Thursday, 2013-08-15

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kulveSpeedEvil: should work. Although you probably need to turn the mouse pointer visible06:19
Bostiklate'ish morning06:27
Bostikreading LKML, I'm secretly happy to see that embedded world isn't the only one where boot times are important06:28
Bostik0.1% even among first-world problems:  :)06:28
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c0cainec0layou know what would be funny06:50
c0cainec0laa mer device with 1TB of memory06:50
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Stskeepsc0cainec0la: i'm sure you can do that with the x86_64 port06:50
c0cainec0lai didn't even know x86_64 supported 1tb of ram06:51
c0cainec0lathat sounds serious06:51
tevec0cainec0la: Mem:    1058758568  637203304  421555264          0    1199020  45962000806:52
c0cainec0lawell then06:52
c0cainec0layou are far more equipped for os image building than i am my good sir06:53
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alteregoBuilding in tmpfs is speedy :)07:11
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Stskeepsalterego: indeed.. i love obs workers that build in tmpfs07:22
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alteregoStskeeps: yeah, I've had my SDKs local building in tmpfs for quite a long time now. It really speeds up your development cycle not having to wait so long for compiles ;)07:23
Stskeepsusing mb, too?07:23
Stskeepsmb or mb2, fantastic tool to avoid having to do osc build07:23
Stskeepsif you have a rpm/ directory, just mb build -t targetname rpm/foo.spec07:24
Stskeepsand it'll keep build results from last time07:24
alteregoI've not heard of that before. What does it use as a build root?07:24
Stskeepsyou can of course mount that elsewhere07:24
Stskeepsbut it speeds up development massively, too07:25
alteregoI'll have to look in to it.07:25
alteregoLearn about new things every day :)07:25
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alteregoVersailles, nice ..07:30
alteregoI should probably go somewhere this year.07:30
alteregoAre there any notable events coming up?07:31
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Stskeepshrm, smartdevcon in poland and fosdem in feb, at least07:32
alteregoFosdem is aaages away.07:32
alteregoI guess it's been more of an anticipatory year.07:33
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alteregoI'd really like a tablet OS that didn't suck.07:36
Stskeepsever checked out seadot?07:36
alteregoIt's got a way to go07:36
alteregoIt also sort of reminds me of Fremantle07:37
alteregoWait, pre-fremantle :)07:37
Stskeepsdid you see my alcatel video?07:38
alteregoNot sure, link?07:38
Stskeeps , on a at 95 EUR07:38
alteregoWow speedy, hybris?07:39
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alteregoAmazing :)07:40
Stskeepsin 256mb ram07:40
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alteregoLooks like the storage is a bit slow.07:40
alteregoVery impressive though :)07:40
Stskeepsit's a no-brand mmc07:40
veskuhStskeeps, your videos are bad for my neck :)07:41
alteregoOh, you're booting of MMC.07:41
alteregoveskuh: hahah07:41
Stskeepsveskuh: it's my little play to prevent marketing to use them ;p07:41
veskuhStskeeps, brilliant07:41
alteregoStskeeps: I would have thought the music would put them off :P07:41
Stskeepsin seriousity though, i think ZTE open, if it's similarly hackable, at 80 USD on ebay could be a very nice kit for many07:42
alteregoMaybe I should tell "marketting" the command line for rotating a video 90 degrees :P07:42
alteregoStskeeps: Hmmm,07:42
Stskeepssame board underneath afaik07:42
alteregoSo's the rpi? I guess the form factor is somewhat more tangible.07:43
Stskeepsrpi is a nice kit but it's not mobile07:43
alteregoI suppose it would be useful in being able to make UI more scalable.07:44
alteregoWorking on a "feature" phone would be extremely benificial.07:44
Stskeepsi like the challenge at least, though even has lower price and same ram07:45
Stskeepsvery likely to jack up to 512mb07:45
alteregoYeah, I would imagine the cost difference can't be that great between 256 and 512.07:46
alteregoWhat comes with less than 512 RAM these days ...07:47
Stskeeps very good way to see where to hit your sw on memory scaling etc though07:48
RaYmAnwow, i'm surprised android 4.0 can even run with 256mb ram07:49
alteregoI'm getting so sick of symbian. I need to get back to my N9 tbh07:49
alteregoI have to stare blankly at the screen for about 10 minutes before it registers that I've read a text message, from a contact that I may talk to frequently. Which is really odd, considering I have to press a f'ing "more" button to see older messages than the five or so it displays in one list.07:50
alterego / rant over07:50
alteregoThe camera is good though ..07:50
alteregoSo underpowered ..07:51
Jopealterego, ltns :-)07:51
Jopewhy would you use symbian tho07:52
alteregoA girl I was seeing a few months ago cracked the screen on my personal N9, haven't got around to replacing it yet and have been using a 808 Pureview the past 3 months.07:52
alteregoKind of as torture, and also as a way to not make me hold my phone so much.07:53
veskuhalterego, yeah I have 808 as travel phone, and it drives me grazy so fast. The camera is great, though.07:53
JopeI tried to have a stint of smartphone abstinence07:54
JopeI ended up nervously fiddling through the menus of my 6310i nevertheless07:54
Jopeperhaps I should have tried to abstain for a bit longer, then the phone could have stayed in the pocket more..07:54
alteregoJope: I imagine you crying in that memory ;)07:54
Jopecome to think of it, back in the old dct3 days, I did that anyway :-D07:54
alteregoI just used to play snake, and try and write crappy J2ME games :P07:55
JopeI think I got a pixel on in j2me and then thought ok, I'll come back to this later07:55
Jopenever went back naturally07:55
alteregoIt was a pain in the ass, a) Java. b) Java07:55
alteregoI remember making a pong clone.07:56
alteregoWhich I was quite proud of at the time.07:56
alteregoI guess the structure of the "applet" was quite well tailoured to games. If not apps.07:56
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alteregoAnd the J2ME forms were horrible.07:56
JopeI know lots of ppl in .fi who made their living doing that stuff07:58
Jopedchoc, mr goodliving, ...07:58
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alteregoI was still in school :D08:01
alteregoI sort of wish I got in mobility earlier, professionally. I feel like I missed some of the more exciting periods. But then, things are still quite exciting today.08:02
alteregoThe fact that in the past 4 years, being able to run a fully fledged Linux system on a phone is pretty awesome.08:03
alterego4-5 years I guess.08:03
Jopeindeed.. we were quite close to my dream with the n900 :-)08:03
Jopemeaning pocketable all purpose computing08:03
Jopejust not enough ram or cpu in that beast.08:03
alteregoYeah, I still have a pretty prestine N900, just sitting in a drawer, kind of makes me sad. Maybe I should donate it to someone. :D08:03
Jopethinking back to j2me, I'm actually surprised that people have already forgotten how fragmented j2me was08:04
alteregoI still know of two people that aren't hackers that use it today :)08:04
Jopeeveryone's moaning about android fragmentation like it's a new thing08:04
Jopebut j2me .. damn the boys at mr goodliving had an elaborate build automation system that built the same codebase onto 200 different j2me phones..08:04
Bostiknot new, just latest and thanks to android proliferation, the most painful08:04
Jopestripping out shit that wouldn't run on some ..08:04
alteregoYeah, in the early days, there were so many different APIs being supported by different vendors. Was a massive pain.08:04
Jopethey didn't moan, they just did it. :-)08:05
Jope(they did moan ;-)08:05
alteregoYou know what else I miss, ringtone makers.08:05
Jopeooh yes..08:05
alteregoMaybe I'll write an app for nemo.08:05
alteregoIt'd be pretty trivial.08:05
JopeRTTTL or what was it ..08:05
Jopesmart messaging spec.. argh. :-)08:05
Jopetakes me back to the late 90s08:05
alteregoI can't remember, I just remember using the inbuilt Nokia one to do ringtones for peers.08:06
* alterego starts sketching ringtone app.08:06
alteregoWonder what I could use to make the sounds. I'd imagine a midi sequencer would be best.08:06
Bostikahhh, the larry theme in ringtone...08:07
alteregoI remember doing several Marilyn Manson tunes for friends.08:07
alteregoOne of which was his cover of "Sweet Dreams"08:07
sledgeSimleisure suit larry ftw lol Bostik08:08
alteregoOoooh, oooh, I could implement an entropy based ringtone generator.08:08
alteregoEveryone could have their own ringtone :)08:09
Jopehehe.. argh08:11
alteregoAlso need to sort out VoIP08:11
alteregoI actually want to restructure voicecall a bit.08:11
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alteregoI was thinking of moving it to a single process. Rather than the two it is now. As they're both running at the same time. Using dbus like I do between UI and manager is really annoying to hack on.08:12
alteregoThough the QML will still have to be a seperate package.08:13
alteregoStskeeps: have you had much success with ofono on those kind of cheap devices?08:15
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Stskeepsi tried for a bit but screwed something08:16
Stskeepsshould work08:16
Stskeepsofono-rilmodem is a fantastic invention08:16
alteregoyeah, was thinking about ofono-ril08:22
alteregoThere's also audio, how well is that kind of stuff supported?08:22
alteregoI guess better than gfx08:22
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alteregoDoes normal PC hardware generall have an RTC wakeup ability?10:03
alterego~generally ..10:04
alteregoHrm, might give it a go.10:05
alteregoI wonder if the exo does. Might turn it in to a radio alarm clock. Heh.10:07
alteregoThough I guess it's almost time to destroy it ;)10:07
Stskeepshmm, good point10:11
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alteregoStskeeps: cheaper than sending it back :)10:45
Stskeepsalterego: they'll have to find me first10:46
alteregoHeh, you've moved like 3 times since, ;)10:46
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dm8tbrit's a tax thing anyway...10:55
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Stskeeps /g sage12:51
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sledgeSimwoot? :}}12:52
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cybrNaut <= that site has SSL cert issues20:31
cybrNautwhat's the status?  is mer up and running on anything yet?20:32
cybrNautwiki mentions Nemo Mobile, Plasma Active, Cordia, Jolla/Sailfish, Seadot20:33
cybrNauti thought sailfish was another OS20:33
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Morpog_PCcybrNaut, SailfishOS = Mer + Nemomobile middleware + Sailfish UI + HW Adaption20:38
Morpog_PCNemomobile = Mer + Nemomobile middleware + Nemomobile UI + HW Adaption20:39
*** SeekingFor has quit IRC20:43
cybrNautah, thanks20:47
lbtcybrNaut: what ssl issues?21:10
cybrNautgotta message about the cert being for a different site.. i had to go through a process to manually view and accept the cert21:11
lbthmm - what OS/browser?21:12
Morpog_PCcan someone remove this from mer wiki? It's full os spam entries21:12
Morpog_PCos --> of21:12
lbtcybrNaut: we use  TLS/SNI to support multiple https on a single IP - some browsers don't support that21:14
lbtMorpog_PC: feel free to do that21:14
Morpog_PChave no mer account :)21:14
lbtget a Mer account? :D21:14
lbtwhat page?21:14
Morpog_PCentry page21:14
Morpog_PCoops sorry21:15
cybrNautlbt: i'm using FF 3.5.16 with the noscript and https everywhere plugins21:17
Morpog_PCerm, maybe update FF?21:18
Morpog_PCI'm on FF 26 here21:18
cybrNautMorpog_PC: that's a pain in the ass for debian users21:18
cybrNautDebian is always quite behind21:18
lbtcybrNaut: also you did visit the http site link21:18
lbttry going to  directly21:19
cybrNautlbt: not sure.. i'll try again21:19
Morpog_PCmaybe the hhtps everywhere addon got a bug21:19
cybrNautdamn firefox popups.. cannot copy the text21:19
lbtit seems OK here - and I've had no complaints for many, many months.... so ... hoping it is just a redirect glitch21:20
* lbt reboots windows 8 for the Nth time21:20
cybrNauti get " uses an invalid security certificate.... error code: sec_error_unknown_user"21:21
cybrNautlbt: trying your url now..21:21
lbtyou're not on sarge or something? :D21:21
cybrNautlbt: i should also mention i'm on lenny.. which i think is 1 distribution behind the stable21:22
lbtyeah - it's possible that entire civilizations have risen and fallen since then ..21:22
lbtand certainly possible that startcom's root cert is not in lenny21:23
cybrNautwith this link ( i get "connection is untrusted".  the cert is for
lbtcybrNaut: I actually suspect that you don't have TLS/SNI21:24
cybrNautwhats sni?21:24
lbtsee that wikipedia link ^^^21:24
*** arcean_ has quit IRC21:24
lbtI shall encourage you to upgrade by saying it puts you about equal to MS windows running IE 6...21:25
cybrNautother ssl sites work fine, w/one exception21:25
lbtyes - it's due to us sharing certs over an IP address21:25
lbtmost commercial sites support IE6 .. we don't21:25
rcgmight also be worth to mention that it's not the securest way to surf on the internet via an ancient browser21:26
lbtaccording to gospel, ffox 2.0 and above should work21:27
rcg2.0 or 20?21:27
rcgscnr :)21:28
CosmoHillhi guys21:28
cybrNautrcg: old browsers should be fine.. as long as it's 256 bit aes crypto21:28
lbtbut debian may have linked against their version of tls/ssl back in lenny time21:28
cybrNautproblem is actually w/all the new features.. java, flash, and all that silly shit21:28
rcgcybrNaut, am not referring to crypto. rather like vulnerabilities in the browser etc.21:28
cybrNautrcg: better yet, disable the dodgy stuff altogether.  that's what i do.  cookies off.. javascript off.. no flash21:29
rcgbut i didn't want to start a big discussion about that right now. just to give a friendly hint21:29
cybrNauttaht's where all the holes are21:29
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*** special has joined #mer21:31
rcg*just wanted21:31
CosmoHilllbt: I got my new car :)21:34
rcgnight all... :)21:35
*** rcg has quit IRC21:35
CosmoHillnigh..oh he's quick21:35
cybrNautCosmoHill: what OS is it running?  gonna put mer on it?21:35
CosmoHillso far I've set the alarm of 4 or 5 times and had to do a 3 point turn into the work enterances which my nissan has no issues with21:36
CosmoHillcybrNaut: atm it's running BP Regular :)21:36
*** david_a has quit IRC21:37
cybrNautsome cars have shitty software.. i recall a car that occasionally could not go past 2nd gear.  The solution was to pull over and reboot21:37
*** david_a has joined #mer21:38
CosmoHillmy cousin said the same for the rear wiper until we worked out the controls21:38
CosmoHilltook us 2 miles to turn it off21:38
CosmoHillnight night21:44
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