Sunday, 2014-05-11

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OrokuSakiSup fellas... anyone lend me a hand with nemo\mer.. I have an HP Touchpad running cm10.2 and Kernel 3.403:53
OrokuSakiI have successfully ran an older kernel and ICS with libhybris, but I am having problems with this newer kernel\cm03:53
OrokuSakiwhen I run test_glesv2 or test_egl I get errors that seem to say it cannot open the framebuffer..03:54
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OrokuSakiI have linked /dev/graphics/fb0 to /dev/fb003:54
OrokuSakiany advice?03:54
OrokuSakicompiled libhybris like so:03:57
OrokuSaki./ --enable-wayland   --enable-debug   --enable-trace --enable-- mesa --with-android-headers=/libhybris/android-headers --enable-arch=arm CFLAGS== "-DQCOM_HARDWARE" CXXFLAGS="-DQCOM_HARDWARE" --prefix=/usr03:57
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thpOrokuSaki: logcat telling anything useful?07:50
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OrokuSakithp: the only thing I can tell from logcat is that it can't open my framebuffer...
OrokuSakiThat is from me running test_glesv2 and test_hwcomposer, test_egl, and running surfaceflinger manually.. Thanks thp...10:35
OrokuSakimorning... yawn10:35
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OrokuSakiI ran udevadm monitor while running this, I don't see anything in there... ;) I keep thinking it's an actual fs permission issue with /dev?10:42
OrokuSakiI notice in cm10.2, my groups seemed to change from video to graphics group...10:42
OrokuSakiThat's all I got.10:43
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OrokuSakiI did realize that if I do /system/bin/surfaceflinger &10:48
OrokuSakithen I can run test_hwcomposer... with it showing OpenGLESin console... like it's running.. but I still have blankness... going to enable framebuffer again to see if that changes10:48
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OrokuSakimaybe an issue with the kernel... don't know10:49
OrokuSakiHas anyone ran gnome\wayland with libhybris yet? Curious....10:51
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vgradeOrokuSaki: I noiced you had enable-mesa in your configure11:22
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mordStskeeps: can you do per-user audio policies atm?11:41
mordwell, anyone, really11:41
mordjust used to bombarding Stskeeps with the questions11:41
mordwith per-user i mostly mean per-app-specific-user11:43
mordnot a multi-seat setup11:43
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OrokuSaki@vgrade yeah... is that bad?11:45
OrokuSakinow that you said that I will recompile without enable mesa... see what happens.. charging tablet.. forgot to shut it off11:45
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OrokuSaki@Stskeeps... I noticed someone said something about bombarding you with questions... =) Still got your touchpad?11:46
OrokuSakigraphics are nicer on this kernel11:46
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OrokuSaki@vgrade  thanks for your work.. I think I remember you doing something with the touchpad.. freedreno and... Plasma Active?11:48
OrokuSakiThat ran smooth11:48
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amoschiuI'm new12:46
OrokuSakisucks to be you. ;)12:47
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OrokuSakiOkay I reinstalled mesa and I recompiled libhybris without mesa...  ./ --enable-wayland --enable-debug --enable-trace --with-android-headers=/libhybris/android-headers --enable-arch=arm --prefix=/usr CFLAGS="-DQCOM_HARDWARE" CXXFLAGS="-DQCOM_HARDWARE"16:10
OrokuSakisame error as before16:10
OrokuSakitest_egl_configs does work, but test_egl does not, etc16:10
OrokuSakitest_vibrator works. =)16:11
OrokuSakisurface flinger seems to run on the second time... /system/bin/surfaceflinger &16:13
OrokuSakitest_hwcomposer, test_egl and test_glesv2 all segfault and all 3 of them to this:
* CosmoHill waves at the sunday lurkers16:17
vgrade\o CosmoHill16:20
vgradeOrokuSaki: strace might give you some more pointers16:21
OrokuSakithanks! give it a shot.. should I need to compile in the compat folder while building android? I don't know if that is required..16:22
OrokuSakifor test_sf I know it is needed16:22
CosmoHillhow are you vgrade ?16:22
vgradeCosmoHill: I'm good, you? I see reading blew the playoff spots16:23
CosmoHillyeah that sucks but we're at / towards the top of the table16:23
CosmoHillwith a new manager and players it's prob best to spend another year in the championships16:23
vgradeOrokuSaki: important to get the right headers to buld against which match your device16:23
OrokuSakiThanks.. yeah I ran the and moved them over...16:24
vgradeCosmoHill: don't know what our season will bring.  Another manager, another owner, another financial crisis probably16:24
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vgradeOrokuSaki: which CM version are you on16:36
OrokuSaki10.2... I took a kitkat rom and downgraded it to 10.2 so I could use it with libhybris... the rom itself seems to work okay...16:37
OrokuSakiWhen I downgraded it to 10.1 I had different problems... when I ran test_glesv2 it would run, but nothing ever appeared on the screen16:38
OrokuSakiExcept in console you would see the OpenGL qcom stuff... the version and all that... like it runs with 2.616:39
OrokuSakiUsed Evervolv's sources... and compiled with cm10.2 as a source, but wiped out the hp folders and moved in the ones from EverVolv kitkat..16:41
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OrokuSakiWith the 10.1 rom, the graphics are not as smooth as the 10.2 one.. with the 3.4 kernel.... don't know why16:42
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vgradeOrokuSaki: ok, I think its important to get android source tree, android device repos matched with on device bins16:44
OrokuSakithe vendor folder and the prebuilt stuff?16:47
OrokuSaki@vgrade the qcom proprietary stuff? thanks!16:48
vgradeOrokuSaki: all should be matching.16:49
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OrokuSakiCan't wait for the libhybris kitkat stuff to be released! =)16:52
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CosmoHillstephg, vgrade
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vgradeCosmoHill: very consistent times17:06
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CosmoHillthank you :)17:08
CosmoHillfirst run was "oh shit" grab first and boot it17:08
CosmoHillI'm surprised the subaru and I were that close in speed17:14
vgradethats one ugly car17:38
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CosmoHillvgrade: what one?19:01
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CosmoHillblack or light blue?19:06
CosmoHillI never liked the light blue one until I saw that, it looks amazing19:06
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vgradeblack one19:23
CosmoHillapart from the front lights I like it19:23
* CosmoHill makes a note that it's faster to copy something to a SD card with a SD reader than via USB to the camera(s)19:32
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CosmoHillnight night21:54
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