Sunday, 2013-09-08

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miksaI am debugging EGL library to work with libhybris, the problem is that the library messes up with the TLS and pthread initialization gets lost. Subsequent calls to pthread thus crash. Anyone with good tip how to find the cuplrit ?09:19
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Morpog_miksa, , you should ping Stskeeps and wait for a reply09:34
fk_lxmiksa: also, probably channel #libhybris is also better for this kind of questions09:37
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locusflbt: ping13:39
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lbtlocusf: pong13:50
locusflbt: any updates on the mer target addition in Sailfish SDK (noticed that this is probably the wrong channel)13:50
lbtwhat do you mean ? the ability to add a target?13:51
locusfnamely armv7hl13:51
lbtthere's a new build of the webapp13:51
locusfbut it had the bugs13:51
locusfok thx13:52
lbtjust for hacking you could add that and update the sdk-webapp - I think it may need sdk-utils too13:53
lbtto do the arm build you simply need to add the cross repo13:53
lbtI think we went through that?13:54
locusfwe did13:54
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locusfah its doing it13:56
locusfException: 'qmake -query' returned no data13:57
lbttypically the target is missing qmake13:57
locusfprobably a bad target bootstrap url13:57
locusfok, will rebuild14:00
locusfsubprocess.CalledProcessError: Command '['sb2', '-t', 'nemo-wayland-arm', 'qmake', '-query']' returned non-zero exit status 114:09
locusfhmm now I've got qmake in there14:09
locusf <- whole backtrace14:10
locusfqt5-qmake installed in the mic2 rootfs target14:11
lbtI've not tested it with an arm target yet14:11
lbtcan you ssh to the enging14:12
lbtok, as a user14:12
lbtthen : sb2 -t nemo-wayland-arm14:12
lbtyou should be in sb2 shell at that point14:12
lbtthen run qmake -v14:13
lbtor something14:13
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locusfqmake: could not exec '/usr/lib/qt4/bin/qmake': No such file or directory14:13
lbtso zypper in qt5-default14:13
lbtyou need to reenter the target14:14
lbtusing : sb2 -t nemo-wayland-arm -m sdk-install -R14:14
lbtthen : zypper se default14:15
locusfhmm I've got a same target name in my own MerSDK14:15
locusfso thats probably the issue14:15
lbtwell, it was *supposed* to share them just fine14:15
lbtthis more looks like qmake is badly setup14:16
lbtso I'd blame target/host Qt installation14:16
locusfhmm failed now14:18
locusfwith different target name14:18
lbtyep - OTOH if you can't run qmake under sb2 then there's a problem with the target14:19
locusfand I presume if I get this working that Qt5 of the target must match Qt5 of the device?14:25
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locusfTarget nemo-armv7hl-wayland now setup14:28
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lbtlocusf: cool - what did you change14:36
locusflbt: added qt5-default to .ks14:37
locusfTarget nemo-armv7hl-wayland now setup14:37
locusf:-1: error: The Qt version is invalid: Could not determine the path to the binaries of the Qt installation, maybe the qmake path is wrong?14:38
lbtso I was about to say "good" :/14:38
locusfme too :/14:38
locusf17:37:40: Running steps for project qmlcalc...14:39
locusf17:37:40: Configuration is faulty, please check the Issues view for details.14:39
locusfalso this is in Qt Versions tab for Qt 5.1.0 MerSDK nemo-armv7hl-wayland:14:39
locusfQt version is not properly installed, please run make install14:40
locusfand red exclamation mark14:40
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lbtwhat does the sb2 qmake -query tell you14:43
lbtand let me just sanity check - you mentioned this target matched an sb2 target you already had?14:44
locusfyes, but I renamed it to be sure14:45
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locusfand it worked ok14:45
locusfqmake -query ^14:45
lbtthat looks reasonable - in qtc does the kit show correctly14:48
locusfit shows with red exclamation mark14:48
locusfmanual build with mb -t nemo-armv7hl-wayland works though14:49
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lbtI suggest just using mb2, mb is not supported with any QtC stuff14:50
lbtcan you compare the info of the 486 and arm kits in qtc14:51
lbtie from Projects/Manage Kits14:51
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locusfwell there is no Qt version for arm kit14:52
lbtyou may need to remove the target completely and re-add it - or add it using a new name?14:53
lbtyou could first go to the target/manage and do a sync14:54
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locusf(I clicked delete already just when you said sec :) )14:55
locusfsync done14:56
lbtand did that help the kit?14:57
lbtwhere is your .ks ?15:03
locusf <- here15:03
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lbtok - remove _all_ entries in %packages and just use:
lbtI need to update the mer patterns to provide a better structure for targets15:21
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locusflbt: kit is ok now15:28
locusfbut I don't have the qtc_* macros defined in spec15:28
lbtlocusf: ok - making progress then :)15:31
lbtI've been working with w00t on reducing the need for special macros in the spec15:31
lbtdo you use a .yaml ?15:31
locusfhmm qmlcalc does use a .yaml15:32
lbtok - make sure the Builder: is qtc515:32
lbteventually that will just go back to qmake515:32
lbtbut for now spectacle will update your spec with the macros15:32
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locusffailing with some build dependency issues15:41
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lbt(fwiw mb2 build will just add them for you if you add them to the yaml)15:45
locusfdesktop-file-utils is needed by qmlgallery-0.1.0-1.armv7hl15:46
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locusflbt: is there a quick and nice way to add default repos, eg. a package?15:52
lbtwhat do you mean by 'default repos' ?15:52
locusfhmm I guess thats ssu15:52
locusfI don't have any repos for the devel target15:53
locusfso I can't resolve dependencies much15:53
lbtI was about to write a repo manager for the control center15:53
lbtthat would let you add obs repos and other things like that15:53
locusf <- is there a .repo file for this repository?15:55
lbtno, I don't make them for our releases15:57
locusfhow do I make zypper avare of that repo?15:58
lbtyeah :)15:59
lbtsb2 -m sdk-install -R zypper ar16:00
lbtunless you use ssu16:00
lbtsb2 -m sdk-install -R ssu ar16:00
locusfah ok16:02
locusfthe real deal16:02
locusfhow do I copy the binaries to my N9 and run them :)16:02
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locusfapparently manually since I can't create another Mer Emulator device16:05
lbtthis is a teeny bit tricky16:06
lbtbut there is a file called devices.xml16:07
lbtmake sure you update sdk-utils too16:08
lbtthen if you add an entry into there which also contains the device ssh key you can do mb2 install16:09
locusfupdated it16:09
lbtnow the released qtc has a bug - fixed internally but not yet released16:09
locusfhmm doesn't matter if I edit the file, my changes are thrown away :/16:12
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lbtlocusf: well, essentially you copy the rpm over, install it and run it16:18
lbtalternatively you can rsync the code and run that - but you need to set an environment var to help the code see where the installroot is16:18
locusflbt: ok16:18
lbtlocusf: I have to go for a bit - ask any questions and I'll look at them later16:18
locusflbt: sure np16:18
locusfI'm happy it builds ok now16:19
locusfI can now build my sailfish project as armv7hl16:22
lbtlocusf: tweetworthy?  :)16:27
lbtl8r o/16:27
locusflbt: might be yes :)16:29
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