Tuesday, 2014-08-12

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StskeepsUninstall: ping06:57
StskeepsUninstall: https://git.merproject.org/Uninstall/openssl/commit/3ebb92cf0dedf8a43f3ffab3f32105bb8f88014c?force_show_diff=true#95f205d7bad0be15edc868cc0e7e34bf98c9a272_22_22 - remove the Epoch: (i don't see why it's needed) and i think we're good06:59
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UninstallStskeeps: good morning07:59
Stskeepsok, seems like there's a bit more nightmare to this..08:00
Stskeepsi'll sort it out, no need for you to take any action08:00
UninstallStskeeps: what about secure_getenv? should I conditionally apply the patch to make it build also on SailfishOS?08:00
UninstallStskeeps: good news: yesterday I almost finished my work on qemu... the number of crashes of Qt unit tests with new qemu version has been reducend in a remarkable way on armv7tnhl08:02
Uninstallnow I'm going to run the same set of unit tests for mipsel to check if I introduced any regression there08:03
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UninstallStskeeps: In the meantime it would be awesome if you merge this https://git.merproject.org/Uninstall/libxml2/tree/libxml2-2.9.1  that has been open for a while08:04
Uninstallit closes some CVEs and it updates libxml208:04
Uninstall(it is already tested, it has been on our OBS for a while)08:06
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UninstallStskeeps: I have more updates from our OBS, I just need some time to make all the MR08:08
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Uninstallthis qemu version supports crypto and crc extensions08:16
UninstallStskeeps: are you aware of any naming convention for RPM archs?08:16
Uninstalllike what we used to have: armv7tnhl, armv7l etc...08:17
Stskeepsnot really, which one do you have in mind?08:17
Stskeepsi do know they wanted to be close to kernel versions but ..08:17
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Uninstallthere is at least aarch64 with and without crypto and crc extensions08:21
Stskeepsfragmentation already now?08:22
Uninstallthere is also 32 bit armv8 support out there08:22
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tbrnote: you can have SoCs with and without the AArch32 compatibility glue. aint that nice?08:22
Uninstallwith and without crc/crypto08:22
Uninstallit seems that an armv8 CPU might have neon or not08:23
tbrbut at least vfp is mandatory now IIRC08:23
Uninstallyeah, we'll have just one ABI08:24
UninstallI would love to add support to 32 bit armv8 CPUs08:24
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* Stskeeps throws glibc out of the window08:41
UninstallStskeeps: what's happening?08:43
Stskeepsjust the __secure_getenv that people started using and secure_getenv fun..08:43
UninstallStskeeps: I've found some configure patches around because configure was looking for __secure_getenv which is not anymore public and it was keeping that feature disabled for that reason08:45
Uninstallso probably we have some packages around that have it disabled for that reason08:45
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bonbinkeri want change ip addr ?08:56
bonbinkeri dont't use command  ifconfig no found in mer08:56
bonbinkerplease tell me change ip way08:56
tbryou'd either use connman to manage your connections or use the "ip" command.08:57
bonbinkerip command not found08:59
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bonbinker<-_-> help me08:59
lbtyou need to be root ... the iproute package has 'ip' and it lives in /sbin/ip09:01
bonbinkeryes ,i am in root mode , /sbin no find ip09:03
lbtand is iproute installed?09:03
bonbinkerforget install iproute ,,when run  zypper in vim , i find no ip ,so i change ip09:05
bonbinkeryou mean I must retry mic create rootfs09:06
lbtwell - can you get data onto the device? SD card?09:07
tbryou could also put the RPM into that rootfs and install it?09:07
lbtif so download the rpm, copy over and install09:07
bonbinkerye ,,thank you09:07
bonbinkerrpm -ivh ? thank you09:08
lbtthere probably are low level ways - but SD card is easy :)09:08
tbrZMODEM? ;)09:08
bonbinkerI use NFS rootfs09:08
tbreven easier then09:09
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bonbinkerso in LINUX  download09:09
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Stskeepslbt: i think something is bork on gitlab09:24
Stskeepslbt: can't merge requests09:24
Stskeepsclick accept merge request, then it tries, returns to same , on https://git.merproject.org/mer-core/openssl/merge_requests/309:25
lbtdisk is OK09:25
Stskeepscheck if it's r/o?09:26
tbrhmmm, I think I should look at the spec file again. I'm not sure if a package should end up being named libevent-2_0-5 after it went through OBS09:26
w00tideally not :p09:26
w00tunless they really do manage to break their interfaces that often09:27
tbrhttps://build.merproject.org/package/view_file/home:tbr:sailfish/libevent/libevent.spec?expand=1 -- minimal changes after copypac from suse09:28
tbrhmm did I put that 0-5 there by accident09:28
tbrhttps://build.opensuse.org/package/view_file/devel:libraries:c_c++/libevent/libevent.spec?expand=1 -- nope, same thing09:29
w00tit could be deliberate: 2_0 being the major and minor, -5 being the release number, or something - I have no idea09:29
w00trelease as in package release09:29
tbryeah, but why put that in the name, that's a bit weird09:29
tbrbut as mer/nemo/sailfish isn't suse I guess I could change the package naming to something more friendly? suggestions?09:30
lbtSystemStackError (stack level too deep):09:31
tbrwhat is pkcon trying to tell me here?09:32
tbrInstalling packages09:32
tbrFatal error: Installation aborted by user09:32
tbrI guess it's a failed script, but it's not really helpful09:32
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Stskeepslbt: anything looking suspicious? else i'll do a manual merge09:35
lbtnot obvioulsy09:35
lbtwe're due an upgrade too09:35
Stskeepstigeli: Uninstall: https://git.merproject.org/mer-core/openssl - works on both sailfish and mer latest glibcv09:38
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UninstallStskeeps: cool, thank you09:53
Uninstalllbt: what does it mean LGTM?09:54
Uninstallok, cool09:56
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Uninstallok, I've updated qemu on our OBS09:59
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* Uninstall still waits for aarch64 RPMs :P10:02
Uninstallnow I can build aarch6410:02
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tigeliStskeeps:  great :) now I know that there is nm also ;)10:11
UninstallAccording to wiki: To both AArch32 and AArch64, ARMv8-A makes VFPv3/v4 and advanced SIMD (NEON) standard.10:13
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tbrwould a kind soul point me at where to RTFM about setting up a systemd service that can be systemctl'd by a user? (nemo in this case)10:42
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Stskeepstbr: /usr/lib/systemd/user10:43
Stskeepsuser session or system (root?)10:43
tbryeah, I moved the file from the system files there10:43
tbrbut I get a permission denied if I try to "systemctl start bla.service"10:44
tbras nemo10:44
Stskeepssystemctl --user may work10:44
tbryes, that seems to do the trick, now to fix the permissions :)10:44
Uninstallneon is mandatory right now10:49
Uninstallwould you call armv8tnhl armv8 compiled with thumb and fpu=neon or just armv8thl?10:50
Uninstallit seems that it makes sense to build for armv8/aarch32 as soon as they've introduced new 32 bit instructions10:51
Stskeepsthumb is gone on armv8 though?10:51
Uninstallthumb is still there for aarch32/armv810:52
Uninstallit's just not available when running on 64 bit mode10:52
Stskeepswell, then armv7* should be a fine os there i guess..?10:53
Stskeepsas we're not doign multilib really10:54
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Uninstalleverything from armv7* will run fine on aarch32/armv810:54
Uninstallbut it will not take advantage of new 32 bit instructions10:55
Stskeepsthere's new ones in 32-bit?10:55
Uninstallthey've added new 32 bit instructions, like max min fpu instructions10:56
Uninstallmemory barriers10:56
Uninstalloptional crypto instructions10:56
Uninstallmore other fpu instructins10:56
Uninstall(for float to integer rouding for example)10:57
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Uninstalland load acquire/store release instructions10:57
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UninstallStskeeps: so, if someone wants to build mer to take advantages of new aarch3211:00
Uninstallhow would you call armv8* arches?11:00
Stskeepsgood question, i'd normally take inspiration from other distros11:00
Uninstallanyway lunch time for me11:00
UninstallStskeeps: the main point is about neon, now is standard there11:01
Stskeepsin practice most of those features are autodetected11:01
Uninstallbut gcc allows you to build using new fpu with/without neon too11:01
Uninstallso the point is if there will be armv8*n*l or it will be just armv8*l11:03
Uninstallanyway food is waiting for me... see you later :)11:03
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tigeliStskeeps: https://git.merproject.org/mer-core/file/merge_requests/111:52
Stskeepscareful, it usually screws up sdk and such11:56
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tigeliStskeeps: and I just started reading my emails :D11:59
tigeliStskeeps: I could backport the patches though if necessary12:00
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CosmoHillhello .o.17:10
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Uninstalltigeli: ping20:05
Uninstalltigeli: I'm against your file update, I would keep using file 5.14  for a simple reason: ubuntu LTS has file 5.1420:06
Uninstallthat means that as soon as Ubuntu 14.04 is around they are going to maintaining security patches for it20:06
Uninstallso I would just keep using it20:06
Uninstalltigeli: if you don't mind I have up to date patches for it to fix all the CVEs20:07
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tigeliUninstall: I don't mind20:36
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Uninstalltigeli: good, tomorrow I'll open a MR with them22:56
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