Wednesday, 2013-10-16

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UninstallGood morning to everyone08:20
Stskeepsgood morning08:21
Stskeepshow's feedback been?08:21
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UninstallStskeeps: I've been looking to that stuff briefly yesterday night08:22
Uninstalland I will spend some time this morning on it08:22
Stskeepsoh i meant feedback on your launch :)08:23
Uninstalloh, ok08:23
UninstallStskeeps: rather good08:24
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UninstallStskeeps: do you know how long it takes before something approved on gerrit is visible on gitweb?08:26
Stskeepsif it's merged, it shows up instantly08:26
Stskeepssame server08:26
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Uninstallreports that the last change has been on the 21st of september08:29
Uninstallhasn't been updated yesterday?08:30
Stskeepsyes, but the commit date is from back then08:32
Stskeepsunlike github which i think adds a merge commit thing08:33
Uninstallthank you08:33
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Uninstallfoggy day outside08:39
Stskeepshere too08:39
Uninstall <-- our office08:39
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UninstallStskeeps: here == poland08:39
Uninstallgood morning namtab08:40
notmartUninstall: yo08:40
Uninstallhow's going?08:40
notmartbuh, is going...08:40
StskeepsUninstall: yeah08:41
Stskeepsnice office08:41
UninstallStskeeps: the location is rather cool... it is in the middle of the country outside venice08:42
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Uninstallbtw today is Wed I would expect something triggering the midweek hemera rebuild :D08:43
Stskeepsbtw did you test eglibc with 'old' gcc?08:45
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UninstallStskeeps: no, I didn't08:48
Stskeepsi'm currently merging some of the low hanging fruit and promoting that to testing08:48
Stskeepsand then i'll take eglibc/gcc when that is somewhat in a good state08:48
UninstallStskeeps: there are some fixes around for broken stuff libaccount-qt08:49
Stskeepswho's your MDS2 guy out of interest?08:49
Uninstallkostola takes care of OBS, MDS2 and all that stuff here08:50
Stskeepskostola: hello!08:50
kostolaStskeeps: hello08:51
kostolahow long08:51
kostolai mean it's been a long time08:52
Stskeepskostola: so i have two things.. one is a patch towards mds2 that enables reading mer core format like is in;a=commit;h=efd008691aaaf49a20a6895fb15c0787c63bd36508:52
Stskeepsso instead of source files, it provides _service files08:52
Stskeepswould you be interested in trying this out?08:53
Stskeepsit should be backwards compatible08:54
kostolait sounds interesting08:54
kostolabut we have to think a little bit about it08:54
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kostolaat the moment we're quite busy due to hemera launch next month08:57
Stskeepsyeah can imagine08:57
kostolabut if I'll have some free time, I'll take a look at it08:57
kostolayou said that you have two things...what's the second one?08:58
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Stskeepsthe second one is that you can then try to do a build with that + tar_git service in 'dumb' mode08:58
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kostolaStskeeps: thanks09:07
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UninstallStskeeps: which mer version are you using in sailfishos?13:51
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StskeepsUninstall: latest + mer:qt mods practically13:52
Uninstalluh, ok13:54
Stskeepswhy, ooi?13:55
UninstallStskeeps: I was wondering if recent changes are going to land in sailfish too13:55
Stskeepsyeah, probably - but cherry-picked13:56
Uninstallsomeone told me that there might be some problems with a recent gcc due to certifications13:56
Stskeepsbasically changing toolchain is kinda invasive and may change the outcome of sourcecode compiled to binary code13:57
Stskeepsso that may affect bits and pieces that require some areas to be re-certified13:57
Stskeepsalso the workload :)13:57
Stskeepsof fixing things broken by a pickier gcc13:58
Stskeepsbut that doesn't stop getting updated components anyway13:58
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Stskeepsjust some parts of problematic14:03
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UninstallStskeeps: so you pratically have to avoid rebuilds for some kind of stuff?14:26
Stskeepswell, rather that if there's something affecting it.. it's hardware near stuff, or related to telephony behaviour etc14:27
Stskeepsand compilers can do funky thing14:27
Uninstallis ceritfication done by a 3rd party company?14:30
Stskeepsthere's often a lab involved and somebody checking results and issuing a certificate14:30
Stskeepsit's all very facisnating, but also insane at times..14:30
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Stskeepsfor example: if you have a device with a modem in it, you don't need full certification for whole device combo, just the modem.. until the point you start having voice calls and you're a phone14:31
StskeepsGCF, in this instance14:31
Uninstallis this mandatory if you want to sell cell phone devices?14:32
Stskeepsif you guys are going to put embedded products out, i recommend you start now to look at what it takes to get CE certification and the likes14:32
UninstallStskeeps: we are not doing hardware products as you may know14:35
Stskeepsbut prepare to have to support people that do14:35
Uninstallbut we are investigating what we can do in that direction14:35
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UninstallStskeeps: do you know how to build an ARM package without scratchbox2?14:58
UninstallStskeeps: I need to build a kernel that builds only with 2009 codesourcery toolchain14:59
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Stskeepsbaselibs.conf perhaps15:02
lbtUninstall: do you mean make an rpm ?15:02
Uninstalllbt: yes15:03
lbtso you've done a make and got arm binaries ... you want to wrap them into rpms15:03
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UninstallI have a package on OBS that should be crosscompiled for arm using a custom compiler thar runs on i58615:03
lbtyour own OBS ?15:04
Uninstalllbt: I would like to add it to OBS so I can trigger a rebuild every time I change the .config for example15:04
lbtyeah - so the hacky way is to have Source1: toochain.tar.gz   :)15:05
lbtthen %build would unpack the toolchain and setup PATHs15:05
StskeepsUninstall: look at baselibs.conf for sb2-tools, it gives a good idea of how to export something to arm scheduler15:05
Uninstallis what I'm doing15:05
UninstallI would just avoid to have sb2 interfering with that build process15:06
Stskeepssure, it's not involved15:07
UninstallStskeeps: so If I don't have any arm binary around that has to be runt sb2 doesn't interfere?15:09
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Stskeepsso my idea is that you do the kernel build on x86 and export it to arm scheduler with baselibs.conf15:12
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Stskeepsso sb2 is never run in that scenario as it's a x86 build15:12
UninstallStskeeps: ok, thank you15:16
Stskeepsit's one way of doing it :P15:16
lbtyeah - that's what I was meaning too :)15:16
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UninstallStskeeps: so I can do this on the project config?15:20
StskeepsUninstall: baselibs.conf allows you to do this in a package15:20
UninstallStskeeps: so, I just need to add this to the package on OBS?15:20
Stskeepsbe aware that this is obs black magic15:20
Stskeepsexpect some time to get it right15:20
Uninstallok, so on OBS I will use i586 scheduler and then baselibs.conf will force an arm output?15:22
Uninstallit doesn't seem so hard... any good example around?15:23
Stskeepsand that's what i said before i had to go get lots of psychological treatment ;)15:23
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lbtI'm not 100% sure  how to tell your rpm that it is an arm rpm though15:24
* alterego wonders how well rsync SDK and sharing it between computers will work.15:26
alteregolbt: started working on binary blob extraction from Android images now.15:27
lbtalterego: should be fine - but I tend to just rsync my dev env15:27
lbtalterego: :)15:27
lbtI've just got a neat fix for uids15:27
alteregoAfter that I want to work on building our own kernels, from their sources.15:27
alteregoSo I can have the complete adaptation done in my repos.15:27
alteregoWhat's the favoured way of making .ks files now-a-days? I've always just copy&paste&edit ones I find.15:28
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lbtnot really sure ... I use mer-kickstarter still15:30
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lbtit's kinda nice to make variations - there is ssuks but I missed the training course15:31
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alteregoI'm thinking I'd like something .yaml based, where you can specify target hardware properties, which generates the required adaptation files. Which a field for say "appliance profiles" where you select a meta-package for say "phone", "tablet", "tv", etc.15:31
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alteregoI'll look in to it thanks.15:32
alteregoI wrote a readme to accompany my fork:
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Uninstalllbt:  I think: arch <arch> targets <target_arch>[:<target_type>] [<target_arch>[:<target_type>]...]15:41
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UninstallStskeeps: there must be a problem somewhere I think20:30
Uninstallpoppler from mer git doesn't build on our OBS20:30
Uninstallit fails due to an already applied patch it seems20:30
Stskeepspossible, i didn't get the test results from there just yet20:30
Stskeepslemme check the devel branch20:31
Uninstallso it shouldn't build on Mer OBS too20:31
Stskeepsyup, you're corect20:31
UninstallStskeeps: it failed there too?20:32
Uninstallok, so there was a dobule mistake20:32
UninstallI did a mistake when I submited somehow something broken20:32
Uninstalland there was a mistake when it has been approved something broken ;)20:32
Uninstallwe must be all careful20:32
Uninstallanyway sorry for the accident20:33
Uninstallnow I'm having dinner later I'll send a fix for that20:33
Uninstallsee you later and good night in case I don't see you20:33
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