Wednesday, 2013-11-06

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Andrea_Hi, I have a problem on boot mer os on a raspberry host, some one can help me? the error is { systemd-tmpfiles[122]: [/usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/systemd.conf:11] Unknown group 'utmp'.}12:04
Stskeepsnot fatal12:04
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Andrea_is not a fatal error?12:06
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Andrea_thanks, so my problem is another when i switch to terminal 2 he switch me on terminal 1 after few seconds, it's normal?12:09
Stskeepsthat may be due to uxlaunch being active12:10
Andrea_yes is true, but why it does not end?12:12
Stskeepsit tries to start up a session and fails12:12
Stskeepsyou can add -uxlaunch to your .ks12:12
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Andrea_@Stskeeps: I create the rpi image using that info  I see that in the ks miss gconf, and qt5 stuff is the wiki page updated?13:16
Andrea_maybe I need also qt5-qtplatformplugin-rpi to fix the uxlaunch probelm13:19
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Andrea_some one know what is the rpm name that provide qt5 qmlviewer ?13:46
Stskeepsqt5-qtdeclarative-qmlscene ?13:47
Andrea_the package install only qmlscene13:47
Stskeepsthen it's qt5-qtquick1 or something like that13:47
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Andrea_ok found! thanks13:53
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alteregoThere seems to be something seriously wrong with my internet connection this week :/14:00
alterego~800ms latency O_O14:01
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UninstallStskeeps: hey15:42
UninstallStskeeps: who's the connman maintainer?15:42
UninstallI would like to understand how to enable zeroconf15:43
bef0rdq mierda de sueño tengo15:43
bef0rdwrong channel15:43
Uninstallbef0rd: yes, someone has understood you15:44
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bef0rdheh sorry, it means I'm sleepy :P15:44
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StskeepsUninstall: isn't it a matter of configure?15:50
StskeepsUninstall: btw we still have eglibc issues queued15:50
UninstallStskeeps: by default it doesn't do that15:50
Stskeepsah, so non-existing functionality?15:50
UninstallI'm trying to understand if it has to be configured to get it enabled15:50
Uninstallor if I need to do something more15:51
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Uninstallby the way about glibc... I don't have so many hours of free time until Thu...15:52
Stskeepsno problem15:52
Stskeepsit's wednesday today ;)15:52
UninstallThu late evening ;)15:53
Stskeepshehe ;)15:53
alteregohuh :)15:53
Uninstallpart of our team is at the devdays in SF15:53
Uninstallso I have to care about more stuff15:54
* Stskeeps needs to go for now15:54
Uninstallsee you later15:56
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sledgeshow weird, in Mer OBS i cannot link against nemo:devel:ux repo anymore18:21
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sledgescorrection: against armv7hl18:24
sledges(any repo)18:24
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sledgescorrection: against anything except i586 :(18:28
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sledgestwo repos defined, only i586 works:18:29
sledgesStskeeps: lbt: ^18:29
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Stskeepssledges: hrrm18:31
Stskeepssledges: what happens if you osc build agaisnt something in nemo:devel:ux18:31
sledgesStskeeps: ux isn't a player here, mer latest also fails18:33
sledges(all archs but i586)18:33
sledges(and all repos)18:33
Stskeepsok, i'll take a peek18:34
sledgesthat's obviously only for newly created packages18:35
sledges / projects18:35
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sledgesdead servers just when i needed the non-misbehaving one :D18:45
sledges(i586 was a good boy :))18:45
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sledgesStskeeps: just in case you got distracted, obs still down :}21:02
Stskeepscold starting arm schedulers21:06
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sledgesarmv8el still dead21:14
Stskeepsyeah a cold start takes ages21:17
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sledgesi c21:24
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sledgesarmv7el: dead22:06
sledgesarmv8el: dead22:06
Stskeepsit takes time22:07
sledgesarmv6el was instantaneous compared to these22:07
Stskeepsgrr.. stupid scheduler shutdown bug22:08
sledges\o/ up and running many thanks Stskeeps22:10
Stskeepsnot done yet22:11
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sledgesnot testes the packages yet22:11
sledgestestes? tested :D22:11
sledgeshya CosmoHill22:12
CosmoHillhow are you?22:12
*** nodevel has joined #mer22:12
sledgesall right, how do you do? :)22:15
CosmoHillI am well thanks, just been out to watch cars drift and got taken out in one :)22:16
sledgesi like that22:17
sledgestrying to drift with my fwd sometimes :D22:17
sledgesfailing miserably22:17
CosmoHillI failed harder22:17
CosmoHill(wasn't trying to drift, was trying to take a S bend at speed)22:18
sledgesand that was recent :{22:20
sledgeshope you're ok22:20
CosmoHillI'm fine thanks :)22:20
sledgesif you lost wheel alignment, how did you make those 8 miles?22:21
CosmoHilldidn't notice until I got home, got up to 45mph too :/22:21
CosmoHillmade scrubbing noises the whole way22:21
sledgesyowzer :)22:21
sledgeswell nothing what a keen DIYer wouldn't fix ;)22:22
CosmoHillcousin and I will be fixing it22:22
sledgesI'm yet to prop my project car's thread, stay tuned :) (will include horrid crash photos as well :D) (well more horrid for me than for anyone else :))22:22
CosmoHillI haven't joined fast fiesta st forums yet22:23
CosmoHillI don't like joining stuff22:23
sledgesbut kustompcs (custom-pieces?!:D) you have ;)22:24
CosmoHillKustom PCs22:24
CosmoHilllook at my post count tho22:24
CosmoHillalso note that I'm a super moderator22:24
sledgesfair(y) 'nučff ;)22:25
CosmoHillwhat car do you have?22:25
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CosmoHillcousin has just bought a skoda fabia vrs diesel22:27
sledgesain't bad22:27
sledgesdoes 110mph22:28
sledgeswill probably chip one day, but that 2.0 might rip suspension out :)22:29
sledgesand wear down other parts faster22:29
CosmoHillI'd chip any turbo car I'd get22:30
sledgesi think will settle with poly bushes22:30
CosmoHilli think all the bushes in my nissan has gone22:30
sledgesah the green one in the photo?22:30
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CosmoHillsledges: the annoying thing is that I'd finished with the car for the year, other than petrol and insurance it was done22:36
sledgesCosmoHill: I feel you bro :(22:38
sledgesi kissed car's in front ass, and to repair that stretched over time cost me a fortune..22:39
sledgescouldn't mod it nor anything22:39
CosmoHillthis is the first car I've modded22:41
CosmoHillit's my toy :)22:41
sledgesyea, there's nothing like tinkering (mobile phones and cars :))22:41
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CosmoHillnight night23:09
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