Monday, 2014-01-20

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UninstallStskeeps: is the ssl certificate for expired?09:34
Uninstall(good morning)09:34
Stskeepsi just see it as untrusted09:35
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UninstallStskeeps: by the way  git clone ssh:// doesn't work for me09:41
Uninstallit just hangs09:41
Stskeepsi'll kick it09:41
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UninstallStskeeps: ping me when it is fixed09:52
Stskeepswas restarted09:52
Uninstalllet me retry09:58
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UninstallStskeeps: still not working10:04
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Uninstallno :/10:09
Stskeepsthen i'm not sure10:10
Stskeepsshould work10:10
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UninstallStskeeps: do you mind to try to clone cmake?10:23
StskeepsResolving deltas: 100% (13/13), done.10:23
StskeepsMerSDK cvm@Ubuntu-1204-precise-64-minimal:~$10:24
Uninstallis it ok this command: git clone ssh:// ?10:24
Uninstall"Enter passphrase for key '/home/davide/.ssh/id_rsa':"10:25
Uninstalland it hangs10:25
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stephgUninstall can you telnet 2210:35
stephgit's open here10:35
stephgoh yeah10:36
stephgit's open here10:36
stephgso if it no work for you is a notwork thing10:36
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diego_rHi everybody. Curiosity quesiton. Is Jolla Phone using libhybris or native Wayland driver?11:14
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alteregodiego_r: it uses libhybris11:26
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diego_ralterego: thanks. So still no chip vendor willing to collaborate on open drivers.11:29
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AL13N_lappyis Dario Freddi here sometimes? i got a review for , but i think he's overlooking the fact that this is about tmpfiles (ie: the /run is tmpfs)11:51
w00tdrf__: ^11:52
drf__AL13N_lappy: hello11:52
AL13N_lappyi replied to your comments in the review11:53
drf__AL13N_lappy: you're right, I didn't realize that11:53
drf__AL13N_lappy: I did an auto s/run/var in my head, sorry11:53
AL13N_lappystill, there probably can be improvement someplace11:53
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AL13N_lappylemme know how to handle all of that and the rest and i'll redo the commit11:53
drf__AL13N_lappy: maybe you didn't hit "review"? because I do not see your replies11:54
* AL13N_lappy is actually a mageia packager11:54
AL13N_lappy(but as it's likely obvious, i'm new to #mer or whatnot, but this is cause i bought a jolla)11:54
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AL13N_lappydrf__: ok i think i published it now11:58
drf__AL13N_lappy: yep, thx :) will look at it now11:59
drf__AL13N_lappy: you're indeed right about the approach12:00
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drf__AL13N_lappy: it's a ship it for me if you fix the _unitdir thing, sorry for overlooking12:00
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AL13N_lappyi'll do it tonight when i'm home, (that's where my ssh keys are)12:01
drf__awesome, and thanks for the patch!12:01
AL13N_lappywell, this is because i want that on my jolla :-)12:02
AL13N_lappywell, i have it now, but that's all just manual stuff12:03
alteregodiego_r: I don't think a lot will change there :)12:03
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AL13N_lappydrf__: as you can imagine the systemd service file is based on the Mageia one :-)12:06
drf__AL13N_lappy: I somehow figured that out :)12:06
diego_ralterego: some forces are already poking chip makers here and there. I have hope.;12:06
diego_rsmall efforts, but everything started as a "small thing" at the beginning.12:07
diego_rremember Torvalds Linux announcement?12:08
alteregodiego_r: still, people have been complaining about this for a very long time. And not a lot of progress has been made from what I can see :)12:09
diego_ralterego: on the ARM side of things this is true, but on the x86 side, the progress is clear, especially on the Intel and AMD side of things.12:12
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alteregoSure, though I have heard nVidia are getting a bit more open too.12:17
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diego_ralterego: that doesn't mean it didn't happen:
AL13N_lappydrf__: i committed, but this time i also chgrp'd it to openvpn (just like in the tmpfiles dir)12:19
drf__AL13N_lappy: ++, already gave my +1, now let's wait for the others to come over :) thanks!12:21
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AL13N_lappynp, thanks!12:23
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lbtAL13N_lappy: ping13:42
*** mikhas has quit IRC13:43
lbtcould you modify it to BuildRequire: systemd13:43
lbtand then use the systemd macros13:43
AL13N_lappyah, that would indeed be better13:43
lbtgerrit uses openid and my provider is down :/13:43
AL13N_lappyi want a different openid provider than google :-(13:44
AL13N_lappylbt: why cant oauth2 be used as openid provider?13:44
lbtyeah - I used openid13:44
lbthonestly it's not an area I know much about13:45
AL13N_lappythen i could use the jolla account13:45
AL13N_lappyah well13:45
*** sahumada has joined #mer13:45
lbtfor Mer we will be moving to our own ldap service :)13:45
AL13N_lappythat's better13:45
lbtwhich is what we use everywhere else except gerrit13:45
AL13N_lappylbt: i assume the yaml file needs the pkgBR too?13:46
lbtyes - I can't casually think of a reference package13:46
lbttry connman13:46
AL13N_lappypulseaudio has systemd too13:46
lbtconnman is bad13:47
lbtso is pa13:48
lbtso is ofono13:49
AL13N_lappywhich packages actually provides the macros?13:49
AL13N_lappysystemd itself?13:49
AL13N_lappynot systemd-devel or something similar?13:50
lbtcorrect - it's actually pretty tiny13:50
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC13:50
AL13N_lappyevery distro has really their own ways...13:51
AL13N_lappyi did a new patchset13:52
lbtty - ^^ that format should be correct13:52
lbtworth testing though :)13:52
AL13N_lappylemme know if something else is required, ok?13:53
lbtah - I meant the BR is to use ^^ macros in the spec13:55
*** useretail has quit IRC13:55
lbtalso line 143 won't work13:55
AL13N_lappywhat is ^^ macros?13:56
lbt /run is/can be a tmpfs13:56
AL13N_lappyi have a tmpfiles.d/openvpn.conf file13:56
AL13N_lappylbt: no?13:56
lbtwhat's tmpfiles.d/ ?13:57
AL13N_lappythe systemd things for making dirs in /run/ ?13:58
AL13N_lappylbt: check screen package for comparison13:58
lbtso ... why do you mkdir in /run in the %post ?13:59
lbtshouldn't reload resolve anything there13:59
lbtnb ^^^ macros meant the ones here:
VDVsxStskeeps, mer still has qt4 builds ?14:02
AL13N_lappylbt: afaik only rebooting makes this directory14:03
StskeepsVDVsx: yes, for while being14:03
StskeepsKDE and such14:03
AL13N_lappylbt: ah, you mean the requirements for the post section and such14:03
lbtAL13N_lappy: yes14:04
VDVsxStskeeps, ok, w00t proposed a patch to remove qt4 support from qmf upstream, but I guess this does not impact anymore, since qmf is in nemomobile-packages now14:05
AL13N_lappylbt: do you have the same preset system in mer?14:05
lbtit helps with repackaging if daemon policy changes14:05
StskeepsVDVsx: ok14:05
AL13N_lappylbt: cause it's not meant to be enabled14:05
AL13N_lappyok then, i'll make the modifications tonight14:05
lbtit should work either way14:06
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lbtif there are no configs then an enabled service should just be quiet and probably stop nicely14:07
*** Bricker has joined #mer14:07
AL13N_lappyyes,but, if you guys don't have the preset system, the service would be enabled with these macros14:07
AL13N_lappywhich is not something that should be14:07
*** andre__ has quit IRC14:09
lbtwe should have preset - and systemd will be updated any day now too :)14:11
*** useretail has joined #mer14:12
lbtand I'd argue that it should follow the same policy approach as all daemons14:12
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC14:12
*** Bricker has quit IRC14:12
lbtfwiw sailfish would probably remove this anyhow14:12
lbtin fact ... hmmm ... given we have connman in core should we package openvpn systemd into an openvpn-systemd package ?14:13
lbtStskeeps: ^^ I think that'd make sense since connman is also an openvpn controller14:13
AL13N_lappyis this necessary? it doesn't conflict14:15
AL13N_lappybesides, i'm working on an app UI for systemd14:16
AL13N_lappybesides, if you have connman, why not have connmancli ? (or cmc or whatever it's called) ?14:17
lbtwell, it's not hard to make it another package inside the spec/yaml14:17
lbtnb  ... I don't know the answer14:17
lbthowever if connman and openvpn both use the same conf files then yes, it's needed14:18
lbtif connman uses its own then it's probably not needed14:18
AL13N_lappylbt: at the very least they'll have different location14:19
AL13N_lappythere's the connman-vpn/ directory14:19
lbtyes - but I don't know if it references a vpn conf setup - which is what NM does iirc14:19
* AL13N_lappy doesn't like NM14:21
AL13N_lappyhopefully connman is better14:21
lbtdon't hold your breath...14:21
AL13N_lappyi should learn more about it14:21
lbtyeah - me too ... in all my spare time14:21
AL13N_lappynot enough time14:22
lbthonestly though - I think it's better to discuss and solve these problems properly14:22
lbtI'd say it was more robust to make an openvpn-systemd package and if we find later that there's no conflict then merge them14:23
*** Jucato has quit IRC14:26
AL13N_lappyi'd say it's better to find out if connman actually has different vpn dir without reference and not make stuff needlessly complex14:27
AL13N_lappyit seems that people don't use connman vpn now anyway, since we don't have an idea14:27
lbtagreed - if you want to do that research that's fine :)14:32
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*** Venemo has quit IRC15:05
AL13N_lappylbt: nice one... though if there's one thing i would want from connman is that it would get my DNS even if i'm on IPv6 only15:10
AL13N_lappyand also not to have packet loss and duplicated traffic in my wlan15:10
AL13N_lappybut that's gonna be firmware bug, likely15:10
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merlin1991hm there is can I link this somehow into my home project, so that I can depend on the packges in there?16:11
*** shentey_ has joined #mer16:11
*** useretail has quit IRC16:15
tbrmerlin1991: yeah, but I think you need to edit the xml directly to add it as a secondary source16:16
*** pocek_ has joined #mer16:16
* tbr tries to remember if any of his packages have that16:16
*** pocek has quit IRC16:19
Venemodo we have a minimal mer image for Raspberry Pi?16:21
alteregoVenemo: there's a .ks16:21
Venemoalterego: great :)16:22
Venemoalterego: where is it?16:22
Venemothanks alterego16:23
VenemoI don't remember, can I install the Mer SDK under /home?16:24
alteregoNo, goes under /opt/sdks, or you could use VM16:24
*** raignarok has quit IRC16:27
*** raignarok has joined #mer16:33
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*** simbrown has joined #mer16:34
Venemoalterego: I'm better off with /opt than a VM :)16:35
alteregoWell, that's how I roll too :P16:36
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC16:42
merlin1991my mersk is in /home16:42
*** IgorSK has quit IRC16:43
sledges /srv ( from )16:43
*** simbrown has quit IRC16:45
*** simbrown has joined #mer16:45
*** NIN101 has joined #mer16:46
*** FlameReaper has joined #mer16:49
Venemomerlin1991: and you still live?16:50
sledgesnot straightforward, but with some symlink magic or mount --bind should be ok16:54
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Stskeepsok, will get on it tomorrow18:38
*** javispedro has quit IRC18:40
UninstallStskeeps:,1652 <-- this one is getting old but it is still good ;)18:40
Stskeepsreally a bit unsure of that one, doesn't it use AUXV in libpng to detect neon?18:40
UninstallStskeeps: well, previous spec has been enabling neon on every ARM cpu18:42
Uninstallthis should be better than the previous one ;)18:42
Stskeepsthat's okay, if it autodetects18:42
*** onurati has joined #mer18:43
Stskeepsthat's fine though, it uses auxv to see if NEON can be used, else it doesn't use it?18:46
*** AL13N has joined #mer18:47
Uninstall   FILE *f = fopen("/proc/self/auxv", "r"); <-- #ifdef PNG_ARM_NEON18:47
*** sletta has joined #mer18:47
Uninstall@PNG_ARM_NEON_TRUE@am__append_1 = arm/filter_neon.S18:48
Stskeepsyes, i get that, and on armv7hl arm/filter_neon.S is built18:48
Stskeepsif you see the build log18:48
Stskeepsthat's perfectly fine, as long as it doesn't execute unless it's on a device with factual NEON18:48
UninstallI think that this gets built everywhere, but it shouldn't hur18:48
AL13Nlbt: i remember now why i didn't use the snippets... it's because it's a openvpn@.service ... it cannot be started and stopped like this, i'd have to make a instead18:49
AL13Nyou do "systemctl start openvpn@config.service"18:49
AL13Neven though the file is called openvpn@.service18:49
StskeepsUninstall: as in, i don't see the harm of it enabled for armv7hl/armv7l18:49
UninstallStskeeps: should I add it and keep out armv6l that doesn't have it for sure?18:50
Stskeepsthat's okay, but not harmful strictly speaking on armv6l18:51
UninstallStskeeps:,sidebyside,1657,1,libpng.spec ;)18:53
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UninstallI don't have any preference about merging it or not ;)18:54
UninstallStskeeps: any news about problems with new glibc?18:58
Uninstallany task I can do?18:58
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