Wednesday, 2014-06-25

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jusa_hm. seems a page from mer wiki has disappeared..08:44
Stskeepswhich one?08:44
jusa_there used to be a page about MainVolume, my web browser history says it was in PulseAudio/MainVolume, Audio page shows the link as being Nemo/Audio/MainVolume, but neither exists08:45
jusa_it wasn't a lot of text, can re-write it, but I just was surprised to see it gone08:46
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Stskeepsthat's odd08:47
* lbt will check DB and such08:47
lbt ?08:50
jusa_maybe I remember wrong, but I'm sure I've written a page about that (dbus interface) *somewhere* :D08:51
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lbtthere's a dead link in that para08:56
jusa_soon that's not dead link08:57
lbtok - I'm just checking the DB so hold off for a minute before saving it08:57
lbtjusa_: nothing ...09:02
lbtsave it and we'll keep an eye open09:03
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jusa_yep. saved09:23
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Stskeepslbt: i'm kinda thinking it doesn't make much sense to make a release; there's a new gcc/glib2/toolchain in there and it's just going to make people's situation worse than before09:30
Stskeepsby how it usually goes with new toolchains09:31
lbtfair enough - the idea was simply to snapshot the latest state09:31
lbtwould a pre-release make sense?09:31
lbtor even a snapshot09:31
lbtI agree a full release is not sensible09:32
Stskeepsi'll probably do a checkout and clone of the repos at least09:32
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Stskeepsso we can restore in case anything goes wrong09:33
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Stskeepslbt: so, looking at merge stuff.. how do we reliably kill history of a repo? delete the repo, re-create it, push new contents?09:59
Stskeepsin gitlab09:59
Stskeepsor is that a PITA in our current setup09:59
lbteg ?09:59
lbta pkg09:59
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Stskeepslet's say we want to ditch the history of qtbase and replace it with the bits10:00
Stskeepsi'm kinda pondering if we should just make a new mer/ tree and put everything under same project10:00
lbtso ... 99% sure you would just git clone the github10:01
lbtremote add gitlab10:01
lbtforce push10:01
lbtforce remove any old stuff10:01
lbtgit gc on gitlab10:01
lbtthe last bit may need to be manual10:01
lbtan alternative is rm the repo but then you'd lose any users10:02
lbttoday that's not a problem afair10:02
lbtmer-core group management anyhow10:03
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Stskeepsok, so here's a thought.. instead of starting to tinker too much with mer-core/ and loose history etc, we switch to putting all packages into mer/ or core/; first the ones we need to merge, then add the old ones in same tree.. from mer-core:devel pov it's a matter of sed'ing _service files10:03
Bostikyou want to purge history when moving repo? why not just import an git-archive result as a new repo?10:03
lbtBostik: because history includes blobby tarballs10:03
lbtI was planning on converting history using pristine tar10:04
Bostiklbt: okay, the other option is a forced squash until beginning of (repo) time10:04
lbtstill tarballs10:04
lbtit's ugly :)10:04
BostikI agree10:04
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BostikI'd go with git-archive HEAD ... git init + git push neworigin10:05
* lbt looks at git archive10:06
Bostiklbt: it's like "tarball from given gitref"10:06
bencohbut with no history10:06
Bostikhell, the autobuilders use that to generate tarballs from repos for packaging runs :)10:06
bencohso meh10:06
* lbt knows it well but was looking for git hide-it-away10:07
lbtgerrit has an attic10:07
lbtand I was thinking about that10:07
Bostikoh, like in the times of svn you'd have to use svn-dumpfilter to get rid of awful crud10:07
lbtsounds like it10:07
lbtStskeeps: to tweak your idea ... how about cloning to mer-attic and slowly purging mer-core?10:10
lbtessentially snapshot mer-core -> mer-attic and freeze it. Then we just work in mer-core as we update packages (either new versions or reformat)10:11
lbtno need for new _service files10:12
lbtI kinda like mer-core10:12
lbtas a name10:12
lbtmer-tools etc10:12
lbtand mer-??? in the future10:12
Stskeepscan you do the cloning? sounds good to me10:13
Stskeepser, snapshotting10:13
Stskeepswe prolly need to grab a copy of the mer-core:*:* binary repos, and then all should be good..10:14
lbtdid you just move to obs-land?10:14
Stskeepssorry :)10:14
lbtnp ... just checking10:15
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lbtdid I mention ... adrian wants us to update to latest 2.5.4 OBS for the bandwidth thing10:15
Stskeepswe're on 2.4 atm?10:15
Stskeepsoh, ok10:15
lbtol rebased to a point and head moved on10:16
* lbt ponders10:16
lbtso ... what I'm thinking is that gitlab has a DB of all repos and also processes them during upgrades and such10:17
lbtmer-attic would double the git repo size for no good reason ... maybe simple gitweb10:18
lbtso mer-attic isn't in gitlab (which makes sense as we don't really want clones/PRs)10:18
lbtbut is public on a gitweb as it should be10:18
Stskeepswell, mer-attic might still be wanted for others10:18
Stskeepswell, using a older sha, perhaps10:19
lbtOK - but what's wrong with mer-attic being non-gitlab managed git repo with no remote push10:20
Stskeepsi'm fine with that too10:20
Stskeepscloneable is what i'm aiming for10:20
lbtkeeps my monthly updates quicker and makes db-fsck easier10:20
lbtnb ... gitlab update due yesterday (release+3 days)10:20
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Stskeepslbt: _service files sorted10:36
Stskeepsas in, backed up10:36
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Stskeepsmoo javispedro10:47
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Uninstall_plfiorini: hello12:18
plfiorinihi Uninstall_12:19
plfioriniUninstall_: how are you?12:19
Uninstall_fine, thanks12:19
Uninstall_doing some updates to some packages12:19
Uninstall_plfiorini: do you remember why you forked db4 on
plfioriniUninstall_: to install the library on /usr/lib rather than /lib, not sure that's the right call i was studying how to get UsrMerge12:20
plfioriniprobably updating rpm and filesystem would be enough12:21
Uninstall_I was trying to understand if you needed an upgraded version for some reason12:22
plfiorininope but i need the updated automake to build coreutils 8.2x12:22
plfioriniwhich is needed by systemd 21412:22
plfiorinibtw we might not be able to import coreutils 8.2 as it's gpl3, so probably mer have to backport ln --relative or maintain a workaround to build the newer systemd12:23
Stskeepswhy on earth does it need a new coreutils? :P12:24
Uninstall_plfiorini: yes, right12:24
Uninstall_Stskeeps: to support all the new rm and yes features12:24
Stskeepsfor build, or runtime12:25
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plfiorinii think i've seen a configure check for ln --relative but i didn't care too much as coreutils 8.2 makes sense for maui12:25
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plfioriniso it's better if you check12:26
Uninstall_I was hilarious about rm and yes features ;)12:26
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plfioriniUninstall_: i wasn't
Uninstall_(lunch time, I'll be back soon)12:27
plfiorinithat was used by some Makefile so i guess that's just a build dependency12:27
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Uninstall_Stskeeps: do you have anything against about moving manpages out of core packages?14:09
Uninstall_we are installing man pages on target systems...14:09
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VenemoStskeeps: do you have a moment?20:22
Stskeepsi do20:25
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CosmoHillnight night all21:49
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