Friday, 2013-11-29

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StskeepsBostik: webkit is in use in accounts :P07:20
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BostikStskeeps: oh gawd07:40
Bostikyou have two engines side by side?07:41
BostikStskeeps: I feel the pain of all your integrators :)07:41
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StskeepsBostik: yeah.. well, gecko didn't enable deep control07:41
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BostikI'm not surprised at that...07:51
Bostikbut off to work now07:51
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pvanhoofPlease don't do this upgrade:,1610 SQLite 3.8.1 has known bugs and a software on a phone you all know about is affected by it08:31
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stephgsounds nasty08:32
pvanhoofhope im in time to block the upgrade :)08:32
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frafrahi all15:55
frafraI would like to try mer on my N9, but I don't know where could I get flasher15:55
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frafrasledges, thank you15:57
sledgeswelcome :) mer is the core, it has no GUI itself15:58
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frafrathank you sledges :)15:59
sledgeshave fun :) feel free to stick around here; any questions just ask15:59
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frafraok; now I have to " Mount N9 partition and copy image to fs "16:00
frafraon my N9 I have some messages with "partition failed" (m16:01
frafra*I'm trying the single boot method16:01
frafrait says that I can use telnet16:01
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sledgesfrafra: you are in good hands ;)16:02
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sledgesyou can try telnetting from your host (Linux) PC16:02
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frafraok, I got some problems with network manager; I activated the usb network manually and now telnet it's working16:05
sledges(frafra: networkmanager might disconnect you every-so-often, so you can regain your session with ifconfig usb0
frafrabut I don't know how to load mer image because N9 has not sd16:07
sledgesyou will load it straight into N9's NAND memory16:08
sledgesthat's why the MOSLO tried to resize partitions for you16:08
sledgessince there was an error, you should be following:
sledgesif you telnetted, it would be nice if you paste output of `cat /var/log/repartition.log` out-of-interest16:09
frafravoilà! not so much free space16:10
sledgesis that what it reads?16:10
frafraI have to move out some of my photos ;D16:10
sledgesyes :D16:10
sledgeslet me see which partition(s) MOSLO is trying to shrink16:10
frafrahow can I reboot? just unplugging my usb cable and press the power butotn?16:10
sledgesfrafra: yes, just unplug, and it will boot itself back into Harmattan16:11
sledgesyou can skip waiting of 15 seconds via pressing VolumeUp16:11
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sledgesthanks very much for the paste16:12
sledgesyou will need to clean up your /home/user partition and your MyDocs partition16:12
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sledgesfrafra: I just check in MOSLO sourcecode: you need to clean your MyDocs partition only16:16
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frafrasledges, ok, thank you; I'm doing a backup just to be sure nothing bad happens :D16:17
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sledgesfrafra: good call :)16:18
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frafrasledges, I have to delete some pictures too16:50
*** schm00ster has quit IRC16:51
*** nciked has joined #mer16:59
frafraFATAL: resizing of Harmattan User partition failed!17:02
frafrathis is the log after about 30~60 seconds of repartitioning17:03
sledgesfrafra: let's telnet then :)17:05
sledgeserm you're in already17:05
sledgesfdisk -l /dev/mmcblk017:05
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frafrawait, little network manager problem, trying to disable it for usb017:06
sledgesyup, i wrote you about that17:07
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sledgesifconfig usb0... sets it back to normal17:07
frafra# route -n | grep usb0$17:08
frafra192.168.2.0   U     0      0        0 usb017:08
frafrabut I can't telnet into it17:08
sledgescan you ping it?17:08
sledgesifconfig usb017:09
sledges(should be still sane im 99% certain..)17:09
sledgesifconfig usb0
sledgesthat's what nm done to you ;P17:10
sledges16:07 < sledges> (frafra: networkmanager might disconnect you every-so-often, so you can regain your session with ifconfig usb0
frafrayes, I know, sorry17:11
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frafrastill don't working; I disabled nm usb0 management and restarted it; I've setup usb0 manually 5-6 times, but it won't work17:15
sledgesso after you execute ifconfig usb0
sledgestry ping immediately17:16
frafraifconfig usb0; ping -c 1 # don't work, no reply17:17
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sledgesit is ok to reboot your phone into MOSLO (green screen) again17:18
sledgesprovided you have flasher command up and running17:18
sledgesfdisk /dev/mmcblk017:21
*** ericcc has joined #mer17:23
frafraextended or primary?17:23
sledgessorry, not 417:24
frafrap - 4 I suppose17:24
sledgesp - 217:24
sledgesstarting cyl: 288513 - 41958417:24
sledges( - ending cyl)17:24
sledgesthen sanity check - mount /dev/mmcblk0p2 /mnt; ls /mnt17:25
frafrahere it is17:26
*** ericcc_ has quit IRC17:26
sledgesif worked17:26
sledgesumount /mnt17:26
sledgesfdisk /dev/mmcblk017:26
sledgesp - 417:27
sledges160513 - 28851217:27
frafraout of range value17:28
frafraok, no sorry, my fault17:28
sledgeslet's be more proper17:28
sledgesdo not w17:28
sledgesjust q17:28
frafrajust p, without 4, because it's the only choice17:29
sledgeslet's do a precheck first17:29
sledgesand i see you have slightly different layout so17:29
sledgesi want you to quit fdisk now17:29
sledgesand do17:29
sledgesmount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /mnt; ls /mnt17:30
frafraok, so I write this partition table17:30
sledgesdont write it just yet17:30
sledgesi want to check if MyDocs is still sane17:30
frafrathere are some files17:31
sledgesso it mounts fine17:31
sledgesumount /mnt17:31
sledgesfdisk again17:31
sledgesand arrive to that lovely layout you did before by adding p 4 /)17:32
frafra(meanwhile I fixed the usb0 issue; now it's not managed by NM)17:32
sledgesfrafra: how!? :D17:32
*** PMG has joined #mer17:32
frafrasetting up usb0 as static interface in /etc/network/interfaces17:33
frafrathen restarting network and network-manager17:33
frafra(I'm using Debian on this computer)17:33
sledgesah ok17:33
sledgesso just like in
sledgesI'm still baffled how to do that under Arch Linux :/17:33
frafraby the way, there's a way to exclude a device using mac address using network manager17:34
*** Pat_o has joined #mer17:34
frafraor.. just trying to set up usb0 on nm statically17:34
frafraok; should I write those changes?17:34
sledgesyes please17:35
*** simbrown has quit IRC17:35
sledgesmkfs.ext4 /dev/mmcblk0p417:36
sledgesmkfs.ext4 /dev/mmcblk0p4 -L Alt_OS17:36
sledgesthat is17:36
fraframkfs.ext4: symbol lookup error: mkfs.ext4: undefined symbol: set_com_err_gettext17:36
sledgesmkfs.ext3 /dev/mmcblk0p4 -L Alt_OS17:36
sledgesor you can format from your host PC17:36
frafra/bin/sh: mkfs.ext3: not found17:36
sledgesjust ^17:37
sledgesnow you can write17:37
sledges(a good habit)17:37
sledgesand reboot17:37
sledgesinto MOSLO again17:37
sledgesthis time it will export /dev/mmcblk0p4 over USB, and you'll see it on your host as /dev/sd?17:37
frafrayes, I see it17:38
sledgesmkfs.ext4 /dev/sd? -L Alt_OS17:39
frafraso, the whole disk, not just a partition?17:39
frafrait exports the partition as disk?17:40
sledgesyou can (auto)mount it now17:41
frafrashould I extract nemo-n950-rnd-20131120.tar.bz2 on it?17:41
sledgesfrafra: that is correct17:41
sledgesso you are going for #nemomobile ;)17:41
frafrawow I hope so17:42
*** Pat_o has quit IRC17:42
*** Venemo_N9 has joined #mer17:42
sledgesNemo is on top of mer, and shares middlware with #sailfishos17:42
sledgesand it's work-in-progress :) so, welcome!17:42
*** ericcc_ has joined #mer17:43
*** plfiorini has quit IRC17:43
*** ericcc has quit IRC17:44
frafranice black screen here after pressing vol down17:45
sledgesyou're half way there17:45
frafrait seems powered off17:45
sledgespower back on17:45
sledgeswith flasher that is17:45
sledgesfirst boot is lazy ;)17:45
frafrastill black17:46
sledgeshow did you untar ?17:47
frafraboot with alternative kernel, wait, unplug usb, volume down...17:47
frafrafile-roller from gnome :D17:47
* sledges is looking for a trout17:47
sledgesbut oh well, you didn't know ;P17:47
sledgesnow have it exported again17:48
frafraok, thanks :D17:48
sledgesand i'll tell you a magic command to avoid scrubbing your NAND that much17:48
sledgesmkdir /tmp/nemo; sudo tar --numeric-owner -xf <path-to>/nemo-n950-rnd-20131120.tar.bz2; sudo rsync -rlpgovc --delete /tmp/nemo/ /media/Alt_OS/17:49
sledgesafter mkdir /tmp/nemo do cd /tmp/nemo ofc ;)17:49
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #mer17:51
frafrathanks :)17:52
*** nsuffys has joined #mer17:53
*** Venemo_N9 has quit IRC17:53
*** Venemo has joined #mer17:53
*** plazmatics has quit IRC17:56
*** Pat_o has joined #mer17:57
*** groleo has quit IRC17:57
*** jpwhiting has joined #mer17:58
frafrasledges, it seems almost empty17:58
*** ericcc has joined #mer17:58
frafrano, wait, wrong dir17:58
sledgesit can't be, because moslo first looks for /boot/ and checks files inside ;)17:59
frafrathis is the content18:01
sledgescan you cat /media/Alt_OS/tmp/ssu.log18:01
*** ericcc_ has quit IRC18:02
sledgesfrafra: have you run the rsync command yet?18:02
frafrasledges, yes18:05
sledgeshope you didn't run it the other way round18:05
sledgesas with as-is Alt_OS moslo should not let you go ahead into AlternativeOS18:06
frafrawhat could I do now?18:08
sledgesjust follow wiki section :)18:09
sledgesensure Alt_OS is actual device18:09
sledgesmount | grep Alt_OS18:09
sledgesrm that tmp folder in there18:09
sledgesand follow
frafraif I use the wiki, it seems working properly18:10
* sledges hides18:10
sledgesalthough rsync -should- work18:10
frafraok, I got it, yes, it works, I was in the wrong working directory, thank you :)18:11
sledgesnice :)18:11
sledgeswe avoided NAND scrub ;)18:11
frafraok, trying to boot18:14
* sledges drumrolls18:14
frafrablu screen with nemo background18:15
sledgesnot bsod though :D18:15
sledgesand yes, thatÃ's good sign18:15
sledgesUI up next18:15
frafraAs of 2013-11-19, Nokia N9/N950 IMAGE IS CURRENTLY UNSTABLE: every other boot you might experience a frozen home-screen. Temporary solution:18:16
frafraI'll try it18:18
frafrasolutions seems a bit unclear; it uses zypper that is an opensuse package manager18:19
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*** lerc has joined #mer18:21
sledgeswrong window :)18:22
sledgesfrafra: it's mer's package manager ;)18:22
sledgeslots of good things have been inherited from opensuse18:22
sledgessuch as our main build/release server OBS18:22
fraframmm... I can chroot into mer, but I don't know how to estabilish an internet connection18:25
frafrathank you18:25
sledgesnp :)18:25
*** amjad_ has joined #mer18:30
*** edgar2 has quit IRC18:31
*** Frye has joined #mer18:31
frafraok it works18:36
frafraI just tried to dial a number; phone rings, but the screen is black :D18:36
sledgesoh well yes, it's far from perfect18:37
frafrait's a bit unstable I suppose :)18:37
sledgesbut a perfect Wayland/Qt5 development sandbox18:37
sledgeswe are working on glacier UI, and need extra muscle in many areas18:37
sledgesultimately it will look like
frafrait looks very nice18:38
frafrahow can I help?18:38
sledgesyou can help in what you like to do most18:38
sledgesor interested to learn, for example ;)18:39
sledgesthanks :)18:39
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frafrais it possible to try glacier ui?18:45
faenilfrafra, head to #nemomobile ;)18:45
faeniland, glacier UI is still work in progress18:45
frafrathanks faenil :)18:45
faenilnp :)18:46
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frafraI've upgraded mer on my n921:32
frafraand now I can only see the blue wallpaper21:32
sledgesfrafra: you upgraded nemo on your n9?21:34
twobobdoesn't the "dev" one hide all the desktop icons or something?   maybe Im thinking of something else..  *shuts up*21:34
sledgesand now you can see only blue nemo splashscreen?21:34
frafrasledges, exactly21:34
sledgestwobob: the rnd one?21:34
sledgeswhat's with peeps and terms this evening :)21:35
twobobI just recall reading through the code is all21:35
frafrazypper ref; zypper dup21:35
* twobob slaps own hand21:35
CosmoHillhi twobob21:35
sledgesfrafra: not many people did zypper dup this week due to jolla launch, it can be that you found a bug ;)21:35
CosmoHillet sledges .o/21:35
twobobhi cosmoHill :)21:35
twoboblurking again huh ;)21:36
CosmoHillalways am21:36
sledgesfrafra: you can still ssh into your phone (same IP address), and run systemctl as root to see what failed, and if needed journalctl to see what exactly happened21:36
* sledges greets CosmoHill!21:36
sledgesfrafra: to get root: `su` and password is nemo21:36
frafrathis is better: :)21:39
sledgesfrafra: and journalctl?21:40
sledges(you can do journalctl > out and then scp it over)21:40
frafrawith another possible important output at the end21:42
sledgesah frafra21:43
sledgeswhat does zypper rm mesa-llvmpipe21:43
sledgesgo for it21:45
frafrasledges, thanks it works21:47
sledgesthe reason is that ssu ur failed on the first run21:47
*** jstaniek has joined #mer21:47
sledgesso for you for the record: if you see mesa packages being pulled in, cancel that, do `ssu ur`, and retry21:47
sledgesgood practise to run `ssu ur` now21:48
sledgesand it should not happen in future21:48
frafrathank you sledges for all your support21:48
sledgesbut yea, you found a potential bug, so thanks to you too ;)21:48
sledgesenjoy and have fun with Mer/Nemo!21:49
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