Saturday, 2014-01-11

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situWhich build targets should I select for building for Jolla phone ?06:40
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situlbt: I couldn't find this build target on  mer project website. Is it still supported ?10:36
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lbtsitu: it's still there - as is
situlbt: I don't see it in Add Repository page of my project.11:20
lbtgood point11:23
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situlbt: How would it work ?11:30
lbtwait a bit11:31
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tbrsitu: meta section of your project:
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situtbr: Thanks. I copied the repository tag in my project's meta section. It seems to work.11:49
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* lbt added it to the "Add repositories" page too11:49
lbttbr: so if you go to your home project and click Add Repositories it should be there11:50
situlbt: Thanks man. Should be easier for me next time :)11:50
situI confirm it's there.11:51
lbtOBS is a bit of a pita - you then have to modify the 'architecture' setting to armv8el11:51
lbtthe page doesn't do that in the current (old) version11:51
situlbt: Stuck at this  Project ERROR: Package mlite5 not found11:53
situit works while building using QtCreator.11:54
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situOk I think I need to fix my spec file to specify mlite5 as a dependency.11:58
tbrOBS is good at digging out dependencies11:58
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lbtsitu: what tbr said :)12:06
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lbthowever ... this may cause issues with harbour12:06
lbtmy guess is that something else *should* depend on mlite512:07
tbryeah, someone discovered the other day that harbour and OBS seem to be orthogonal12:07
lbtwe should be able to add 'harbour-devel' or something though12:09
lbtwhich in turn depends on all the stuff in harbour api ... it'll be like scratchbox all over again :D12:09
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CosmoHillhi rcg21:09
rcghey CosmoHill21:09
rcgping fk_lx21:09
rcgping w00t21:09
rcgCosmoHill, how is it going?21:09
CosmoHillstill got a cold but okay. a guy on irc is seeing if he can ship over a sparc computer t me21:09
rcgaye ic21:10
rcga sparc, nice :)21:10
CosmoHillfor CLFS work21:10
CosmoHillCross Linux From Scratch21:10
rcgah ic :)21:11
CosmoHillbuilding linux on weird architexturs21:11
rcghehe, indeed :)21:12
rcgreminds me of my times fiddling with sgi21:12
rcgand bsd and linux21:12
CosmoHillif you can't run windows on it I'm interested21:14
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CosmoHillalso i think it's one of the crazy ones with 32 or 64 threads21:44
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fk_lxrcg: what's up?21:48
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rcgfk_lx, a colleague might be doing something like a computer science summer camp at our university21:58
rcgsomething along these lines: 1 week, open for everyone interested, organized by the faculty, during summer break, hacking all day, social events in the evening21:59
rcgi recalled that i read that you organized some conferences or bigger meetups and just want to ask if you have experience with respect to something like the thing sketched above as well22:00
rcghe is in the conceptual phase right now. when we had a brain storm i had the very rough idea that i might offer something like "mobile coding aside android and ios"22:01
rcgi.e., primarily targeting mer-based platforms, nemomobile or plasmaactive22:02
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rcgwe already have some resources that may be handy there like some nexus7 and raspberry pi and may even get some more for such an event22:04
rcgbut i am not at all aware of the workload i'd have to estimate for such an event22:04
rcgand of course, i appreciate all other hints and suggestions i can get :)22:05
fk_lxI never done any big event with university22:08
fk_lxI mostly doing events through association or as a company22:08
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rcgaye, i see22:10
fk_lxuniversity organized events had their own specific and probably a lot of dealing with bureaucracy of university22:10
fk_lxgetting permissions etc.22:11
rcgwell, this kind of event is also primarily targeted at students or people in general who want to learn more about computer science22:11
rcgfk_lx, yeah, we are already at this. my colleague is employed at the faculty specifically for teaching. i am just employed in research projects btw. ;)22:11
rcgpersonally, i am not quite sure if i should offer such a "track" as my main concern is the workload22:12
rcgsuch an endeavor would be pretty much orthogonal to my other tasks and duties22:12
fk_lxwell if it is supposed to last a week then probably it requires a lot of work22:13
rcgbut, as i am pretty interested and enthusiastic in mobile open source stuff, i am still motivated to something like that22:13
fk_lxdon't know what is your plan regarding accomodation of people - taking care of that, or let them care of that22:13
fk_lxwho do you want to reach22:13
fk_lxprobably some website is needed or using existing one from university22:14
rcgprimarily, we want to reach computer science students who are studying in our university22:14
rcgso, accommodation shouldn't be an issue as we assume that all participant live "nearby"22:14
rcgyeah, that's a good point22:15
fk_lxso it seems rather easy task from organizational point of view22:15
fk_lxI mean from the level of getting place for those activities etc.22:16
fk_lxSo probably the most work is preparing content in terms of what they should do, how to introduce them etc.22:16
rcgrooms are free during the lecture free time anyhow22:16
rcgi also think that the biggest tasks (at least for me) would be content-wise22:17
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rcgso my plan would be to: 1) let them install the sailfish/mer/nemomobile sdk on their personal laptops or on computers provided by the university22:18
rcg2) install either nemomobile or plasma active on the devices (nexus7, raspberry pi) we have22:19
rcg3) give a short intro to qml and qt and show them how to deploy stuff on the devices22:19
rcgand from there we could go into different directions, depending on what people are interested in22:20
fk_lxI think 1, 2, 3 covers half a week22:20
fk_lxand about qml and qt you can talk endlessly22:21
rcgso, e.g., one possible route would be to let them fork some nemomobile projects on github and let them hack on that and see if there are bits that can be pushed upstream22:21
rcgimho, the cool thing of something like that would be that they can hack on real devices instead of just sitting in lectures and learning theoretical stuff22:22
rcgalso, the whole scope would be pretty informal compared to normal lecture activity22:22
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rcgfk_lx, also the plan is to not have this in a lecture-like way but rather more freely22:24
rcgi.e., we would also have to deal with a wide variety of background with respect to knowledge and coding skills22:25
fk_lxkeep in mind that average student probably never heard about nemo, their knowledge might vary22:25
fk_lxyeah, that's what I thought at the same moment ;-)22:25
fk_lxwell I think you should first think who would be the main target22:26
fk_lxyou said your university students22:26
rcgmy current vision is that we can have something like an open work group or lab where people, once the whole kicked-off (i.e. 1,2,3) work more or less on their own22:26
rcgi.e., work in groups supporting each other with "us" as faculty personnel trying to be available for hints and questions all the time22:27
fk_lxso you plan something more long term?22:27
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fk_lxI mean that the summer camp is only first step to creating some more permanent group?22:28
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rcgfirst, we just want to have that camp for a week22:30
rcgsay 5 week days22:30
rcgit's just that the event should be the whole day during this week22:31
rcgmy colleague also thinks about some sponsoring for maybe beverages or things like that22:31
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rcgbtw. do you think it would make sense to ask for more input on something like the mer or sailfish mailinglist?22:34
rcgif i recall correctly, someone else did or at least discussed something similar last year22:35
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rcgfk_lx, thanks a lot for the input so far. my colleague and me will try to digest that and think about the next steps :)22:38
*** raignarok has joined #mer22:38
fk_lxI don't have an idea22:48
fk_lxthis year I'm doing SailfishCon22:48
fk_lxI hope it won't overlap with your summer camp22:48
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fk_lxrcg: just saying that it will be probably in first weekend of July22:50
rcgfk_lx, cool, SailfishCon sounds great :)22:50
fk_lxrcg: there is a post on together about that22:50
rcgwell, i don't think that an overlap would be an issue :)22:51
rcgwe are really really small22:51
rcgand a rather local event ;)22:51
fk_lxrcg: well I don't know what will be size of SailfishCon, but I don't expect it to be huge event22:52
fk_lxrcg: most of developers are mainly hobbysts or students22:52
fk_lxrcg: I mean app developers22:52
rcgfk_lx, aye, i wish you success with the event anyhow :)22:52
fk_lxrcg: that's also the reason why it's gonna happen on weekend22:53
rcgyeah, i know, i also asked about this on the mailing list yesterday :)22:53
rcgfk_lx, ^ Wonko is my nick at tmo ;)22:53
fk_lxI'm worried that there is not much new people22:54
fk_lxmost of people doing some apps, are the ones that were from meego/maemo communities22:55
fk_lxand almost nothing is done to attract completely new people22:55
rcghmm, yeah22:55
rcghmm.. well, i dunno about that22:55
fk_lxin my opinion is completely wrong as it will mean aging community22:55
fk_lxand young ambitious people will be attracted by other OSes, for example Ubuntu22:56
rcgi wrote some e-mails the past days talking about my frustration wrt the "push to harbour experience"22:56
rcgi think attracting new people is essential22:56
rcgbut i am not enough into that to judge about the way new people are attracted to mer/sailfish/nemo22:57
fk_lxwell I'm talking about my observations I might be of course wrong22:58
rcgwell, feeling-wise i'd say you are not too wrong22:58
fk_lxbut I cannot see any important steps in that area22:58
rcgbut i dont have any hard numbers ;)22:58
fk_lxand when I talk with some people that could potentially do sth22:58
rcgpersonally, what i also like to improve is a bit of the social interconnection22:59
fk_lxI mean people that could potentially get involved22:59
rcgthat's why i started that thread at tmo22:59
fk_lxthey usually say that there is nothing attractive in Sailfish and it's a niche thing for Nokia fanboyts22:59
rcghmm, ic23:00
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fk_lxrcg: so I think it's good that you are doing sth at your univ. that may attract new people23:03
fk_lxrcg: btw. there was dolphinaric mailing list intended for discussing such things23:03
rcgfk_lx, it's still not sure if we'll do that or if I'll offer that "workshop"23:03
rcgright now, i want to get a good overview of the things that would need to be done in order to be able to make a good decision if should do that or not :)23:04
rcgah, cool, thanks :)23:06
rcgthe dolphinaric group at github looks very interesting :)23:07
fk_lxwell the whole project is kind of in refrigerator23:08
fk_lxif you want to pick it feel free23:09
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rcgyeah, i saw that the last changes were quite some time ago23:10
rcgbut that's good input for my "workload estimation function" :)23:10
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