Thursday, 2013-11-21

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w00tartemma: rpm -ql qt5-qtgraphicaleffects-devel | grep .pc00:30
artemmaw00t: thanks, but I want it to be autofetchable from .yaml00:31
w00t... ? :)00:31
artemmaotherwise I will never be able to remember all the installations next time I install SDK00:31
w00tyou asked how to figure out the correct PkgConfigBR00:31
w00tI told you00:31
artemmaah, then I don't understand :)00:31
* artemma speaks in terms of "paste this line to your app.yaml"00:31
w00tthe name of the .pc file is what goes in PkgConfigBR00:31
w00tminus the .pc00:32
artemmathanks, I'll try thinking tomorrow00:32
artemmatoo late for thinking, I am still finishing final bits before app submission00:32
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rahthese here mer images for Allwinner machines don't seem to have been updated since October10:06
raheven though they're named as "weekly"10:06
rahalso there are packages here failing:10:07
rahis anybody still working on support for Allwinner systems?10:07
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sledgesrah: vgrade is10:27
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rahsledges: vgrade does not appear to be here, nor has vgrade been here for a few days10:31
sledgesi spoke with him yesterday on #nemomobile10:32
sledgeshe's returning from business trip, will be less busy soon10:32
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Uninstall_Stskeeps: do you know the meaning of this error: Fatal: Rule file interface version check failed: got 104, expected 105sb2: Error: startup of sb2d failed.17:13
w00tlbt: ^ didn't you help me with that once?17:14
lbtit means the sb2 rules files don't match the sb2 binary17:15
lbtcheck the versions of scratchbox* rpms17:15
Uninstall_lbt: scratchbox2 version: 2.3.90-1.15.117:16
kaltsithe issue is not in scratchbox2 package17:18
lbtsdk rule version mismatch?17:18
kaltsiit's in the sdk-sb2-config if you are using sdk-build mode for example17:18
kaltsithe sdk-* modes come from sdk-sb2-config package from mer-tools and it can have a different version than the main scratchbox2 package17:19
lbtoh yes - they're not "scratchbox2" in the rpm name17:19
kaltsiso this is a case of possibly oldish mer-tools and/or mer sdk17:20
Uninstall_let me check17:20
Uninstall_kaltsi: sdk-sb2-config version is 0.1017:21
kaltsithat sounds.. old, current one is 0.63 sometihng17:21
Uninstall_kaltsi: ok, thank you17:23
Uninstall_kaltsi: where is it on OBS?17:23
kaltsimer-tools:devel has 0.63 and mer-tools:testing hsa 0.6217:23
kaltsisource package name is sdk-setup17:23
Uninstall_kaltsi: so all the stuff from sdk-kickstarter-configs is old?17:24
kaltsiit's possible, looks like you are using old mer-tools repository.. but looking at mobs, that package has been last time built 7 months ago so it might not have had many changes17:26
kaltsiversion in mer-tools:devel of sdk-kickstarter-configs is 0.1017:27
Uninstall_kaltsi: the version on that spec file 0.1017:27
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Uninstall_kaltsi: thank you: I've been using the wrong package17:47
Uninstall_now everything works properly17:48
alhf/b 2817:49
alhErr, hi.17:49
Stskeepsmoo wolfsage17:50
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sledgesjust thought Sage_ has turned into a werewolf17:51
alhDifferent sage :)17:52
sledgesSage_ has been afk for soo long, i wouldnt be surprised ;)17:52
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CosmoHillmy work feels like this sometimes (I'd be the brown dog):
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VenemoStskeeps: ping20:12
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CosmoHillnight night22:44
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