Saturday, 2013-10-26

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alteregolbt: ping, I think I broke OBS ...15:03
alteregoEither that or someone has just revoked my access ...15:04
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dm8tbrLDAP down?15:19
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alteregolbt: ^ :)15:20
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OrokuSakiAre the source repos enabled for mer-core? I seem to be having an issue.. not the sdk.. for.. the Nexus.. when I enable them the URL seems bad..16:20
OrokuSakiThis seems to be right:
OrokuSakiI find srcpackages in there16:22
OrokuSakiI want to recompile X1116:22
OrokuSakiShould I attempt this on the SDK instead?16:23
alteregoProbably for the best right now.16:23
OrokuSakiI want to use the MSM framebuffer or say freedreno16:23
alteregoYou can download the git archive and build it locally with either scratchbox or mb216:23
alteregoAre you not using wayland?16:23
OrokuSakino... I am so clueless about wayland.. I was hoping to toss in my vendor blobs and see X11 do something, but that didn't happen16:24
OrokuSakiOh.. and I am using an HP Touchpad =)16:24
alteregoHmm, which one?16:24
OrokuSakiThe 10"16:24
alteregoAre you using hybris?16:25
OrokuSakiI downloaded an image from the touchpad hardware adaptation page16:25
alteregoteehee, didn't even know there was one.16:25
OrokuSakihybris does not seem to be in the repo16:25
alteregoThat adaptation needs redoing I think.16:26
OrokuSakiI guess it's not in that mer-core repo16:26
OrokuSakithere is no porting guide for mer... any porting guides for projects that use mer?16:26
alteregoNo, they're currently not published outside of _other_ adaptations16:26
alteregoI can try to talk you through the basics if you like.16:27
OrokuSakiYeah.. how does this work.. =)16:27
OrokuSakiI have a framebuffer console and wifi with ssh on my device16:27
alteregoYeah, that's a good start.16:28
OrokuSakiI have used X11 with msm framebuffer, and freedreno.. but that is all16:28
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alteregoHave you still got Android installed on it?16:28
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OrokuSakithe partitions are there16:29
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OrokuSakiwell.. along with ubuntu touch16:29
OrokuSakiso I have cm partitions and ut partitions16:29
OrokuSakiwebos partitions16:29
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OrokuSakiand a 5 gb mer partition =)16:30
bull3thi, I'm trying to reach for creating an account but I got error 503: Service Temporarily Unavailable. can anyone confirm?16:30
alteregobull3t: ah, yes we're having some problems with infra at the moment.16:31
dm8tbrbull3t: yeah, there seems to be a problem16:31
bull3talterego: ok16:31
alteregoBasically anything that requires auth in is affected.16:31
alteregoI only have access to wiki, so I can't really help. Hopefully someone will notice soon :)16:31
alteregoOrokuSaki: so you followed the instructions on the wiki page?16:32
OrokuSakifor the touchpad hardware adaptation? yes.. built the image, etc..16:32
alteregoCompiled your own kernel?16:32
alteregoCool, then you're going to enjoy this :)16:32
OrokuSakiI want to see hybris outside of an lxc container I guess16:33
OrokuSakithe way it was intended by the author or etc16:33
alterego(looking for most recent kernel for you)16:34
alteregoLooks like it only supported android to gingerbread.16:34
OrokuSakitouchpad is running 2.6.35 with 5 kernel patches by STSKeeps16:35
alteregoAnd a 2.6 kernel16:35
alteregoOkay, probably good to stick with that then.16:35
OrokuSakiI do know of a backported 3.0.8 KGSL to 2.6.35 but thought I would stay stock, etc16:36
OrokuSakino blobs to pair with that kernel16:36
alteregoWhat about graphics accel, is that enabled in your kernel and modules?16:36
OrokuSakiShould be.... hmmm16:36
OrokuSakiIt is the kernel config from the hardware adaptation page16:37
alteregoOh, did you use the basic or plasma active .ks16:37
OrokuSakicant find a plasma active.ks for the TP16:37
alteregoThe pa .ks should install X for you.16:37
OrokuSakithe basic had an X11 Minimum16:38
OrokuSakiso I should try to build the plasma active kickstart instead of the core?16:39
alteregoYou can if you want, I've got another idea too if you hold on a sec.16:39
OrokuSakiokay =)16:39
OrokuSakithis has been a project so I can hold forever16:39
OrokuSakiI want to see Mer... without plasma active16:40
OrokuSakiunless it's just an X11 screen16:40
alteregoIt is, mer is the core platform.16:41
OrokuSakithen plasma active sounds great!16:41
alteregoUIs are out-side of mer.16:41
alteregoThere's also Nemo, and Sailfish16:41
OrokuSakithough.. I guess I should learn how to get the X11 on core? just to know how?16:41
OrokuSakiI would like to know how16:41
alteregoIf you want to try getting wayland to work, then maying mixing the .ks files you have with this one:
OrokuSakiso I am missing wayland?16:42
alteregoAdding the hardware adaptation bits you need, and removing the n9/50 specific parts16:42
alteregothat pa image I think is X11, (it's quite old)16:42
OrokuSakino wonder X11 didn't do anything when I added my blobs to usr/libs16:42
OrokuSakithanks man! that helps!16:42
alteregoWell, have fun :)16:43
OrokuSakidoes the plasma active kickstart file have wayland? last one!16:43
alteregoNo, X1116:43
alteregoBoth of the current mertp adaptations .ks files are X1116:43
alteregoThey're quite old.16:43
OrokuSakiWow! Glad I asked... Thought that was a yes... Now I know! Thank you so much16:43
alteregoBut you should be able to stick the specific adaptations parts into that nemo .ks I just pasted to make it build a newer image with wayland.16:44
alteregoI can't promise wayland will work though, you might have to do some more digging about.16:44
OrokuSakiGotta start somewhere... thanks man! I thought I ran into a brick wall.. I did =)16:44
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artemmaHow do I create configuration (on Mer device)? Or (on remote device) in QtCreator?17:20
artemmaGot sailfish sdk with sub projects and.. QtCreator fails to figure out the executable for the test subproject. Everything is built and deployed (via RPM) fine, it's just that I cannot tell QtCreator which executable to run on device17:21
artemmaso I am thinking of creating a custom run configuration, but.. it seems to assume the desktop, not the emulator device17:22
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OrokuSakiSo.. I untarred this nexus plasma active tar.gz17:43
OrokuSakiand I replaced my kernel mods,  my firmware and removed tegra3.conf.. rebooted.. and I got an image for a bit17:43
OrokuSakisome twirly thing with a grayish background17:43
OrokuSakiand then it disappeared17:43
OrokuSakioh shit17:44
OrokuSakiI touched the screen and plasma active came up!17:44
EztranWell, that sounds pretty good :)17:44
OrokuSakiIts running on my touchpad!17:44
OrokuSakilol.. sweet17:44
OrokuSakiI wonder if this works with sailfish17:44
OrokuSakiI didn't even build an image17:44
OrokuSakiresolution is correct.. I didnt even put in my damn CM vendor blobs!17:45
OrokuSakiI don't think17:45
OrokuSakiis that right?17:45
alteregoIf it works it works.17:51
alteregoJust stretch it, see where it breaks and if you have issues you can't resolve there's always someone here :)17:51
OrokuSakiAnyone know the latest kickstart file for Nexus7 and Sailfish?17:51
Stskeepsfwiw plasma active is xorg17:51
alteregoStskeeps: ldap is down btw17:51
OrokuSakiyeah I saw that in the log and was wondering.. =)17:51
OrokuSakiMaybe I can just toss in the touchpad hardware adaptation and get ts_srv included.. or.. just toss it in myself.. I should have that actually..17:52
Stskeepsalterego: lbt is on it17:53
* lbt watches the console doing nothing and begins to think about killing the kvm process17:53
lbtit echoed th sysrq-trigger17:53
lbtshopping is here .... will kill when I get back :)17:54
lbtshould be OK now18:06
lbtfood ... bbiab18:06
dm8tbryup WFM18:07
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OrokuSakiAnyone know where this went?
alteregoit's working, now to fix my .spec a bit and iss all good.18:10
OrokuSakiI cant find it in the Mer repos18:10
alteregoAnyway, I fancy a pint.18:10
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Morpog_OrokuSaki, try skeiron repos18:11
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locusfartemma: yes18:22
artemmalocusf: ?18:22
locusfartemma: mistyped18:22
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Stskeepsheh, a chain here is going to launch an e-reader..19:38
Stskeepscalled Merbook..19:38
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OrokuSaki@Stskeeps... I am trying to run ts_srv and I get this.  Could not open Uart.. and I have chmodded to 777 on /dev/ctp_uart got any ideas?19:46
OrokuSakitried other ts_srv's as well19:47
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OrokuSakismoke break19:47
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shanxSHello everyone!21:37
shanxSwhat is the best to get Sailfish's image for ARMv7 1) compile mer + nemo _or_ 2) do we have it on internet somewhere ?21:38
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OrokuSakihome must be hidden22:06
OrokuSakino I am just stupid22:07
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OrokuSakiI wonder why crevetor aka Antoine never released a kernel and rootfs publicly for the hp touchpad?22:24
OrokuSakiI guess in this way he did..22:24
OrokuSakiexcept he is running freedreno with 3.0.8 on plasmaactive.. guess that is why.. plasmaactive is running X11 without Wayland?22:26
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