Sunday, 2014-06-01

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Stskeepsthought you might be interested09:02
lbtI am :)09:03
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Stskeepsmorn Venemo09:04
lbtessentially we read the email line and forget that it's just an environment variable09:06
lbtOTOH due to the nature of web-based MR systems we actually pull from named accounts rather than merging email submitted commits09:06
Stskeepsdo they even bother to check that merge request commits came from the account? :P09:07
lbtI do09:07
lbtthere's a lot there to read - I'll keep thinking but I have a hunch that that is the essential difference09:08
lbtalso I'm not saying we're rigorous/secure enough09:09
lbtand this relates to our squash debate a while back09:09
lbtanyhow .. coffee and cat mob pacification time09:10
Stskeepsi'm drawing flowcharts.09:10
nerdboycool, are they security kitties?09:13
* nerdboy falling towards his pillow09:13
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user1_I am trying to add repositories for Plasma Active on Nexus 711:17
user1_I've been searching over Internet to no avail11:17
user1_can somebody help?11:17
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deztructorwho wants to review ? If nobody, can smb. merge? Pull req is tested11:27
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deztructorlpotter: ^11:29
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tigelitrying to push fix for CVE-2014-3466 for gnutls, put can't make it to review (fatal: Upload denied for project 'mer-core/gnutls') by  git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master21:28
tigeliStskeeps: do I need more access rights?21:28
lbtyou can't push to mer-core21:29
lbtyou need to push to your clone and do an MR21:29
lbtand you are (sensibly) using the wiki instructions which are sadly now out-of-date21:30
tigelilbt: yes.. :D21:30
tigelilbt: ok, will do MR soon :D21:30
lbtI'm not a huge fan of actual merges (although they do track who approved the patch)21:32
lbtconceptually we want to maintain a minimal set of linear patches on top of an upstream deliverable21:33
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lbttigeli: cool ... and we'll work on
lbttigeli: I'd suggest adding a citation for the patch22:10
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lbtas it stands you're saying "this fixes a security hole" but not how or what the fix actually is or is intended to do.22:10
tigelilbt: sure.. a sec or tow22:11
lbtany review will have to do a lot of research (which you probably already did)22:11
lbtprobably a few urls is fine22:11
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tigelilbt: better?22:16
lbtyeah - next time I'd put it in the .changes file too (although I hope that'll get automated as per jolla's)22:18
tigeliargh.. it did not automatically update the MR22:19
lbtoh -glad I mentioned it then :)22:20
lbtI see a new comment in the MR webpage22:20
tigelimee stupid :D22:20
lbt has the links - but of course I can no longer see if the old commit was the same22:20
lbt(or that)22:21
tigelilbt: now that's fixed too22:23
lbtnb - ironing out the issues in MRs in gitlab is important22:25
lbtok - yeah - I see new commit and .changes updated22:26
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lbttigeli: it's interesting to note that I should verify this is a complete/sufficient fix22:28
lbtnot quite sure how to do that22:28
lbtalso that it is valid in isolation22:28
lbttechnically tls project recommends a full upgrade to 3.1.25 etc - not a patch22:29
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tigelilbt: sure, the code block in 3.* is pretty much the same though22:33
tigelior it is ;)22:33
lbtI saw
lbtin a series of commits made at the same tim22:34
lbtrealistically 'lgtm'22:34
lbtI'm just pondering what a security minded review should encompass22:34
lbtprobably running:
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tigeliwell that other patch seems to be handled in the older version22:40
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