Wednesday, 2013-11-13

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situHow do I specify build dependency on qt5 quick1 module in my yaml file (what names should I use with BuildRequires attribute) ?08:44
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UninstallStskeeps: gcc has been updated09:28
Stskeepsoki, i think that'll be next step when we've solved the eglibc fallout09:29
UninstallStskeeps: I will also take care of it todat09:37
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UninstallStskeeps: Updated:,158310:31
Uninstallsorry, wrong link10:31
Stskeepspackaging looks good though10:32
Uninstallwait a second10:32
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Stskeepslooks sane10:34
Stskeepsi'll merge10:34
Uninstallcool, ok, thank you10:35
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UninstallStskeeps: where I can check how the build process is going?10:39 -> projects -> devel level of mer10:40
Stskeepsyeah, and the individual builds10:42
Stskeepssuch as
Uninstallok, thank you10:43
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Stskeepsi think this was about that we forgot to pass $Ports or soemthing like that11:11
UninstallI didn't touch anything about thart11:12
Stskeepsi had fixed that though, hrm.. sec11:12
Uninstallok, cool11:12
Stskeepsah right11:13
Stskeeps        --enable-add-ons=libidn,nptl --without-cvs $EnableKernel \11:13
Stskeepsthis one should have $AddOns in the end11:13
UninstallI think nptl should be the last one11:14
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Stskeeps-       --enable-add-ons=nptl$AddOns --without-cvs $EnableKernel \11:14
Stskeeps+       --enable-add-ons=libidn,nptl --without-cvs $EnableKernel \11:14
Stskeepsfrom your original patch11:15
Stskeepsadding $AddOns should do the trick11:16
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UninstallStskeeps: are you going to do that?11:26
Uninstallor do I need to do that?11:26
Stskeepsif you can it'd be nice, then i can take care of integration part11:26
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UninstallStskeeps: ../ports/sysdeps/arm/sysdeps/../nptl/pthread_spin_lock.c:23:47: error: #include nested too deeply11:47
UninstallI've been faster than you :P11:48
Stskeepsanyway, i'm not sure how to solve that particular issue, i'd assume that eglibc builds for arm11:48
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UninstallStskeeps: uhm... I have no clue with this issue, it needs to be investigated11:49
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fk_lx#include nested too deeply sounds like not a typical everyday error ;-)11:50
Uninstallit failed also here11:50
Stskeepsand it worked just before11:51
Stskeepsthat's curious11:51
UninstallStskeeps: I know this issue11:51
Uninstallit is realted to nptl11:51
UninstallStskeeps: can you paste the configure line from the log?11:52
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Stskeeps-> "Download logfile" for future fwiw11:53
UninstallStskeeps: yes, I know, it asks me the password11:53
Stskeepsjust use obs login there (the mer one)11:53
Stskeepsie one for bugzilla11:53
Uninstallah, ok, right11:53
UninstallStskeeps: anyway ubuntu enables nptl doing something --foobar=libidn,"nptl "11:55
Uninstallso the issue might be ralated to that stuff11:56
Stskeepsdo they add anything for ports for arm?11:58
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UninstallStskeeps: I don't think so12:02
Stskeepsi should look at their packaging12:02
UninstallStskeeps: we should check their package12:02
Stskeepsi like you, you think like me12:02
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UninstallStskeeps: sysdeps/ = ports nptl $(add-ons)12:13
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StskeepsUninstall: no solutions from my side yet13:03
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notmarthi all13:42
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notmartin plasma active we would need a second top level project on (besides kde:), is it possible/how is the procedure?13:43
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Uninstallnotmart: what do you mean?13:56
notmartUninstall: basically that i need
notmarta "bodega" project created at the root of that obs instance13:58
Stskeepsnotmart: shouldn't be impossible, who's admins?13:58
Uninstallyou just need to create bodega:foo and it should create bodega too13:58
StskeepsUninstall: you can only make root projects as admins ;)13:59
sledgesUninstall: that'll be in your home:13:59
Uninstalloh, right13:59
* Uninstall is used too much to ispirata private OBS13:59
Stskeepsnotmart: just need usernames to set it13:59
UninstallStskeeps: any news on glibc?13:59
notmartStskeeps: that project would be managed by me and aseigo14:00
StskeepsUninstall: no, got sidetracked, ended up at similar error, need to dig deeper14:00
Stskeepsnotmart: ok, usernames notmart and aseigo?14:00
Uninstallsorry, I've meant only one ok14:00
notmartStskeeps: yep14:00
UninstallStskeeps: by the way, isn't a better idea to build gcc before and to use an updated gcc to build glibc?14:01
StskeepsUninstall: sometimes it is14:02
Stskeepsi can try it out but i'm fairly sure we'd see similar errorrs14:02
UninstallStskeeps: ubuntu is using gcc 4.8 to build that eglibc version14:02
UninstallStskeeps: keep in mind that some headers exported from gcc have been changed14:02
Stskeepshave fun14:03
notmartStskeeps: tank you very much :)14:03
UninstallStskeeps: talking about gcc there is just one little part that is missing14:04
Uninstallon current mer gcc atom is forced as arch for i58614:04
Uninstalland I didn't forwardport that change to 4.814:04
Stskeepslemme take a look14:05
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Stskeepsso in a quick guess i would think that it is possible to do this with --with-tune=atom --with-arch=core2 --with-fpmath=sse14:09
Stskeepsin configure14:09
Stskeepswouldn't you think?14:09
UninstallI should take a look to gcc configure14:09
Uninstallwait a second (running: tar xf)14:10
Stskeepsthat patch is lousy in the first place14:10
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UninstallI don't see any --with-tune14:10
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Stskeepssearch --with-tune=14:11
Uninstallok, it makes sense14:11
Uninstallare we have been using tune or arch before?14:12
Stskeepsarch we've used in arm configures14:12
Stskeepsso you should probably use similar method14:12
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UninstallStskeeps: arch will set the minimum required architecture required by default14:13
Uninstalltune will optimizing for something without breaking compatibility14:13
Stskeepsi586 is supposed to be 'atom and above'14:13
Stskeepsin mer's architectures14:13
Stskeepswe have i486 for everything else14:13
Stskeepsadmittedly i've considered if we need a saner approach there though14:14
UninstallStskeeps: intel has released a new low power chip used on the new arduino galilelo14:16
Uninstallthe chipset is called quark If I remember correctly14:16
UninstallI would make sure that it is possible to run mer i586 on those chips14:16
Uninstallarch=atom should be reasonable14:17
Stskeepsit isn't, actually14:17
Stskeepsquark has a pentium ISA14:17
Stskeepsbut yes, i agree14:17
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Stskeepsi've considered to up the i486 baseline to pentium though14:18
Stskeepsor make i586 'saner'14:19
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UninstallStskeeps: I see14:19
Uninstallquark will run only with mer:i48614:20
Stskeepsand even then it's underoptimized14:20
Uninstalland not with mer:i58614:20
Stskeepsor simply add a %i486_optimization --with-tune= kind of thing14:20
Stskeepsin prjconf14:20
UninstallStskeeps: so, ok, I would continue to use arch=atom for i58614:21
Uninstalland everything that doesn't have SSE and all that stuff should stuck to i48614:21
Uninstalland we shouldn't care too much14:22
Stskeepsin practice it might make sense to make it easier to optimize specifically14:23
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UninstallStskeeps: so the plan is to drop the patch that forced atom changing the code14:25
Stskeepsyes, and add it in configure instead like it's done for arm14:25
Uninstalland to use --arch configure switch14:25
Uninstallok, cool14:25
Stskeeps--with-arch, yeah14:25
UninstallStskeeps: and we have been using atom as default arch and we will continue to do that in the same way14:25
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UninstallI can't remember: atom or atom2?14:26
Uninstallatom, right?14:26
Stskeepsatom, i think14:26
Uninstallit was:14:27
Uninstall+  ix86_arch_string = "core2";14:27
Uninstall+  ix86_tune_string = "atom";14:27
Uninstall+enum fpmath_unit ix86_fpmath = FPMATH_SSE;14:28
Stskeeps-with-arch=core2 --with-tune=atom --with-fpmath=sse14:28
Uninstallok, right14:28
Stskeepsadd an additional - in start14:28
UninstallWe have already this:14:31
Uninstall%ifarch i58614:31
Uninstall        --with-arch=i686 \14:31
Stskeepswhich gets neutered by the patch14:31
Uninstallso we have been forcing it to i686 and then changing it with a patch?14:31
Stskeepssilly historical stuff14:31
UninstallStskeeps: are you sure that this --with-arch=i686 changes only the default output ISA?14:33
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UninstallStskeeps: fixed14:48
Stskeepsnod, will build test it after dinner14:50
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UninstallStskeeps: there is one more thing that I've left out I think15:04
UninstallStskeeps: should I add --enable-gold=yes ?15:14
Stskeepsisn't that mroe of a binutils thing15:15
Uninstallwe had a patch for gold that it isn't applied anymore15:17
Stskeepsright, the -fuse-ld=gold thing?15:17
Uninstallyes, it wasn't a switch, it was a patch15:18
Stskeepsit should be there in gcc4.8 mainline at least15:18
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UninstallStskeeps: yes, but I'm trying to understand if we need to enable some extra switches to get that code built and enabled15:20
Stskeepshmm well we'd find pretty quickly out with qtwebkit15:21
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UninstallStskeeps: we have that patch only for qtwebkit?15:29
Stskeepsand for other things that need to use gold15:29
Stskeepsi think chromium wants it too15:29
Stskeepsand fennec/mozilla15:29
Stskeepsgenerally 'big fat engines'15:29
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UninstallStskeeps: ah, ok15:47
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UninstallStskeeps: first time should be built using bootstrap, right?15:50
UninstallStskeeps: then as the build finish we should remove it, right?15:52
Stskeepsyeah but it's not strictly speaking harmful15:52
Stskeepsjust adding more time to do the build15:52
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Uninstallby the way on our private OBS I get this error:16:34
Uninstalllibtool: compile:  /home/abuild/rpmbuild/BUILD/gcc-linaro-4.8-2013.10/obj-i586-meego-linux/./gcc/xgcc -B/home/abuild/rpmbuild/BUILD/gcc-linaro-4.8-2013.10/obj-i586-meego-linux/./gcc/ -B/usr/i586-meego-linux/bin/ -B/usr/i586-meego-linux/lib/ -isystem /usr/i586-meego-linux/include -isystem /usr/i586-meego-linux/sys-include -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I../../../boehm-gc -I./include -I/home/abuild/rpmbuild/BUILD/gcc-linaro-4.8-2013.10/boehm-gc/include -16:34
Uninstallfexceptions -Iinclude -I././targ-include -I.//libc/include -O2 -g -pipe -Wall -fexceptions --param=ssp-buffer-size=4 -Wformat -Wformat-security -march=core2 -mssse3 -mtune=atom -mfpmath=sse -fasynchronous-unwind-tables -fno-omit-frame-pointer -MT mark_rts.lo -MD -MP -MF .deps/mark_rts.Tpo -c ../../../boehm-gc/mark_rts.c  -fPIC -DPIC -o .libs/mark_rts.o16:34
Uninstallmake[1]: *** [configure-target-libjava] Error 116:34
Stskeepsi don't think i remotely build libjava16:34
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UninstallWe don't16:35
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*** WWDrakey has joined #mer17:05
Uninstalljust one unrelated question: does nemo/mer have any NFC daemon?17:08
Uninstallwhat are they using in Jolla?17:08
*** NPX has quit IRC17:12
*** faenil has quit IRC17:15
Stskeepsthe real problem is that there's a massive amount of NFC apis17:17
fk_lxwell Blackberry has Qt NFC sth17:20
fk_lxas far as I remember17:20
Stskeepsyeah but underlying17:21
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UninstallStskeeps: what are you using in Jolla?17:25
Uninstallis any daemon or library needed?17:25
StskeepsUninstall: mm i couldn't really say, but qtnfc is probably the app way forward17:25
UninstallI see that QtConnectivity is used17:26
UninstallI remember that N9 had an NFC daemon or somerthing like that17:27
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Stskeepsyeah closed source17:30
*** Pat_o has quit IRC17:31
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UninstallStskeeps: and what it was used for?17:37
Stskeepswell nokia's nfc daemon was closed source, and qtnfc spoke to it, i think17:38
StskeepsUninstall: but anyway: the real problem is that on embedded size there's only really semi-closed source stuff like NXP's NFC library17:38
Stskeepsusually comes bundled with an android build17:38
Stskeepsthen there's another one which is broadcom's17:38
Stskeepsand they have two different APIs17:39
Stskeepslibhybris has libnfc-nxp17:39
Uninstallso QtConnectivity provides some API for that stuff that cannot be used standalone without a daemon and some closed source drivers?17:40
*** faenil has joined #mer17:40
dm8tbrStskeeps: I remember trying to find the right contacts at nokia because they were upstream for some OSS nfc stuff and we had written patches at tieto. don't remember how that turned out. they were not very responsive/interested. :(17:40
StskeepsUninstall: pretty much17:40
Stskeepson the other side of the fence there's neard17:40
Uninstallis neard something that really works or just a random hack?17:41
Stskeepsof course it kinda requries a new kernel17:43
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Uninstall <-- it seems that it has some real world hardware support17:45
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UninstallStskeeps: anyway as soon as you start the build of gcc on mer tell me if it fails during some rebuild cycle due to java related stuff17:56
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plfioriniStskeeps, is it possible to create a project for hawaii on :)18:36
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CosmoHillyay no more beard21:33
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CosmoHilljust me being lazy22:20
lbthaving a beard is being lazy22:31
* lbt knows22:31
CosmoHillhi lbt22:31
CosmoHilllbt: my car thread :)22:32
lbtdid you fix it yet?22:33
CosmoHillno not yet22:33
CosmoHillcousin got track rod and end and we're gonna do that soon22:33
CosmoHillneed to find a new slam panel then prob sort out the rads22:33
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lbtexhaust OK22:36
CosmoHillI think it is, might have moved a bit22:36
*** Eztran has joined #mer22:38
CosmoHilllbt: once I get hold of a slam panel I'll be happy cos all the other parts are easy(ier) to get22:45
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CosmoHilllbt: what do you think of this:|Model%3AFiesta&hash=item3f2bec97d222:57
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CosmoHillnow to stop thinking about this so I can sleep23:03
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Uninstallgood evening23:07
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