Friday, 2014-07-25

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jidiabloHi anyone know if there is a way to check the history of packages rebuiding on OBS?08:46
lbtosc buildhist?08:47
jidiabloOk I will try08:47
jidiablolbt: it is only can be used for one package, how can I get a build history of entire project?08:51
lbtwhat are you trying to do ?08:52
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jidiablolbt: I have done that by using jobhist09:00
jidiablobasicaly I was going to get all the rebuid history for one project09:00
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mike7b4_on_x230Hi, I think did this in may: "sudo mic create raw --pkgmgr=zypp --arch=armv7hl nemo-armv7hl-beagleboneblack.ks" but now it fails with:09:55
mike7b4_on_x230depmod: ERROR: could not open directory /lib/modules/3.13.0-32-generic: No such file or directory09:55
mike7b4_on_x230Q: Failed to apply RootPasswordConfig, skip and continue?(Y/n)09:55
mike7b4_on_x230Do I provide wrong mic options :-S ?09:55
mike7b4_on_x2303.13.0 is actually nt kernel adaption version its my host kernel....09:57
tbr-fishow your ks file, maybe?10:02
tbr-fiout of curiosity, which kernel are you using? the 3.8.x TI/RCN or something later?10:03
mike7b4_on_x230tbr-fi: I trying 3.12 atm. (no wayland)10:04
mike7b4_on_x230tbr-fi: found it I removed @Nemo Wayland but forgot to add @Mer Core10:05
tbr-fimind pointing me to your OBS project with this stuff? I'm interested in putting Mer on mine too.10:06
jabisit's saying no such file or directory, that seems like you dont have the proper kernel-image-generic present10:07
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mike7b4_on_x230tbr-fi: kickstart here... but very exprimental and no GFX :/ (trying to get Qt linuxfb going but SGX == PITA)10:28
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tbr-fisupposedly there are some newer kernels that sort of have working SGX10:29
tbr-fibut last time I looked it was clear that getting wayland with sgx up was not going to work or be very hard10:30
mike7b4_on_x230dunno, last time(may I think) 3.12 was nearest working with linuxfb what I heard of...10:30
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ccha2I don't knbow if I'm on the good chan to talk about sailfish OS applications11:18
stephgccha2: #sailfishos for writing them, #jollamobile for talking about them :)11:19
ccha2thnaks stephg11:20
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artemmaLost 44% of battery power in an hour of internet browsing today lunch time13:54
artemmaand phone got so hot I could try frying eggs on it ;)13:55
Stskeeps#jollamobile or #sailfishos probably better.. webcat also probably doesn't disable scripts or the likes at suspend13:56
Stskeepssmells like an endurance report of your device could be interesting though13:56
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artemmaah, sorry, clicked on wrong channel13:58
artemmayou can get any report from my phone you like, I can even install any tools you like :)13:59
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artemmaStskeeps: One thing is that I am hugely annoyed with my Jolla slow everywhere possible, another thing is that I am actually curious what the possible reason could be14:00
artemmaeven full phone reset and reinstalling everything didn't help (helped a little)14:01
Stskeepsyeah, i'm curious too14:01
artemmaand Ligthous usually shows no bad activity (except for contactsd), I have freezes even when Lighthouse tells 0% CPUI14:01
Stskeepsat the top of my head a 24h endurance report would tell a lot, or one done each hour14:02
artemmaI tend to blame network connection daemon called by Mitakuuluu, contactsd or android facebook messaging14:02
Stskeepsit'd certainly help pinpoint the problem14:02
artemmaI also have quite a lot of cases when data connection is lost: Sailfish offers connection dialog with GSM data option missing, maybe constant reconnections contribute14:03
artemmathis lunch it happened some 3-6 times14:03
artemmaStskeeps: I am all yours, I just don't know meanings of these cool words such as "endurance report" :)14:03
Stskeeps - endurance report14:04
* artemma is able to ssh into phone, run script there, move files to-from there14:04
artemmaStskeeps: doesn't tell me how to collect these :)14:05
Stskeepsyeah, just finding that..14:05
Stskeepsare you able to:14:05
Stskeeps pkcon install crash-reporter14:05
Stskeepspkcon install jolla-settings-crash-reporter14:05
Stskeepsnot sure if those install on a public device, so let me know if it fails14:06
artemmaI think I even did it in the past (before phone reset) :)14:06
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artemmafirst one went fine14:08
artemmanemo@Jolla ~]$ pkcon install jolla-settings-crash-reporter14:08
artemmaCommand failed: This tool could not find any available package: could not find jolla-settings-crash-reporter14:08
Stskeepswell that's annoying14:08
nazaninI'm not an expert in this but doesn't it need any repositories to be created for first?14:10
nazaninby created, I meant added14:12
Stskeepsnazanin: i think this particular one is filtered out from the repos14:12
nazaninhhm, don't have much info about this, just remembered I used to add a repository when wanted to install the setting option14:13
nazaninStskeeps: that was long time ago anyway, you know better14:14
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Stskeepsartemma: devel-su ,  rpm -i
Stskeepsreboot, see if crash reporter appears in settings14:18
artemmaah, I don't need to14:19
artemmaerror: Failed dependencies:14:19
artemmacrash-reporter = 1.10.60-10.53.1.jolla is needed by jolla-settings-crash-reporter-1.10.60-10.53.1.jolla.armv7hl14:19
Stskeepsrpm -i --nodeps
Stskeepsit's possibly just beeing moody14:20
artemmadone probably..14:20
artemmano messages14:20
artemmaШ рфму ше14:23
artemmaI have it14:23
artemmaChecked "Endurance reports"14:24
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artemmaShall I check "Upload reports automatically?"14:24
artemmalast time I think it didn't work (maybe my phone wasn't allowed to upload"14:24
Stskeepsok, Report application crashes , Create crash reports , Endurance reports ,  Notifications , enable those, disable all other14:25
Stskeepsand not uploading is ok14:25
artemmaah yeah, server URL is :)14:25
Stskeepsit'll dump things in /var/cache/core-dumps14:25
Stskeepssome crashes are not 'real' crashes but android OOM, just as a general note14:25
artemmaaren't these cleaned on reboot?14:25
Stskeepsalso, reboot to be sure all this is enabled14:26
Stskeepsit -may- be slower like hourly, but it'll make Endurance*lzo files14:26
Stskeepswhich tells about what goes wrong14:26
artemmaInclude stack trace?14:27
artemmathough I don't have many crashes anyway14:27
artemmaenable journalspy?14:27
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Stskeepsnone of those14:27
Stskeeps(..wth is journalspy)14:28
* Stskeeps goes look14:28
artemmaokay, you already told that everything else should be disabled, just wanted to double check, keeping these disabled14:28
artemmaah, missed your last messages14:28
artemmanow I am confused :)14:28
artemmawell, disabled these anyway as you seem to be not interested in the,14:29
artemmawhat shall I do next?14:29
Stskeepsthanks for helping, btw14:29
artemmano worries, Stskeeps14:29
Stskeepswell, use your device as normal and when you've observed odd occourences, note the time14:29
Stskeepsand then we'll collect endurance reports afterwards, you can mail me then14:30
* artemma feels good if his complaining suddenly starts looking helpful. Can even go extra mile to make sure he still complains, but it is useful :)14:30
Stskeepsi'm 100% happy with complaining that includes helping developers fix any issue seen in a product..14:30
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Stskeepscomplaining that is without trying to sort it out.. well.. :P14:30
artemmaso in 24hrs or more I will just send you files from /var/cache/core-dumps14:31
artemmathx for instructions14:32
artemmanow it feels like I am sufferign for a reason :)14:32
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Stskeepswell, any slowness has a reason..14:33
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* artemma has just spent several days improving several freezing places in our web scripts. It can't stop to amaze me how ideas about "generally wrong code structure" tend to be wrong after you actually measure stuff.14:35
artemmaThere are always just a few or even one reason for the freezing or slow stuff14:36
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SK_workStskeeps: since you are here, can you explain what this endurance report do ? :)14:42
Stskeepssee the url14:44
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Stskeepsand sp-endurance14:46
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SK_workStskeeps: didn't saw the url15:05
SK_worklooks pretty ncie15:05
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situlbt: does supybot feature full text search ?17:23
lbtno - but the logs are indexed by google17:34
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situlbt: We will try to use botbot.me17:45
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