Saturday, 2013-08-17

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SuperpelicanStskeeps:Is the mer-general ML server's spam filter having problems?09:16
faenilSuperpelican, first of all, is there any spam filter? :D09:17
SuperpelicanI subscired to mer-general a few days ago09:18
Superpelicanand so far09:18
SuperpelicanI've only received 2 spam emails09:18
faenilyeah happens from time to time09:18
Superpelicansomething about a Chinese company's NFC chips09:18
Superpelicanand some advertising for titanium dioxide09:19
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dm8tbrSuperpelican: we'll be moving the list to mer infra09:52
dm8tbrthen we'll get rid of the spam09:52
Superpelicandm8tbr:And that is? Will it be hosted on a server running Mer?09:52
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Guest11374hi, all. I want to build the examples on qtbase, as a rpm package. How to do that?11:28
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Bostikjust the examples? against a set of prebuilt qtbase packages?11:31
Guest11374Bostik: yes11:35
Guest11374Bostik: Must I rebuild qtbase totally?11:36
BostikGuest11374: try a two-step process; first, git-archive _only the examples/ subdir_ to a tarball, so you can use the prebuilt packages as development targets11:36
Bostikthen, with the qtbase development packages installed, just try if "qmake; make" actually produces working binaries11:37
Guest11374Bostik: Can I make a package?11:37
Bostikthat's the next step, packaging should be relatively easy when you get the software built in the first place11:38
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SuperpelicanBostik:Well I got a quite different experience while packaging my kernel adaptation :/11:42
Superpelicanand I even used vgrade's .spec as template!11:43
Guest11374Bostik: How can I find the tar file of qtbase in mer-core? Or use the tar file from
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BostikGuest11374: I recommend that you clone the qtbase repository, and extract the qtbase/examples/** directly from that11:44
BostikSuperpelican: kernel is a special case :)11:45
Superpelicanbut at least I do have it packaged now \o/11:46
Superpelicanand it turned out I don't have to package the bootloader myself \o/11:46
Superpelicansomeone else already has :D11:46
Superpelicannow the libhybris stuff is probably the most difficult11:46
Superpelicanto do11:47
Superpelicanbut I'm currently waiting11:47
Superpelicanfor Stskeeps to release his .ks11:47
Superpelicanof the Alcatel One Touch Fire with Qt5/Wayland11:47
SuperpelicanStskeeps:BTW would the ZTE Open also be a candidate for "the community device"?11:48
SuperpelicanStskeeps:It seems to be much easier to get11:48
Stskeepsnot around11:49
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SuperpelicansledgeSim, Bostik:Do you think I could use this too as base for my sunxi/mali 400/Qt5/Wayland adaptation: ?11:57
SuperpelicansledgeSim, Bostik:It looks nice to me, but isn't it outdated?11:57
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Bostikit looks sane12:03
BostikI recognise workarounds for some very old bugs indeed, I would hope those are no longer required12:04
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Guest45810Bostik: I have compiled qt5 examples successfully. Now I can package it?13:39
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Bostikif they built nicely, grab a simple .spec as your baseline and edit to suit your needs; set the necessary build requirements (should be *-devel from qtbase + qmake + qt5-chooser), write the package description(s) and that's it13:52
Bostiklooking at the project files under examples/** it seems default installation path is $$[QT_INSTALL_EXAMPLES] which you may want to change for your packaging effort13:54
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Guest45810Bostik: thank you14:03
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* timoph ponders about renaming the cat iekku since he's saying "mäy" all the time17:22
Stskeepssounds like a plan17:22
timophhow's things?17:23
timophbtw, I hoping to be able to put together a small demo of the crash thing next week17:24
timophbasics are starting to work17:24
timophdump -> scp -> backtrace -> db -> www17:25
timophfully automated17:25
timoph(requires still a lot of work though)17:25
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Stskeepsi think somebody started hacking a bit on sp-rich-core judging by git activities, not involved17:30
timophand I didn't bother with corelysis. I'm writing a simpler replacement for it17:30
timophhaven't checked but at least I forked it on github and pushed a few fixes17:31
timophPofC version of the replacement is currently shell script, mysql and www frontend in php17:32
timophthe shell script part will most likely turn into python. not sure yet about the web suff17:34
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timophbut they are indemendent pieces so it doesn't matter much. the common thing is the db17:35
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timophthis vs corelysis being a monolithic thing17:36
timophbetter to split it to smaller pieces of sw imo17:36
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* timoph likes the unix filosofy17:38
timophphilosophy actually :p17:39
* Stskeeps is putting cyanogenmod on his nook colo17:40
timophdid it have eink display?17:41
Stskeepsbut it has a really sucky ereader ui on top17:44
detroutdoes use its own CA?17:58
Stskeepsprobably self-signed18:00
detroutit looks more like a  home-brew CA chain than purely self signed. but just wanted to check that the warnings were expected behavior18:01
RaYmAnStskeeps: you know you can generate essentially unlimited sub-domain certificates with startssl free, right? :P18:02
StskeepsRaYmAn: yes18:02
RaYmAnjust asked cause it seems surprisingly common that people think you can only generate one per domain18:03
Stskeepsat least cyanogenmod+fbreader beats the original barnes&noble UI immensely18:08
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* SpeedEvil sighs.18:29
SpeedEvilI bought a 'no DRM' book from amazon.18:29
SpeedEvilThere is absolutely no 'export book' option anywhere I can find, and the kindle reader is annoying compared to fbreader18:29
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cybrNaut'no DRM' means they're aren't going out of the way to restrict you - but it doesn't mean you can expect them to give you tools to copy/modify18:57
cybrNauti would expect nothing more from amazon18:58
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CosmoHillnight all23:00
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