Tuesday, 2013-12-24

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CosmoHillnight night01:59
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kaltsiAndy80: that .bashrc is in your user's home directory which is shared inside the mersdk..13:13
Andy80kaltsi: hi! yes, I discovered it yesterday... anyway (I don't know if you did read my message on the ML) the Mer SDK vm is not working properly on my OSX13:15
kaltsiAndy80: sorry did not read it yet13:15
kaltsistill about the bashrc.. if you add this to the first line in your .bashrc then it won't be sourced when starting a non-interactive shell like qt creator tries to13:16
kaltsi[ -z "$PS1" ] && return13:16
kaltsiAndy80: about your mail.. is the mersdk icon in qt creator red or green or gray when you get that error?13:17
Andy80kaltsi: thanks, I will try it. The virtualenv problem was fixed with that [ -f filename...] && command.... at least that :)13:18
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Andy80kaltsi: it depends... it's a bit random13:18
kaltsiAndy80: I've got a mac with mavericks and vbox 4.3, and I noticed it's sometimes very slow to start up the mersdk virtual machine13:18
Andy80at the beginning is green. I press the button and it becomes gray, then red. At that point (when it's red) I start the deploy, then I get that error that you see in the pastebin and then the icon become green again13:19
kaltsiok.. it should be red which means the connection should work :(13:19
kaltsihmm have you by chance installed the sdk more than once and into different directories?13:19
kaltsiinstalled/uninstalled/reinstalled that is13:20
Andy80no... just one. And done all the updates available from QtCreator13:21
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Andy80I can check again if there are others...13:21
kaltsithere should not be new ones.. did you install the "1312" version?13:21
kaltsithere's one update to qtcreator after the 1312 installer13:22
Andy80where do I see it?13:22
kaltsior what was the first installer you used?.. it was in the filename of the installer package13:22
Andy80I checked and checked again... I did the last one yesterday13:22
Andy80kaltsi: one moment I tell you the installer I used the first time...13:23
Andy80kaltsi: first time I used this SailfishOSSDK-Alpha-1310-Qt5-mac-offline.dmg13:24
kaltsiAndy80: ok.. many people had strange problems when upgrading from earlier installations to the latest.. could you try to do an uninstall and download the latest installer13:24
kaltsiit's not a guarantee that that works but it's helped others13:25
Andy80sure... but now a very newbie question (I'm quite new to Mac :D ) ehm... how do I unistall the old version :P ?13:25
kaltsisearch for SDKMaintenanceTool.app13:25
kaltsiwith spotlight for example.. i's also in the installation directory13:26
Andy80perfect... remove all components right?13:26
kaltsiand after it has done also remove this directory: ~/.config/SailfishAlpha313:26
Andy80(this SSD is amazing :P )13:26
kaltsihehe :)13:26
kaltsiyou will need to rm -rf that directory manually13:27
Andy80I still had alpha2/ too in the config13:27
Andy80I delete that one as well13:27
kaltsiyou can remove it too yes13:27
kaltsiand please check that your virtualbox manager does not see the MerSDK or SailfishOS Emulator machines anymore13:27
Andy80ok, downloading the new version now...13:28
Andy80let me check13:28
Andy80uhm.. it gives me an error when I start it13:28
kaltsihmm what does.?13:29
Andy80saying that one or more virtual disk are not accessible anymore...13:29
Andy80that's normal I think13:29
kaltsihmm do you have any virtual machines there?13:29
Andy80In the background I see Mer SDK (running) and Sailfish Emulator (off)13:29
Andy80do I manually delete both?13:30
kaltsiand you have not reinstalled yet?13:30
Andy80not yet13:30
Andy80still downloading...13:30
kaltsiok yes please remove those.. stop the mersdk if it complains something13:30
kaltsididn't the uninstaller complain anything?13:30
kaltsiit should have said that you still have these guys there13:31
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Andy80anyway only the vbox config was there... the vm disks were already deleted13:31
kaltsithis is less tested on osx, so maybe some osx specific issue13:31
kaltsiok.. but you've removed them now?13:31
Andy80both removed13:31
Andy80vbox is clean13:31
kaltsialso qtcreator is closed?13:32
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Andy80closed and not available... has been deleted by uninstaller13:33
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Andy80now it takes a bit of time to download the new installer :)13:33
kaltsihehe :)13:33
Andy80italian connection :P I think I will fight the time with some cakes :)13:33
kaltsithere's one thing that can be done to speed up the startup of the cirtual machines13:33
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kaltsionce you have reinstalled and started qtcreator (start it first before either virtual machine)13:34
kaltsinow you have qtc running, but no virtual machines yet.. open virtualbox manager and edit the 'storage' options for each machine13:35
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kaltsithere's "port count" setting, it may be "30" or something like that.. try setting it to '1' for each machine, one of them will only accept '2' but it's fine13:35
Andy80oh cool thanks13:36
kaltsithat setting is the number of SATA interfaces on the virtual machine, it takes about 10 seconds for the kernel to initialize 30 such interfaces13:36
kaltsiI hope this works for you.. if you have started the MerSDK and see that its icon is green, click the icon once to make qtc reconnect to it13:37
Andy80I will make the change before clicking on "Start SDK"13:38
kaltsithe icon colors are: green (not started), gray (starting), red (running) and qtc will try to ping it to figure out which state it is in.. sometimes it might get a timeout13:38
kaltsiyep that's a good time to make it13:38
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kaltsiok.. I've gotta move on to some christmas activities, good luck :)13:39
Andy80thanks again :)13:41
Andy80and enjoy your Christmas!13:42
winfrieddAndy80: if you didn't already, you can turn off 'start headless' for the merSDK virtual machine (in qtcreator -> options ->mer)13:44
winfrieddThat way you can see a bit better what is going on.13:44
Andy80winfriedd: oh perfect thanks!13:44
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Andy80kaltsi: it didn't work :(15:29
Andy80kaltsi: I mean... the SDK icon was red (running), I tried a deploy and after a while I got the same timeout error and the icon went back to green15:29
locusf_not at home at the moment15:30
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kaltsiAndy80: sorry to hear that.. all I can think is that could you add that little check into your .bashrc instead of the workaround you did earlier.. I missed the details about that19:41
Andy80kaltsi: you think there are other things that can conflict?19:42
kaltsiI'd try that.. I don't know what's in your bashrc19:43
kaltsithen after that we could try to build it without qtc if you want to try that.. just to debug more19:43
kaltsithe output in your pastebin all comes from the MerSDK virtual machine until the Project ERROR.. so something goes wrong when it starts checking for unpackaged files19:45
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kaltsione other thing you could try is to add SailfishSDK to your /etc/hosts .. in OSX.. you'd edit /etc/hosts and add line: SailfishSDK   ... that fixed a problem with someone else a long time ago, but I can't remember the details of that problem anymore19:52
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