release in is 20130801 ... ?18:41
Stskeepsyeah, ermm :P18:42
Stskeepsmany people use the binaries18:42
Stskeepser, sources18:42
javispedrosomehow I feel that whatever way I choose, a world of hurt awaits me =)18:44
Stskeepswelcome to embedded development18:44
javispedroI will try to follow a bit with this at least, so pardon my totally newbie questions....18:52
javispedroI assume the idea is to use MIC to create a image file for my platform, which needs a kickstarter file which tells it about the required packages and some scripts18:52
javispedroI can find some examples of .ks files in mer-kickstarter-configs packages18:53
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javispedrounfortunately they seem to point to releases.mer... so I would get outdated packages (no Qt5 even)18:53
Stskeepsperhaps just steal some of the hadk ones?18:54
javispedrobut maybe I could, after a lot of prayers to various gods, change the .yaml file that generates the .ks file to point to, say, the obs mer-core:armv7l:testing repo..18:54
javispedroand also I see the .yaml files, even in the mer-ks-configs package from mer-core:armv7l:testing, contain references to Xorg but none to wayland..18:55
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javispedroie mer-core-armv7l-xorg-basic-qmlviewer18:56
Stskeepsit's been a .. tad neglected18:56
* javispedro goes download HADK18:56
javispedroStskeeps: btw, I don't remember how did you solve softfp-hardfp problem in libhybris, doesn't android mostly use softfp these days?19:03
Stskeepsand i think it was canonical solving it, possibly19:04
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javispedroonly libGLESv2 would require wrapping...19:06
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