Saturday, 2014-04-12

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situAny suggestions how to fix ?08:52
Stskeepsmake a bigger partition08:53
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situStskeeps: doesn't work09:14
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situStskeeps: I was getting this error when I was trying build image on Mer VM (which comes with Sailfish SDK). I don't get this error if I try to create an image through local installation of Mer.09:50
Stskeepsi would avoid that09:51
Stskeepsie sailfish sdk for that09:52
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lbtmy google-fu is lacking ... I'm looking for a modern set of Qt5 gdb macros like kdesdk/scripts/kde-devel-gdb  - anyone have any pointers?10:42
lbtw00t: ^ ?10:44
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situlbt: Can you confirm me that is not starting a comment at the end of line ? You have added a /* here.11:50
* lbt looks11:51
lbtthat's a shell command operating on all files in the tmp/units/ directory11:52
situOk, I just wanted to confirm that this won't begin a comment in .spec file.11:53
lbtno, spec uses #11:53
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situWhat is the correct way to debug init relate problems ? My system execs init and I don't know what happens afterwards.14:23
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Shingetsuhello there! anyone alive?21:52
lbtShingetsu: yes21:58
lbtbut that's kinda lucky at this time on a saturday night :)21:58
ShingetsuI'm considering porting SailfishOS to my phone (HTC Incredible S) since no such development has happened yet21:58
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ShingetsuI have no experience working with phones.21:58
ShingetsuThe good news is that I'm a *nix and C/C++ specialist21:58
Shingetsu(also in software architecture)21:58
Shingetsucould you point me to resources considering I literally have no idea how phones/their linux mods work?21:59
lbtwhat are you trying to do ?22:00
tbrget cm10.1 working, then wait for the platform adaptation kit22:00
Shingetsutbr, cm10.1 is long since working (and more)22:00
* tbr goes to bed22:00
Shingetsuthe issue is that the device is legacy22:00
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ShingetsuI HIGHLY doubt anyone will even remotely remember it22:01
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Shingetsulbt, trying to port sailfish (based on mer, they said to come here) to my device, quite simply22:01
lbtyeah - missed that line :)22:01
lbtok - get the platform SDK setup and working22:02
Shingetsumer's SDK, right?22:02
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Shingetsulbt, already there c:22:03
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lbtfollow that stuff through and then follow on with the SB2 side22:05
ShingetsuI'll be back in a bit22:05
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Shingetsulbt, so I have the SDK installed, what should I do in the chroot (which arm version do I zypper?_22:31
lbtdid you follow on to the SB2 page?22:32
Shingetsuthis page, right?22:33
Shingetsuthat requires me to install an SB2 pattern, which arm version should I use?22:34
Shingetsu(is it -march 'ed aka incompatible with older?)22:34
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lbtoh yes - depends on your device22:35
ShingetsuIncredible S22:35
lbtsorry - multitasking :)22:35
Shingetsuruns Qualcomm MSM8255 Snapdragon22:35
* lbt not a HW encyclopedia guy :)22:35
Shingetsuso ARMv722:35
Shingetsubut not sure which one22:36
Shingetsu7hl seems to be preinstalled tho22:36
lbthonestly don't know which22:36
lbtit's fairly simple to swap though22:36
ShingetsuI'll try with the default, I guess22:36
lbtthe main thing is that I don't think SFOS is released in any other flavour22:37
lbtso if it's not 7hl I think you're out of luck for SFOS at the moment22:37
lbtof course Mer will let you build anything else for it :)22:38
Shingetsuwell I'm pretty sure it's compatible with 7hl22:39
Shingetsuit might be legacy, but it is a snapdragon22:39
lbtok - use that then22:39
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Shingetsulbt, ok, I have SB2 all set up22:57
Shingetsu(glib-devel was already installed though :O )22:57
lbtwas it now...22:59
lbtannoying - it's a nice example of why you need devel libs in the target22:59
lbtI'm due to review those docs soon though - ty for mentioning that22:59
lbthas a couple of ths sfos targets .... but then we're moving on to #sailfishos stuff23:01
Shingetsulbt, the issue is that my device will definitely never become a new target unless someone (e.g.) me does it23:01
lbtsure - we're working on some docs to aid in that23:01
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Shingetsumoreover, from what I saw on their info,23:02
ShingetsuTHEIR SDK is there to compile apps _for_ their platform23:02
lbtwho's ?23:02
lbtHTC ?23:02
Shingetsu(no, sailfish's)23:02
ShingetsuI highly doubt that SFOS (or even mer) is truly hardware-agnostic23:03
lbtit's not :)23:03
lbtthere has to be a HAL23:03
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lbtand that's based on libhybris23:03
Shingetsuthat makes sence23:04
lbtthat in turn uses the CM10.1 (for now) layer23:04
lbtso that gives glibc API to the blob stuff23:04
lbtand then you need to hack around that a little to make it work23:05
lbtoften it 'just works'23:05
Shingetsulbt, I finally found the info, my CPU is a v7 rev 2 (so v7l)23:05
Shingetsubut it runs CM just fine23:05
ShingetsuI'm currently on CM 11-2014-02-1423:05
lbtyeah - but there's no 7l build of SFOS23:05
lbtyou could run Nemo23:06
Shingetsu(I heard Nemo is similar, actually)23:06
lbtvery much so23:06
lbtthe problem however is that nemo has less of a UI at the moment (but it's 100% open)23:06
Shingetsuoh that's nice23:06
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* Shingetsu used to do some contributions to arch and might become a gentoo dev later if she has more free time23:07
lbtyes - and the closed bits of SFOS are very mainly UI23:07
ShingetsuI'd go for Nemo tbh, but that still leaves the question of porting23:07
Shingetsumy device is _very_ legacy23:07
lbtMer builds for 7l23:07
Shingetsulbt, I noticed23:08
Shingetsu7l is fully succeeded23:10
lbtyep - won't be as smooth a ride though23:11
Shingetsulbt, my device officially supports android 2.2 max23:12
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Shingetsuwhat is a smooth ride anyway?23:12
lbtyou may want to grab a nexus4 to have a supported device to use as a reference23:12
Shingetsulbt, I'm kinda poor XD23:13
lbtbut yeah23:13
ShingetsuI'm getting a new phone when it's time to switch this one23:13
lbtwe should find out what the lowest cost device we (they/sfa) support is23:14
lbtjust to have as a data point23:14
lbtwhere are you based btw ?23:14
ShingetsuMontreal :323:14
Shingetsuand I really don't want to go out and get a new phone for this23:15
Shingetsumore of a moral thing23:15
lbtsure - worth mentioning in case you did23:15
Shingetsuwhen I DO get a new phone, it's because this one is obsolete for me23:15
Shingetsu^^ np23:15
* lbt is working on the nook colour for now23:15
Shingetsulbt, funny error: trying to switch over to 7l23:15
Shingetsuand getting a strange error23:15
Shingetsusudo: effective uid is not 0, is sudo installed setuid root?23:16
Shingetsunow the interesting thing is, sudo works fine out of chroot23:16
lbtso the whole thing should be very isolated23:16
ShingetsuI'll probably just reinstall the sdk23:16
lbtwhich means removing everything and reinstalling is easy23:16
Shingetsuit's not that hard23:16
Shingetsulbt, I'll probably just dd the drive23:16
lbtyeah - and when you spot the error you'll remember it23:17
lbtprobably chown on the target or something23:17
Shingetsulbt, I did chown to USER on the target23:17
lbtit's reasonably well documented but it's possible it's out of date or there are errors due to code change23:17
lbtso if it persists let me know23:18
* Shingetsu initially installed it all in $HOME/Documents/MER23:20
Shingetsuok let's not23:20
* merlin1991 remembers the docs being a bit missleading about what one can do with paths and what not23:22
lbt$HOME/mer or /srv/mer are the common ones23:22
Shingetsulbt, it worked fine23:22
lbtI've started to use $MER_ROOT to refer to that base23:22
Shingetsutired of modding the paths when I ctrl paste23:23
lbtthen under /srv/mer you have .... sdks/  targets/  android/23:23
lbtunder sdks/ is the (main) sdk and possibly more (ubuntu for droid building)23:24
lbtthe targets have multiple device targets23:24
lbtand android has various droid tree things23:24
lbtyeah - we use an old ubuntu chroot to build CM23:25
lbtall this, and more, will become clear on next week's episode of ... SOAP^H^H^H^H HADK23:25
merlin1991err what?23:27
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merlin1991also fun fact, on my setup I have the /srv/mer ... mer platform sdk, but a sailfish sb2 target in ~/jolla/something23:27
lbtyou can do anything ... but you'll have to adjust the docs23:28
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lbtok - time to sleep23:46
lbtg'night all23:46
merlin1991gn lbt23:48
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