Friday, 2014-06-13

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jidiabloHi,are there anyone know how to integrate a 64bit GCC into OBS?05:52
jidiabloI am looking for a good approch for that.05:53
Stskeeps64-bit x86?05:53
Stskeepswell, you can probably do it by switching sb2-tools into being built for x86_64 and using x86_64 repositories05:54
Stskeepswhich should be easy05:54
Stskeepsbut then you need to unpack that tarball into the sb2-tools bits too05:54
tbrare there that many builds where gcc will run out of address space on 32bit?05:56
jidiabloSo, you mean I need a sb2-tools in 64bit?05:56
Stskeepstbr: i think we're speaking of crazy android gccs..05:56
Stskeepsjidiablo: yeah, that's prolly what you want05:57
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Stskeepsjidiablo: out of curiousity, what are you trying to accomplish?05:57
jidiabloStskeeps, yes, the Gcc is from android 4.405:58
Stskeepsis it for building a kernel, you're trying to do it?05:58
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jidiabloonly for kernel and u-boot05:59
Stskeepsalternatively you can look into using baselibs.conf and doing the compilation entirely on mer x86_64 side05:59
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jidiabloseems this alternative is not as easy as the sb2-tool solution06:01
Stskeepsyes and no, the real problems come afterwards with x86_64 problem.. anyhow, test ito ut06:01
jidiabloOK, I will try06:04
jidiabloStskeeps, Thanks06:04
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Stskeepstigeli: merged.09:10
Stskeepslbt: i don't understand why i can't access
Stskeepsagain the "authentication_required(User '' did not provide a password):"09:16
tigeliStskeeps: another set.. I wonder why my eye did not pick on first try :D09:20
vgradeStskeeps: same for me09:21
SK_worktigeli: what's libtasn ?09:22
vgradeStskeeps: but that was becasue I was not logged in. lol. page does not refresh however after I have logged in09:23
tigeliSK_work: ;)09:25
tigeliSK_work: eg. gnutls uses it with certs09:25
SK_worktigeli: I see09:25
SK_workso security issues to be expected here ?09:25
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tigeliSK_work: those also have an effect to gnupg2 which we can't upgrade due gplv309:27
SK_worktigeli: ok09:28
lbtStskeeps: vgrade: OK - I don't see this - I'll try to reproduce by logging out09:29
Stskeepslbt: is your user an ldap user or a obs user?09:29
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vgradelbt: the page did refresh but took a few mins09:30
lbtI got the issue too - so yeah - you need to be logged in to see logs09:30
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Stskeepsi'm logged in.09:31
lbtStskeeps: ugh - I can reproduce it by logging out and fix it by logging in09:32
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Stskeepsdownload logfile doesn't work for me while logged in09:33
lbtuse firefox?09:33
vgradethat one works for me09:34
lbtStskeeps: same error ?09:34
Stskeepslbt: chrome09:35
Stskeepsi can replicate on my firefox09:35
lbtintermittent ?09:35
Stskeepsie, i can't click 'download logfile'09:36
sledgesalways reproducible - chromium here, it just drops you to the bottom of the web page after reload (if you click download logfile on the top)09:36
vgradeworks with chrome 35.0.1916.11409:38
sledgesah 26.0.1410.63 chromium here09:38
* sledges hides09:38
lbtcan you check on suse obs09:38
lbtsee if it's a config issue or a src issue09:38
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sledgesworks like charm:
sledges(im pretty sure will work for Stskeeps too ^ )09:39
lbtin that case it's a bug in OBS docs ... :D09:40
sledgeslbt: yet works with a recent browser...09:40
lbthmm - so I'm logged in as lbt and I cleared cookies etc and logged out - and my request for the log goes in as admin user :/09:45
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vgradelbt: is that why it works for me also09:47
vgradeyou gave me the extra login deets09:47
lbthmm - those are supposed to be basic auth and should never pass through09:47
lbtobs knows nothing about them ... but it may explain :   authentication_required(Unknown user 'admin' or invalid password):09:48
lbtwhy is authentication_required though09:48
phaeronlbt: the raw log comes from the api btw09:56
phaeronlbt: you're not supposed to have basic auth infront of the api09:56
phaeronas the API does it's own basic auth09:57
lbtphaeron: there is no basic auth anymore - it was temporary during the update09:58
lbtthe raw log is bounced back to the backend too09:58
phaeronok I misunderstood your comment.09:59
phaeronlbt: where do you see authentication required ?09:59
lbtfe log09:59
lbtdo you have the problem in your browser?09:59
Stskeepslbt: btw, stress testing builders with arm stuff now10:00
Stskeepslet's see how it works10:00
phaeronlbt: as anonymous works. clicking on download log stays on same page10:00
lbtphaeron: yes10:00
phaeronsame after logging in10:00
Stskeepsphaeron: what's your browser?10:01
lbtthe log is rather busy - so seeing the issue there needs time10:01
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lbtgah - urls are different enough to make matching hard10:02
lbtphaeron: go to
lbtsay when you have10:06
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lbtactually ... nm ... I need a break anyhow ... bbiab :)10:07
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phaeronlbt:authentication_required(User '' did not provide a password):10:22
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n810any word on android for n810?15:53
tbrmaybe something like android 1.015:54
situif you want user experience of android 1.0, do not install android 1.0, rather install latest version of firefox os.15:55
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tbrI should try FiresuxOS again some time. After all I should have at least one patch in it...15:56
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n810is there an easy way to install ffos?15:58
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rah$ osc -A ls mer-tools:devel16:04
rahServer returned an error: HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error16:04
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sledgesrah: wfm16:29
sledgestry again?16:29
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lbtrah: wfm too17:15
lbtrah: if it fails for you then ping me and when we're both around I can monitor the server logs17:16
* lbt off out now though17:16
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lbtoh yay ... kvm on obs on suse13.1 looks like it crashes the phost17:25
lbtpossibly oom17:26
lbtwell - something to look at over the w/end17:26
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* lbt notes smartctl is reporting User Capacity: 3,988,908,632,098,149,375 bytes [3988 PB] for one of the Hetzner hard drives - that's bloody impressive!22:50
lbtI've said a 2000 PB replacement will be fine ...22:50
lbtPSA : OBS going down now as a hard drive has failed and needs replacing22:57
sledgesany sufficiently advanced bug is indistinguishable from magic:)22:58
sledgesCosmoHill: hoy, just been 'round Castle Combe last Saturday :) sup?22:58
CosmoHilli need to find out where that is22:59
CosmoHillit rings a bell22:59
sledgesah ok ;)22:59
* sledges whews23:00
sledgesis in Wiltshire, stone's throw away for me23:00
sledgesFrench Car Show that was :D23:00
CosmoHillan it's on the other side of the country23:00
lbtmmm ... the server gods are angry ... much lightning23:01
CosmoHillI updated my car blog thing23:01
CosmoHilllbt: you're meant to turn it off before you plug power cables in23:01
* lbt is going to fly a kite23:02
lbtwhoo ... turbo server23:02
sledgeslulz just figured out how to share a private fb album to public :D CosmoHill:
CosmoHillwhy was there platic on your car?23:06
sledgesi was spraying the rearwing with plastidip23:07
sledgesand that detailing was just one in a million the night before the show....23:08
sledgesdyno mmm!23:10
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sledgeslbt: speaking of turbos, some idea for tomorrow's nice weather ?23:12
lbtsledges: CosmoHill
CosmoHillyour  car?23:14
lbtused to be ...23:15
lbtactual power run is pretty short23:15
lbt430 bhp iirc23:16
CosmoHillI was next to a jag xk R today23:17
CosmoHillsounded awesome, like Jak's Mk5 fiesta, he's got a ST150 engine with quad throttle bodys23:17
lbtI have a full sports exhaust and just got the throttle bored out23:18
lbtlarger supercharger pulley too (so geared up)23:18
CosmoHillit's £360 for a 60mm throttle body on mine23:18
lbtit's quite nippy23:18
lbtyeah - our jag guy sends batches to the US to get them machined out and then swaps them out23:19
lbtit needs some paintwork doing so we decided to get a full respray23:19
lbt(we'll pay the difference basically)23:20
lbtso now we're looking at sparkle paint :D23:20
CosmoHillI need some paint work, few chips on the car :(23:21
lbtI f*cking *love* virtualisation23:21
CosmoHilli think next performace mod will be exhaust manifold and / or sports cat23:21
lbtI had an ssh session open to a VM - reboot the physical host, swap out a disk - ssh session is still up when it comes back :D23:21
sledgessomething came along up my [french] street but i'd rather build not buy (more fun, yet my performance goals are humble, not overly into that :)23:22
CosmoHilldo you use vagrant?23:22
lbtreasonably plain kvm with some puppet23:23
* sledges sleeps off23:29
sledgesnight pals!23:29
CosmoHillI'd like to take a Vauxhall Omega estate and make a awesome fast sleeper23:30
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sledgesso you can as well sleep in it23:35
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CosmoHillnight night23:48
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