Saturday, 2013-11-16

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CosmoHillnight night00:25
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artemmaHi all12:00
artemmaguys, is libhybris a part of mer?12:00
artemmaI need an advice about it12:00
artemmaor is lybhybris a part of nemo?12:04
artemmaI'd like to use a couple of libhybris functions from sailfish app for turning flash on/off (flashlight app). Problem is, libhybris used in sailfish/jolla isn't exactly open (no supplied headers nor libs in SDK)12:06
artemmaso I wonder if it should work if I just compile libhybris from github into my app12:07
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artemmaI checked if emulator's zypper can find libhybris, it cannot. Not sure if on-device one can find it12:08
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Stskeepsso, libhybris is part of hw adaptation usually, mer's just a core; the api that should be used for these kind of things is qtmultimedia12:14
Stskeepsbecause the lower parts can change from device to device12:14
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Stskeepseven in our stack we hit people that try to use lower level apis for higher level apps12:18
artemmaStskeeps: the what's the proper discussion forum for discussing interactions with libhybris from SailfishOS? Nemo or sailfish?12:18
artemmaStskeeps: actually I pinged you, because I saw you did last public commit to libhybris12:19
Stskeepssure, i'm the author12:19
Stskeepsbut libhybris is more of a magic tool to break into android hardware adaptation layers12:19
artemmaso proper discussion forum is Carsten himself - cool! :)12:20
Stskeeps is what is provided for app developers i think12:20
artemmaWhat I am trying to do is a flashlight for Jolla12:20
artemmaproblem is that torch functionality doesn't seem to be open to Qt/QML level12:21
artemmayesterday I was messing a lot trying to control flash from Qt with aard_ 's help and.. it didn't quite work12:21
artemmaso I thought to revert to libhybris level. There's just a couple of functions after all12:21
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Stskeepsyeah, doubt you'd get through store with that :)12:22
artemmaor maybe I just read qtmultimedia code better and figure out what's the real proper way to conrol camera flash..12:22
Stskeepsit means your app would be device specific12:22
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Stskeepsin the sailfish stack, normal apps cant' even reach libhybris at build time12:22
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artemmaStskeeps: you were the one writing
Stskeepsnop, that was ubuntu / canonical12:23
artemmado you remember if there's reason why test is touching front came, not back one12:23
Stskeepsjolla stack looks different12:24
artemmadamned. I don't mind investing time digging into qtmultimedia, just would love to get a confirmation that flash on/off control is possible there12:24
artemmaor at least an educated advice about it12:24
Stskeepsnod, you can perhaps ask denexter (brisbane, australia timezone)12:24
artemmasounds logical that libhybris cannot be used from app level..12:25
Stskeepsjust like emulator doesn't use libhybris12:25
artemmayeah, developing hardware intensive apps in emulator is a little difficult12:26
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artemmafortunately ppl on IRC are kind enough to try my code, but I am not skilled enough for debugging via IRC12:26
Stskeepswe hope to make that better in future12:27
artemmaStskeeps: I am not sure how much you know the way camera is used from Qt, but if you are and into helping, here's a bit of a test code :D
artemmait pretty much just exposes Qt/QML camera controls to UI buttons, so you can turn flash on/off start/stop video recording, etc12:29
Stskeepsartemma: one of my dirty secrets is that i'm not really a qt/qml coder :)12:29
Stskeepseverything below though12:29
artemmaStskeeps: I am totally fine with messing with as much qml as needed12:29
* artemma loves qml12:29
artemmain theory turning flash on and starting camera should, well, keep flash on, but it doesn't12:30
Stskeepsit might be that the api isn't fully wired through, not impossible12:30
artemmawith aard_ we managed to get to the point of seeing two short LED flashes12:30
artemmaapparently during seeking for focus12:30
artemmaso something is wired :)12:31
RzRhi guys12:31
RzRgoing to fosdem 2014 ? I bet yes12:31
RzRlast year jolla presence was awsome12:32
Stskeepsprobably yeah12:32
Stskeepsnot sure of jolla presence though12:32
RzRI would like to present something this time12:32
RzRsome work related topic ... and if not possible12:32
RzRi was thinking about an history of meego/harmattan from a community point of view12:33
artemmaStskeeps: if u know internals, maybe you could see log messages or trace to see whether flash control is getting through12:33
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RzRwould be best if this topic can be shared w/ a co talker12:33
RzRfrom post meego ppe12:33
artemmaor maybe I just ask in mailing list if flash control is indeed wired to Qt12:34
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* aard_ quickly flashes something and goes away again12:50
artemmaaard_: there is a possibility that flash control isn't wired to Qt level at all12:51
artemmano idea about the probability12:51
artemmaI asked on a mailing list and posted source code there as well. I tried making code as simple and clear as I could, so maybe somebody actually reads it12:52
artemmachip in with comments if you can :)12:52
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situlbt: Saw your talk , loved it!19:28
lbtthanks :)19:28
lbtdon't think I've seen that video19:29
lbtah yes ... the hat :)19:29
situThis talk must have improved your 'tshirt throwing' skills :P19:31
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artemmalbt: real good talk BTW. One of the very few I watched over 5 min19:33
artemmaI sorta understood the whole Mer thing.. I think :)19:34
lbtsitu: yep - it's a good trick19:35
lbtartemma: good, thanks for the feedback19:36
* faenil starts video in background while working19:38
faeniljust because I love lbt's UK accent :D19:38
Bostikanother year, another lbt (key)note?19:38
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Bostikit'll take a while to download through this IP-over-smoke-signals net I'm on...19:45
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lbtright ... enough hacking ... off to tango ... g'night all19:47
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CosmoHillnight all23:48
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