Monday, 2013-12-09

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lbtso the guide does ask you to do some things in the web ui00:03
shmerlThe guide kind of starts with the UI. And then assumes you made the test package through it.00:03
lbtthey can be done in cli but need xml editing so to keep it simple....00:03
shmerlLocal work already focuses on adding a patch.00:03
lbt suggests no mer subproj :)00:03
shmerlI made it a bit from the side. Just took your package and did "osc add"00:03
shmerlAh, that's the base location, so I need to make some subproject there first?00:04
lbtwell, it also gets you to make a package in the ui too00:04
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shmerlOK, I'll make a subproject first.00:05
lbtyeah ... let me know if the steps are outdated00:05
lbtbut it's late here so I'm off - leave highlights if you have questions/issues :)00:06
lbtM4rtinK may be able to help too00:06
shmerlSure, thanks.00:06
M4rtinKyeah, if I am adding a new package, I create it from the WUI00:08
M4rtinKthen co it00:08
M4rtinKadd files and commit them to OBS00:08
shmerlI see. Is there any clear way to do it without the UI?00:09
mikhasoh hey there, lbt! now that mer has *shipped* in a product … did you finally accomplish your mer-goals?00:09
shmerlI don't mind the UI though, just asking.00:09
mikhasjust curious about future motivations ;-)00:09
lbtmikhas: that's just one of the goals :)00:10
shmerlI see there is some mkpac option.00:10
lbtmikhas: "Make it easy for vendors to make devices"00:10
mikhasfrom a certain perspective, shipping a phone in ~2 years with a relatively small team is "easy enough"00:11
mikhaswe should catch up at FOSDEM, perhaps on the bus again ;-)00:12
M4rtinKshmerl: I would say you can dump the xml from an existing package00:12
lbtmikhas: I will be there00:12
M4rtinKshmerl: and use it as a template00:12
lbtmikhas: I need to do some work to present something00:12
M4rtinKBTW, if everything goes well, I'll be also going to FOSDEM :)00:13
lbtI'd like to get other aspects of the linux community a little more excited/aware00:13
M4rtinK11 hours by bus ! :D00:13
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lbtmikhas: I'll definitely consider it a major achievement when Tizen switches to Mer and/or Motorola ships a Mer device  (I'm not greedy, either will do)00:15
lbtok ...bed ... really o/00:16
shmerllbt: night00:17
mikhasM4rtinK, no train connection?00:17
mikhas11 hours by train are much nicer than 11 hours by bus …00:17
shmerlM4rtinK: Ah, you need an XML file to make a package? That example provides it I think.00:17
mikhas(did 10 hours from Budapest to Berlin this summer)00:17
shmerlAh, actually not.00:17
shmerlIt just has a yaml spec.00:17
mikhasM4rtinK, I even had a shower before getting off the train!00:18
M4rtinKmikhas: so many people from our company are going, so we are outright renting a full-size bus :)00:19
mikhasdoesn't that make FOSDEM feel like … work?00:19
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shmerlbtw, what version control does the OBS use?00:20
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M4rtinKmikhas: nah, I would be going regardless & this makes it convenient :)00:21
mikhasfairy snuff00:26
shmerlOK, osc mkpak just creates an empty directory with .osc metadata.00:26
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CosmoHillnight night00:38
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M4rtinKgood night :)00:50
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shmerlOK, when the package was created through the UI, adding files and changing stuff works OK.01:31
shmerlBut it didn't show any XML file when I checked it out.01:31
shmerlSo still not clear how to crate a package from scratch without the UI.01:31
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shmerlAh, I found some meatadata which looks like XML.01:33
shmerl(in the UI).01:33
shmerlIt's actually the same as _meta in the .osc01:34
shmerlThat's created by doing: osc mkpac too.01:34
shmerlAh, correction, mkac creates a bunch of files in .osc but not the _meta...01:37
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shmerlOK, it worked this way. First package can be crated with: osc mkpac hello02:05
shmerlThen add files, do osc add on them and osc ci in the end.02:05
shmerlTrying to change metadata with osc meta pkg -e before doing osc ci will cause a problem, with "package exists" error.02:06
shmerlAfter doing osc ci though you can go back and do osc meta pkg -e and change the title and description etc.02:06
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shmerlOK, seems like this is a good workflow (I can post that to the wiki as a draft, you can fix that later).02:11
shmerl1. Create a package "hello" with: osc mkpac hello02:11
shmerl2. Go to the package directory: cd hello02:11
shmerlno, actually don't. For step #2: don't go to the directory, just commit the new package from where you crated it: osc ci02:13
shmerl3. Go to the package directory (still no files added there) and change metadata: osc meta pkg -e02:13
shmerlAssign the title and whatever else needed.02:14
shmerl4. Then add files and etc. with osc add and then commit again.02:14
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shmerlUpdated the wiki:
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shalokshalomhi there ^^ I wish to buy a Improv and wish to now, how much RAM gets used from MerOS with the KDE SC on it please :D19:11
shalokshalomnow = know19:12
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artemmaCan you somehow generate a part of .yaml programmatically?19:49
artemmathinking about using same version/release strings in .yaml/.spec and .pro19:50
lbtmy design was "the yaml contains stuff the spec needs that the pro cannot provide"19:50
artemmaI am looking at these examples: ,
artemmaIt looks like you can define variable in .yaml, that can get used in .pro then. Correct?19:52
lbtthe yaml actually must have the content19:52
artemmaor is it the other way around?19:52
lbtbut it can be managed by QtCreator19:52
artemmasorry, I don't get it :/19:52
lbtso ... are you familiar with a spec file and rpms ?19:53
artemmathe final goal I guess is clear. I want to set version/release numbers once for .yaml/.spec and .pro. Ideally it is to be fetched from git tags19:53
artemmalbt: I get the idea of .yaml, .spec and know how to create sub packages there19:54
artemmaand specify reqs once I figure packages to use19:54
artemmabut that's about all my knowledge19:54
lbtjust checking19:54
artemmaas for .pro, I believe I am quite okay with it19:54
artemmalinking between .yaml and .pro via these QMakeOptions is unclear to me19:55
lbtso the pro file is used to make a makefile19:56
lbtthe makefile is used by the spec file to build the package19:56
lbtthe spec additionally needs metadata19:56
lbtsome of that can be replicated in the .pro19:56
artemmaah.. so it's processing of .spec that actually creates the final build19:56
artemmathen how are these QMakeOptions used then?19:57
lbtdon't forget - the primary goal of most of these tools is to make a full device/product19:57
lbtthe app side is a small subset19:57
lbtso we do need to reduce the visibility of the complex stuff19:58
lbtand streamline19:58
lbtin our normal build processes we actually use a tag on github to connect to our webhook API in Mer (or Jolla)19:58
artemmainteresting, that's pretty much what I want19:59
lbtthat triggers a git pull which then updates the packaging to do a build19:59
artemmaexcept that I want the same version string to be usable inside binary as well. E.g. for About dialog19:59
lbttell me ... how do I get the sha1 of a src file into the src file? :)20:01
artemmaso.. - VERSION=%{version} in .yaml defines a variable VERSION that becomes available to makefile (and therefore can get manipulated in .pro even though it doesn't exist at the .pro definition moment)20:02
artemmaI think I get that all these magic happens in the build time, just don't quite get the order20:02
lbtright ... so that goes into the build time stuff - the packaging20:03
artemmawho's the boss and who's dependent20:03
mikhaslbt is the boss20:03
lbtactually I'm not sure that was a good example - but let it slide for now :)20:03
artemmaBuilder is apprently called by whoever processes .spec (rpms process?)20:04
lbttoo many concurrent chats :)20:04
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artemmais this VERSION passed to makefile or fetched from makefile (for packaging ) then?20:04
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lbtuseless ADSL20:06
artemmasorry about it20:06
artemmais this VERSION passed to makefile or fetched from makefile (for packaging ) then?20:06
artemmaI guess it is passed to makefile, but I am not sure20:07
lbtthe approach I'd use is to pass it in via the packaging20:07
lbtso yes, via the makefile20:08
artemmaaha, and then from .pro I can pass it further to .cpp macros as if VERSION was defined in .pro (because during build initiated by rpms it will exist for sure)?20:08
lbtI would say that was the correct way20:10
artemmaokay, got it, that's pretty clever actually20:10
artemmaI'll probably make it a part of HelloWorld Pro for Sailfish as it seems to be quite good and independent on anything. Unless somebody smart does a pull request -
artemmalbt: then the only part left is how to get this version string from a git tag20:12
artemmaI think I (sort of) understand how to pull git tag into .pro (via calling the shell from QMake macros), but I don't get how to pass git tag to .yaml20:12
lbtdon't do that20:13
lbtthe pro may be running using a tarball snapshot20:13
Bostikartemma: if you autogenerate .changelog at source upload autocreation time, why not just add the output of git-describe there?20:13
Bostikthen, if $RPM_BUILD_ROOT is defined when buildilng, use that to get the location of the .changelog, and extract latest version20:13
artemmaBostik: I don't do automatic change logs and don't know how to do it, can learn though20:13
Bostikholy crap this network is laggy20:14
artemmaif it existed however, I still don't get how to pull it to .yaml20:14
StskeepsBostik: UK is like a third world country when it comes to connectivity isn't it20:14
* CosmoHill waves at Bostik, Stskeeps and lbt 20:14
BostikStskeeps: at least their mobile data is awful20:14
lbtartemma: as a first step I'd say hardcode the version into the yaml Version: field20:14
artemmalbt: do you mean that pulling git tag into .yaml is possible, but needs some mechanism not supported by some higher level packagers?20:15
artemmaI hardcode it now yes.20:15
lbtthe discussion above leads us to that as the best interim solution20:15
artemmahmm, I think for just an app that wouldn't matter, but for now I should be happy enough to specify version in a single place in .yaml only20:15
artemmaand pull requests with a reference solution is welcome too :)20:16
lbttypically users will commit the yaml into the same git as the source for 'apps'20:16
artemmaLooking at link stats at least dozens of developers are looking at that Helloworld Pro for Sailfish20:16
lbtvery often you see the version bump as the first thing post-tag20:16
BostikI need one full evening of NOTHING demanding my attention to sort out the network operator deals20:16
artemmayeah, I think at some point I should just create a that modifies .yaml and calls spectacle to reflect changes in .spec too20:17
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lbtspectacle runs automatically if the yaml is newer than the spec20:18
artemmaif I will really want to go full automatic, such script could be called from git hooks whenever a branch called release-whatever is created :)20:18
artemmalbt: only if you actually do generate the build :)20:18
artemmaI sometimes forget about it and commit version change when only .yaml is updated20:18
artemmalbt: thanks a lot, I think I understand things now20:19
lbtthen you should do better QA and test a build after *every* change - even the "nothing can go wrong" ones :D20:19
* artemma is actually into fullest possible automation and develops some things e.g. Flashlight in nearly complete TDD mode20:20
Bostiktriggering autobuilds for all commits is not such a bad idea, but you should probably dedicate a separate autobuild project for those20:20
artemmathat is one of the reasons why this step of non-automatic version string bugged me20:20
lbtartemma: FWIW we do a huge amount of automation20:20
artemmawe lousy developers need fullest possible automation net to protect from ourselves :)20:20
lbtcheck #mer-boss sometime20:20
artemmaContinuous Integration for my Jolla apps are not quite there yet though20:21
artemmawould be cool to do one day, but not sure if I ever actually do it20:21
lbtthey require too much rigor for most app devs20:21
artemmaI would love all tests to run on every Save, but automating it just for myself is a bit of a burden an I suppose Mer people do not optimize for a 3rd party single app developer20:22
artemmaand* I suppose20:23
Bostikwe actually have "build every push" at work, and if the build fails, bot shows what was the topmost commit (and who wrote it)20:23
lbtbuild every tag is the other approach20:24
artemmathat is super cool, but again I guess nobody even cares to make it single-click usable for a 3rd party app dev20:24
artemmaplus some of my tests need UI level as well20:24
lbtartemma: to make it valuable you need to do things like enforce changelog rules, link to bug trackers, tag naming schemes, automated builders20:25
lbtnon-OSS app devs won't want to use a build service (and MOBS is OSS only)20:25
*** amjad_ has quit IRC20:26
artemmaas all the other debs out there I care about my particular case mostly :)20:26
artemmaother devs*20:26
artemmaproblem is, it is unlikely to be mer's standard case :)20:26
artemmaif/when I do it for myself, I will probably got for purely local solution and building on every Save (to filesystem) rather then on every git commit20:27
*** Pat_o has quit IRC20:27
artemmabut that's mostly because even in a dream situation I'll get a couple of collaborators max20:27
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC20:28
lbtso the way to get more is to join other people, not have them join you :)20:29
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer20:30
artemmawell, so far I am just doing apps myself for fun + a friend who knows about UI20:31
artemmaonce there's a second contributing dev, CI on git hooks will start making way more sense20:32
artemmawith strong focus on unit tests (over UI level tests), I get dozens of tests running under a minute including packaging. That's fast enough for diligent test running from console to be good enough20:33
artemmafor a simple app of course20:34
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sledges is down :/22:24
CosmoHillsledges: is it mean to ask me for a user and password?22:28
sledgesCosmoHill: lbt thank you, was some temporary failure (my DNS?)22:29
lbtI was doing some work on it22:29
sledgesphew, so it wasn't the pill I took22:29
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