Monday, 2013-11-04

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OrokuSakisup =)04:21
OrokuSakihaving a hell of a time trying to boot this android kernel in mer.... nothing coming across the serial connection from the kernel for debugging is the odd part. In android I get debugging, but not with this ramdisk?????04:22
OrokuSakisame damn toolchain04:23
OrokuSakiconfig looks okay enough.. I guess04:23
OrokuSakiI have android=n04:23
wmaronehave you fed the kernel a console= parameter?04:41
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OrokuSakihybris needs a Readme =)05:14
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dm8tbrOrokuSaki: which hardware?05:39
OrokuSakiHP Touchpad05:39
OrokuSaki think I am getting closer.. going to compile hybris with my android headers05:39
OrokuSakiand remove an option in the cyanogenmod kernel that is not used in mer05:40
OrokuSakifor whatever reason the cyanogenmod kernel does not want to output debugging to my prolific serial usb dongle05:40
OrokuSakiit will with android.. but when I move it to the mer initrd, nothing05:40
OrokuSakieven without a ramdisk, nothing05:41
OrokuSakiI was hoping to use my cyanogenmod kernel source on mer.. but.. guess not05:41
OrokuSakiso I am going to remove a KGSL option in my cyanogenmod source, recompile, and try again05:42
OrokuSakiWhen I do ahybris test.. I get an error in my kernel about process per page table, and that is enabled in the cm kernel, disabled in the mer kernel...05:42
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OrokuSakiI am also confused about which hybris patch to use for bionic...05:43
OrokuSakithis one. or this one.;a=patch;h=743fec626119da9cfb125e38b6cacc0e9b3a0dcc05:43
OrokuSakithat's about it05:44
OrokuSakiI even went out and bought a db9 cable.. because.. I swore I had one from 16 years ago.. guess not05:44
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OrokuSakiand a 4 pin headphone walk and talk type 3.5mm headphone cable so I could debug off the headphone jack uart if need be05:45
OrokuSakibut the prolific is working..05:45
OrokuSakiI can use it with mer kernel and get a getty etc05:46
OrokuSakithat made me happy05:46
OrokuSakiSo I am curious.. if I was porting a different device.. how do android kernels work with mer core? I saw a paste somewhere of stuff that can be changed05:47
OrokuSakiandroid=n paranoid network=n etc etc05:47
OrokuSakiipv6 enabled, etc05:47
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OrokuSakiAnd do we need to copy the hybris folder to the CyanogenMod source and recompile like in UbuntuTouch?05:48
OrokuSakiSo the files get seen...05:48
OrokuSakiHybris needs a readme =)05:49
OrokuSakiOr.. the gingerbread bionic patch05:50
OrokuSakiI also read where we can change the in the bionic/linker folder... Or I assume the bionic/linker folder.. perhaps its bionic or bionic/libc05:51
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OrokuSaki@wmarone yeah.. console=ttyUSB0,115200n805:52
wmaroneseeing anything?05:52
OrokuSakiI have tried other consoles.. yeah.. with the mer touchpad kernel that stskeeps is using which is more or less the palm tenderloin kernel + 5 patches05:53
OrokuSakithat works great05:53
OrokuSakiMy android kernel works great with the same cmdline05:53
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OrokuSakiBut for some reason when I use my android kernel with mer.. panic05:53
OrokuSakiand no debugging on my uart05:53
OrokuSakiI have changed so many kernel options..05:54
OrokuSakino idea05:54
wmaroneso no screen output, only basic output on uart with no detail on the panic?05:54
OrokuSakiand the guys who wrote the kernel/cyanogenmod.. they don't know either05:54
OrokuSakicorrect... I gave up on a framebuffer console with this kernel.. thought I would just try to see anything off the uart05:54
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wmaronecause my most comment source of panics when I was messing with the nook color was the rootfs not mounting05:55
OrokuSakithat is what I think!05:55
OrokuSakiram= in my cmdline I have messed with05:55
wmaroneheck I even had that on x86 with my acer tablet >.>05:55
OrokuSakiI noticed when I toom ky config file from mer and compiled it with cyanogenmod kernel it didn't like the boot argument for my roots05:55
OrokuSakiwe both use moboot?05:55
OrokuSakinook and touchpad guys were the same.. Green and Daligrin etc05:56
wmaroneah cool05:56
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OrokuSakicmdline for android root=%s rootwait ro fbcon=disable hs_uart=1 console=ttyHSL0,115200n8 androidboot.serialno=%s %s%s%s%s%s%s05:57
wmaroneis that being supplied by the bootloader or built into the kernel?05:57
OrokuSakithe kernel has cmdline as "" blank so the bootloader is supposed to handle the arguments05:58
OrokuSakiI decided to use cmdline_force though05:58
OrokuSakifb=0x7f600000 fbcon=enable console=tty0 console=ttyUSB0,115200n8 klog=0x7ff00000 klog_len=0x100000 boardtype=topaz-Wifi-pv msm_fb.fix_x=105:58
OrokuSakithat is my cmdline for the mer kernel05:58
OrokuSakithat STSKeeps must have messed with05:58
wmaronewhat device is this?05:59
OrokuSakiHP Touchpad05:59
OrokuSakiyeah.. I know it works05:59
OrokuSakiBecause he did it!05:59
OrokuSakithat is what bugs the crap out of me05:59
wmaronewas gonna say05:59
OrokuSakiAll I know is.. if I do figure this out.. I won't forget it! =)06:00
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OrokuSakiI also reused the cmline from after booting the kernel so all the %s variables would be right.. root was /dev/ram etc06:04
OrokuSakiandroid kernel06:04
wmaroneroot was /dev/ram?06:04
dm8tbrhmm do you have access to the UART?06:04
OrokuSakiwmarone, what is your cmdline if you don't mind me asking.. what is your root?06:05
OrokuSaki@dm8tbr no UART on the android kernel06:05
wmaroneOrokuSaki: well on the nook it was pointing at the SD card... so like /dev/mmcblk1p2 or something06:05
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OrokuSakido you use a lvm?06:05
wmaroneno way06:05
OrokuSakilucky =)06:06
wmaroneI'm guessing it's necessary on the touchpad06:06
OrokuSakiwe mount a lvm static binary in the initramfs06:06
OrokuSakiit's great06:06
OrokuSakior run a static to mount the lvm partitions I should say06:06
wmaroneoverly complicated >.>06:06
wmaronebut the touchpad doesn't have an sd card slot, does it?06:06
OrokuSakinope.. just mmc06:07
OrokuSakiA kernel should still give me a uart without a ramdisk.. right?06:07
OrokuSakishould say Hi I booted, I failed.. reboot06:08
wmaroneOrokuSaki: sure, but since you said ttyUSB I'm guessing you need to add the driver06:08
dm8tbrttyUSB sounds wrong06:09
OrokuSakithat is what I cant figure out.. My android kernel won't output a uart even.. just on it's own.. unless its booting with Android06:09
OrokuSakibinder maybe?06:09
OrokuSakiand yeah it has to be added in the kernel option and usb serial console06:09
dm8tbrso you have a FTDI or Prolific converter attached?06:09
OrokuSakiprolific.. and ftdi06:09
OrokuSakiI got both.. but I am using a prolific06:09
OrokuSakiand its working06:09
OrokuSakionly with my android kernel booting with android, and only with my mer kernel booting with mer06:10
OrokuSakibut I can't get a uart with my android kernel running on mer.. not even withouth a ramdisk...06:10
OrokuSakiIs that strange?06:11
OrokuSakiI am using the toolkit in my cyanogenmod folder, etc to compile the kernel, or just let cyanogenmod compile it.. same06:11
wmaroneI'd say find a good stand-alone arm cross compiler and use that06:11
OrokuSakiif I steal the kernel from my device.. and pair it with the mer ramdisk.. no more debugging06:11
OrokuSakithough it was debugging with android before changing out the ramdisk06:12
OrokuSakiand that is with a already compiled android kernel with the prolific stuff already compiled in and working06:12
OrokuSakiSo.. I will try the cross compiler idea.. what the hell06:13
wmaronethat's how I did everything with the nook06:13
OrokuSakiCode Sorcery?06:13
OrokuSakiif that works I will buy you a beer and kick you in the nads our of happiness\anger! =)06:13
OrokuSakithanks! =)06:13
wmaronebest of luck06:14
OrokuSakiThat is strange how a different toolchain would help your kernel when the toolchain that is used on the nook and android would not work?06:19
OrokuSakiWould it compile just not boot?06:19
wmaroneI just avoided android altogether06:21
wmaroneno android build system, etc.06:21
wmaronejust a cross compiler and the kernel06:21
wmaroneproduced kernels that booted, got up to Xorg starting with a root window06:22
wmaronesome Qt elements too06:22
OrokuSakiSame kernel is working on Ubuntu Touch.. which is more confusing.. as they use... who the hell knows with lxc and systemd06:24
OrokuSakisame toolchains06:24
OrokuSakiGuess I should try a different toolchain06:25
OrokuSakiWill try this if the other theory does not pan out06:25
OrokuSakineed more cores06:25
OrokuSakihmm my root is ext3.. hmmm06:26
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OrokuSakiCONFIG_EXT3_FS_POSIX_ACL=y CONFIG_EXT3_FS_SECURITY=y those are not set in my android kernel06:28
wmaroneshouldn't matter06:28
OrokuSakiyeah.. I should still get something off the uart anyways06:29
OrokuSakineat to use terminal over a serial.. reminds me of being a kid06:29
wmaronea kid?06:30
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OrokuSakiI walked into the store and said I needed a db9 null modem cable and the teenager gave me a puzzled look..06:30
wmaroneI use that for a bunch of test automation at work06:30
wmaronealbeit over IPMI06:30
OrokuSakiAhh yes.. IPMI06:30
OrokuSakiI remember using that over tcp or something.. been awhile... I prefer a dell remote access card06:31
wmaroneactually yeah, that's how I'm using it06:31
wmaronedell 12G platforms via iDRAC, serial over lan via IPMI06:31
OrokuSakiI remember if I used some IPMI feature that was supposed to work on their board.. it would crash06:31
wmaroneall scripted up with Python06:31
OrokuSakiWhat was I trying to do... remote bootup or something06:32
OrokuSakiOh I remember06:33
OrokuSakiIf I enabled the Team on the network card.. IPMI did some strange things.. I forget what.. but it only did it if I was using a team06:33
OrokuSakiyeah.. I never told tech support that06:34
OrokuSakiafter 3 motherboard replacements I got a T310 instead =)06:34
OrokuSakiI got my way!06:34
OrokuSakiand that board had a drac card06:34
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OrokuSakiso.. without a ramdisk my android kernel does not output any debugging07:22
OrokuSakinow I know07:22
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OrokuSakitrying code sorcery eabi07:54
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OrokuSakicode sourcery toolchain eabi did not boot...08:06
OrokuSakigoing to try the arm-none-linux-gnueabi- toolchain08:06
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OrokuSakiHOLY.. Its booting!08:39
OrokuSakibitching about accept4! yay!08:40
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timoph'lo hippies08:50
timophhow's things?08:50
Stskeepsenjoying sunny weather after a dark week in finland08:51
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timophnot that sunny in Tampere at least08:51
timophbtw, has nemo releases changes location or is the last release really from June?08:52
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timophnot the right channel for that question but anyway08:52
Stskeepsi think they never really picked up image building as such since wayland change08:53
timophso it's a diy thing now?08:53
faeniltimoph, locusf uploads wayland images from time to itme08:53
timophgot the url at hand for those?08:54
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faeniltimoph, don't know which one is the latest, let me see08:55
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faenilI mean, can dropbox do that?08:58
faenilthey offer free service and then suspend your links? what the hell?08:58
timophI the .ks is available I could build the images and upload them to kapsi from time to time08:58
timophwill upload to at some point08:59
timophmost likely some time later today09:00
faenilthank you :) locusf ^09:00
timophnow lunch. bbl09:03
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locusfnice, thanks timoph09:30
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OrokuSakiI have the triangles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!110:53
OrokuSaki[root@localhost libhybris]# test_glesv2                                          [  452.019979] mdp4_overlay_pipe_alloc: pipe=80817e90 ndx=1 num=0                OpenGL ES 2.0 AU_LINUX_ANDROID_JB. (CL2644550)                    stop                                                                             [  455.369998] lcdc_lg_panel_power: l10 DISABLE                                  [root@localhost libhybris]# [  410:53
OrokuSakiI know how!10:54
lbt_:D congrats OrokuSaki10:56
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OrokuSakiSo happy!10:56
OrokuSakiswitching to graphical target10:56
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timophfaenil: locusf don't gave my n950 with me now so did not test the image11:13
faenilthank you :)11:14
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locusftimoph: thank you :)11:17
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OrokuSaki@STSKeeps.. now the hybris is passing its test.. how can I get it to run with wayland or see what is going on?13:09
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OrokuSaki@STSKeeps  There is no EGL_WL_bind_wayland_display extension?14:02
OrokuSakitest_sf doesn't work14:03
OrokuSakiAny ideas?14:04
OrokuSakishower time14:04
OrokuSakimaybe wayland or something else needs to be recompiled???14:04
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sycosoI tried to create an ext2 loop filesystem with mic, but (according to file) I got a ext4 instead15:41
sycosoThis is in the ks file:15:41
sycosopart / --size 600 --ondisk sda --fstype=ext215:41
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sycosooops, my bad, that was an old version. The new version was in mic-output16:05
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rcgwoof.. fk_lx Stskeeps long read but good points i think :)16:50
rcgreferring to Co-creators Community blog post, i.e. ;)16:51
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fk_lxrcg: thanks from me and on behalf of Stskeeps16:55
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