Thursday, 2013-10-10

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kostajaStskeepz: hi! is the tar_git script from available somewhere?06:18
Stskeepzkostaja: yes,
Stskeepzif you wait a few days, i'll have a guide how to make _service based mer setup on your own06:19
kostajagreat, cheers!06:19
kostajaoh, nice06:20
kostajalooking forward to that06:20
Stskeepzkostaja: take a look at , ,
Stskeepzkostaja: no more differences in packages between ports, just enable/disable per package in _meta06:20
Stskeepz all that's needed to start a port build06:20
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kostajathat's actually really cool06:26
Stskeepzmakes branching a lot easier too06:26
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Stskeepsplus shifts the weight of git checkouts/caching to source service server06:33
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kostajayeah. we need to take this into use06:37
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rcgSage, ping13:53
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Stskeepsmorphis: ?18:40
morphishit enter to fast :)18:40
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morphisI am currently seeing touch events having an offset of 60px for a wayland client, do you have any idea where this can come from?18:41
morphisonly for the y axis18:42
Stskeepschecked the events as they come in on compositor side?18:42
morphisthey are fine18:42
morphisit's only for client windows18:42
Stskeepsno, haven't seen that, but may be related to how the compositor think it's placed on screen?18:44
Stskeepsdoes the same thing happen with the example compositor?18:45
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Bostikhm, is Debowe Mocne a decent Polish beer, by any chance?18:45
morphisStskeeps: I didn't tried it yet18:45
Bostika tad sweet, but better than nothing around here18:45
Stskeepsmorphis: ok, worth testing18:45
StskeepsBostik: where did you end up? :P18:45
Stskeepssince you have polish beer18:45
BostikStskeeps: London18:45
Stskeepsah, right18:45
morphisjust wanted to ask you before I start investigating too much18:46
BostikStskeeps: work starts next Thursday18:46
StskeepsBostik: :nod:18:46
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Bostikand a nearby off-license has some Polish beers ;)18:46
* Stskeeps is having fun with android's ACM gadget18:46
Stskeepsnow there's a real piece of crap18:46
Stskeeps(serial port)18:46
Bostikdark lager... would prefer .cz products but this is a reasonable excuse18:47
Stskeepscat /etc/mtab to it the wrong way, and it reboots the device..18:47
Stskeepsno kernel panic, just reboot18:47
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morphisStskeeps: hm, the problem doesn't exist with the qml-compositor18:51
Stskeepsok, well, that's a clue i guess18:52
morphisthe little difference is that we're not displaying windows fullscreen when they are active so we have a statusbar and a gesture area on the bottom left18:52
morphisand the qml-compositor does18:52
Stskeepsis the bottom left 60px by chance? :P18:53
morphisstatusbar on the top is at least 30px18:53
morphispossible that both together are 60px18:53
morphisso we need to translate the coordinates somewhere into the application window space18:54
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morphisStskeeps: hm, seems like the client surface isn't resized when we resize the window on the compositor side18:59
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morphisStskeeps: whats the common way here? when the client window has a specific size but the compositor displays in differently in respect of the screen size should it be resized?19:13
Stskeepsmorphis: try #qt-lighthouse19:14
morphisStskeeps: ok19:15
Stskeeps(i dont know)19:15
morphisStskeeps: ok19:29
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sledgeslbt could you kick lipstick pls?

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