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AlphaX2I need some help00:17
AlphaX2I tried to build a Sailfish/Nemo image, I set up the VM as told here: and tried it with the ks file at but it results in this python related error:
vgradedid you try as root00:24
AlphaX2I'm logged in as root in VM and also added the sudo :-/00:25
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AlphaX2maybe something updated/changed on Jolla site? Because trying with yum as pkgmgr results in: Failed to find package 'pattern: jolla-core' : No package(s) available00:34
AlphaX2to install00:34
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evaryonthello #mer05:12
evaryontso I've been given notice by my parents that I have to stop mooching off their phone bill and I've wanted to play with Mer a lot, so what's the quickest way to get going with a Mer device?05:13
evaryontcurrently I have a galaxy nexus, which doesn't seem to have an port readily available05:14
evaryontpersonally, I'm hoping for some port that I've overlooked for a fairly easily purchased hardware so at least I could get started05:16
evaryontalso, that the port is complete enough to use it day-to-day05:17
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bef0rdmer is just a core, you are looking for something based on mer for your device05:21
bef0rdexample sailfish, or nemo05:21
evaryontI figured #mer would be a good place to ask about ports in general05:23
evaryont(also, are there any other Mer-based distributions than Nemo and Sailfish?)05:23
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evaryontseems like the best bet is to get a N950 and flash it05:25
evaryontor N905:26
bef0rdthere is Cordia, not sure if still being developed05:26
evaryontseems like it's stopped -
evaryontit would be pretty cool to see a port to a Lumia device, for giggles.05:29
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sledgesevaryont: we had seadot, and having plasma active12:54
sledgesbut thats currently more for other form factors12:55
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sledgeswe will have nemo/mer/sailfish porting tutorial to android devices soon12:55
sledgesvia libhybris12:56
sledgesyour gn should work too12:56
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pingu_sledges: will the tutorial be ready by christmas?13:04
pingu_on xda many people have been asking for a port of sailfish/nemo on their device, a porting tutorial would surely help them13:05
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sledgesi dont know13:13
sledgesStskeeps and thp advertised it13:14
sledgesdid you see the video?13:14
pingu_nope, what video?13:16
sledgesnemo on n7 via libhybris13:17
thppingu_: any questions in particular? or just generic porting tutorial?13:23
lbtPSA : there's an experimental target for sailfishos on Mer OBS.13:24
lbtsee for setup13:24
pingu_thp: a generic porting tutorial13:25
thppingu_: yeah, that will come eventually. if you try it yourself now and have concrete questions, feel free to ask here or in #libhybris13:27
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locusflbt: no ci support yet, eg webhook?13:30
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locusfoh ci is dead13:34
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locusfapparently not dead, just not working: ERROR: Need single spec file in rpm13:37
locusfor my setup is not working13:37
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lbtwebhook needs work before it can be opened up14:28
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sledgeslocusf: your rpm/ folder contains  only yaml14:28
sledgesrun specify14:28
sledgeslbt: Merbot still cute when mute? ;)14:29
lbtah :)14:30
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lbttbr: Merbot should be running with Notify enabled... any reason why it's not ?14:38
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lbtthe plugin dir was called notify; not Notify14:45
MerbotMerbot is alive\!14:47
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sledges:D wb Merbot15:14
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locusflbt: ok15:16
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lbtlocusf: hold on a sec15:27
lbtfixed it I hope15:29
lbtdid you update your project metadata?15:29
lbtor did my fix work15:29
locusfI didn't do either15:29
locusfso your fix worked :)15:29
lbtsee <path project="mer:mds2:Core:armv7hl:0.20130801.2" repository="Core_armv7hl"/>15:30
lbtthat's to add the cross tools15:30
lbtbut I've added them to the sailfish meta ... lets hope that works15:30
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locusfbuild failed, for unknown reason though15:31
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lbtok - you don't BR on libsailfishapp15:33
lbtand :  Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: concurrent15:33
lbtyou should PkgBR on QtConcurrent or something15:33
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lbtpkg-config --libs Qt5Concurrent15:34
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lbtshows that the pkg-config is that15:34
lbtI would like a way to say "Show me all the pkg-configs in XX repos so I can grep for the most likely" :)15:34
locusf-lQt5Concurrent -lQt5Core15:34
lbtyeah - that's just my personal way of figuring out that yaml should have  - Qt5Concurrent in the PkgConfigBR:  list15:37
locusfok added it15:37
lbtchange BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(Qt5Core) to use the right way too :)15:38
lbtit's just ... neater15:38
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lbteventually the SDK should be able to parse pkgconfig stuff and add them there15:39
locusfbuilding now15:40
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locusfarch-dependent-file-in-usr-share <- lol I'm just doing that harbour tells me to :)17:11
locusfso rpmlint failed me now17:11
lbtyeah - /usr/share ... d'oh17:12
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merlin1991wiki: As mentioned, the SDK is location independent so it uses the location of the helper script to determine which SDK to enter.17:46
merlin1991actual output of "mer-sdk-chroot mount": The SDK must be installed into a directory called sdks ...17:46
lbtlocation independent ... but there must be a given structure under that location17:47
lbtor above depending on your PoV17:47
lbtit's explained in the src ... essentially due to needing 2 bind mount constraints17:47
merlin1991the thing is it's above, for me "the sdk" is the tarball I just extracted not the extracted tarball and the containing folder17:48
lbtyeah .. ./foo/bar/wam/sdks will work fine17:48
*** arcean has joined #mer17:48
lbtbut you need the sdks/17:49
lbtsorry :)17:49
*** Pat_o has joined #mer17:50
merlin1991hm the mer wiki css does not do well for low width windows17:51
lbtif you have any mods then I'd look at them17:53
merlin1991I'm trying to think how to tackle that though17:54
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC17:54
merlin1991since you do want the "middle column" on high screen width17:54
*** pvanhoof has joined #mer17:56
merlin1991hm "for i in $(ls /etc/bash_completion.d/*);" this is bound to break badly17:57
merlin1991it's from
merlin1991well think about spaces in a filename17:58
sledgesThis also reads the bash autocompletion scripts from -inside- the chroot.17:58
merlin1991for i in $(ls somepath/*); will see those as 2 files17:59
merlin1991while for i in somepath*; works always :)17:59
sledgesmerlin1991: good spot, but inside chroot is a self sustainable environment which changes minimally17:59
lbtfixes welcome - quite often a wiki will contain hacks that work for a given user18:00
merlin1991sledges: but doesn't this script reach outside ;)18:00
lbtand they're not always easy to garden18:00
sledgesmerlin1991: thanks; simply no-one came back with an explosion of the outside ;)18:03
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merlin1991can it be that there is a slight difference between the latest sdk packages and the rolling rootfs image?18:11
merlin1991sudo sdk-version --latest --go has me update 176 packages18:11
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer18:11
lbtOK, OK ... I'll roll a new one :)18:11
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evaryontsledges: cool, thanks!21:15
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