Saturday, 2013-08-10

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kulveI'm trying to change the default videosink for autovideosink in gstreamer with the command "gconftool-2 --type string --set /system/gstreamer/0.10/default/videosink foobar" but playbin2 still uses xvimagesink. Any hints why that doesn't work?11:04
kulve(this is not on Mer, but I'm hoping there are some people familiar with gst in here)11:04
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Sfiet_Konstantinheya !16:07
Sfiet_Konstantinany people with experience in kernel cooking16:07
Sfiet_Konstantini find it really hard16:07
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dm8tbrSfiet_Konstantin: cross compiling? native?16:09
dm8tbrit's an acquired taste. "you get used to it™"16:09
Sfiet_Konstantindm8tbr: just the config16:10
Sfiet_KonstantinI could spend years understanding all the entries16:10
dm8tbrhehe, that's a black art16:10
Sfiet_Konstantinand HW is not my expertise16:10
Sfiet_Konstantin(I'm more about UIs)16:10
Sfiet_Konstantin(those fashionable things you know :P)16:11
dm8tbryou need to sacrifice the blood of a vampire during a fool moon to get a working config...16:11
Sfiet_Konstantinsomething nice16:11
Sfiet_Konstantinmake defconfig16:11
Sfiet_Konstantin(well make i386_defconfig)16:11
Sfiet_Konstantingave me a config file that is wrong16:11
Sfiet_Konstantinwhen I sent it to OBS with a osc build, it fails :P16:11
dm8tbrI'd recommend to copy the config from a known working mer/nemo kernel16:15
dm8tbrat most make oldconfig if the kernel version differs16:16
Superpelicanthat's what I did for my kerel adaptation16:16
Superpelicaneven though the .config I copied was made for 3.416:16
dm8tbryeah, my nexus4 stuff started the same way16:16
Superpelicanand my kernel was 3.016:16
SuperpelicanI copied from vgrade's kernel-adaptation-sunxi16:16
Superpelicanas my tablet has a sunxi SoC16:17
dm8tbrand you might want to osc build16:17
Superpelicanare you talking about the .config16:17
Superpelicanwell I didn't copy the .config16:17
SuperpelicanI did copy the .spec16:17
SuperpelicanI made my own .config16:17
Superpelicanwith menuconfig16:18
Superpelicanand after that edited with a text editor for Mer support16:18
CosmoHillhi dm8tbr16:18
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mike7b4_lenovohmm for some wierd reason mer's mailingserver reject my private server from subscribe. Just wanted to say that I have changed some outdated info on mer wiki that I know of. (very small change but still)
Sfiet_Konstantinlbt^ ?17:55
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CosmoHillhi ulf^, how goes life?19:13
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ulf^Hi Cosmo, pretty good. Enjoying the weekend :)19:15
ulf^And off again :)19:15
CosmoHillbye bye19:15
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CosmoHillwb ulf^21:24
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berndhshey Cosmo22:57
CosmoHillhow are you?22:57
berndhsyour boys got relegated? is a shame22:57
CosmoHillI'm watching a guy who doesn't know what he's doing ignore most of the CLFS guide and try to build a linux distro on his tv...22:57
CosmoHillberndhs: eh, probably the best thing for us22:58
berndhsi'm fine, but haven't been doing much foss lately, work is distracting :(22:58
CosmoHillyeah, since I got a job I cba with a lot of stuff :(22:58
CosmoHillon the plus side I've bought a new(er) car22:58
berndhsmy boys finished 2nd in CL and Bundesliga, looks good for this year22:59
berndhshow much newer ?23:00
berndhsi got an old one, 200723:00
CosmoHillmy car is 1996 and the new one is 200523:00
berndhs97000 miles on mine, but runs real good23:02
CosmoHill86,000 miles on the nissan (old) and 104,000 on the ford (new)23:02
CosmoHillup yours logic :p23:02
berndhsyeah, rich man, 2 luxury cars :)23:02
CosmoHillhehe yeah :p23:03
CosmoHilljust thought, the first car I've bought is a performace 2.0L :D23:03
berndhscould have bought a Mercedes SL600 for the same up front money, but afraid of the maintenance cost23:03
CosmoHilloh yeah, I've not even got the car and been burnt on parts cost23:04
berndhsFord is safer for that23:04
CosmoHill£180 for OEM rear discs and pads for £170 for EBC performance disc and pads >.<23:04
berndhs07 Mustang, ordinary parts23:04
CosmoHill£80 for EBC standard23:05
CosmoHillalmost finished my blog post about the car23:06
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berndhsmy employer wants to have pics of my face to put on their website, i don't want that23:06
CosmoHillone day at my old job I was told we'd all have our pics taken so our boss could show someone at a meeting in london he was having23:07
ulf^CosmoHill: what a crazy day!23:07
CosmoHillwe had clients in on wednesday, my boss / manager wear nice shoes, trousers and a shirt23:07
ulf^berndhs: Send them a picture of Homer Simpson23:08
CosmoHillI'm there in trains, shorts, t-shirt and a beard23:08
ulf^berndhs: Or if it has to look more serious Mr Burns23:08
CosmoHillulf^, how crazy?23:08
ulf^CosmoHill: Crazy as in 6 fire trucks outside 3 hours ago23:08
CosmoHillguy trying to build a 800MB linux distro on his tv crazy?23:08
ulf^CosmoHill: Our furnace caught on fire23:08
CosmoHilloh my23:08
ulf^CosmoHill: The AC was spewing black smoke23:08
ulf^CosmoHill: Every room turned pitch black in minutes23:08
CosmoHillon yeah your central air thingy23:08
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ulf^CosmoHill: I called 911 reporting an attic fire23:09
ulf^CosmoHill: Fortunately it was just the furnace and HVAC burning up23:09
ulf^CosmoHill: But the house reeks :)23:09
CosmoHillbut everyone is alright?23:09
ulf^I was alone23:09
ulf^Managed to rush Annika and two dogs and a cat out on time23:10
berndhsyeah they all say that23:10
ulf^But I have a headache23:10
CosmoHillulf, hope that goes away and glade nobody got hurt23:10
ulf^yeah me too23:10
ulf^It happened crazy fast23:10
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berndhsi have a fireplace, and a fire extinguisher that I keep close23:11
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ulf^It started out smelling like a neighbor had their BBQ grill going23:13
ulf^I didn't think much of it23:13
ulf^Turned the AC on, which ran for a little while23:13
ulf^Then, black smoke23:13
ulf^And I even checked the garage before where the furnace is23:13
ulf^Couldn't see anything23:13
* CosmoHill hugs ulf^23:13
berndhsblack smoke is bad news normally23:14
* ulf^ hugs CosmoHill :)23:14
CosmoHillberndhs: or a diesel23:14
ulf^berndhs: We all know that since LOST :)23:14
ulf^At least tomorrow will make up for it23:14
ulf^Tomorrow is the Portland OR bridge pedal23:14
CosmoHillif my friend put his foot down the car behind would a cloud of black smoke / snot23:14
ulf^Just about the coolest event this year23:14
berndhsactually white smoke can be bad too, means that water is leaking into your combustion chambers23:15
ulf^No other city would shut down interstates to allow bicyclists to have a good time23:15
ulf^Only Portland is this cool23:15
ulf^berndhs: Hydrogen ain't bad :-)23:16
berndhsthere is a section of Interstate 5 in San Diego where they let bicyclists on the freeway23:16
berndhsI saw them riding in the dark23:16
berndhswe called them "organ donors"23:17
CosmoHillhere you're not allowed to ride on motorways but everything else you can23:17
CosmoHillhad the crap scared out of me a few times when a lorry's (truck's) trailer has come very close to me23:18
ulf^berndhs: U in Cali?23:18
ulf^CosmoHill: Here this is a special event, but Portland in general is very bike friendly.23:18
ulf^CosmoHill: If you don't believe me start watching Portlandia :)23:19
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berndhsPortland - Fungus Corners23:20
berndhssorry :)23:20
ulf^Portland = I have yet to find a cooler place in the US of A. San Francisco is nice, but still not there :)23:21
berndhsi likke SoCal23:23
berndhsfate has made me move to California 4 times, apparently I am supposed to be here23:23
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CosmoHilltook me two and a bit hours to write and rewrite that :/23:27
berndhsmy N950 is dropping internet after a few minutes23:28
CosmoHillI want my car to be a surprise for some friends so I've not told them and I won't publish the blogs until I get the car23:28
CosmoHilland I've not said what the car is in the posts until I get it :)23:29
CosmoHillnight night23:29
berndhsnight Cosmo23:29
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC23:31
* ulf^ doesn't like California 23:33
ulf^Too many people23:33
ulf^Too hot23:33
ulf^Too polluted23:33
berndhsbest weather on earth23:44
berndhsbut too many people is true, I'm glad that you want to live someplace else :)23:44
ulf^Where there are less people and we have the best weather on earth :)23:51
ulf^But don't tell anyone!23:51

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