Thursday, 2013-08-08

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JisledgeSim, morning. I am in china, so I will not be avaliable afternoon over there.03:01
JiSuperpelican, yes this is for a mips product of china :)03:02
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huanmingHey, I got a problem when building sailfishos example project named componentgalley07:23
huanmingIt says that "Fatal: SailfishOS-i486-x86 is an invalid sb2 target"07:23
huanmingCan anyone help me?07:24
huanmingMy os is windows 8 professional07:25
huanmingit is a 64-bit operating system07:26
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JiStskeeps, I found there is no reposiory configured in Mer:devel in OBS. How can it be built?08:41
Jifor mipsel08:42
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Jirepository for mipsel is not configured in mer:devel08:42
Stskeepshmm that's a good question08:42
Stskeepslbt: can we get a mips scheduler?08:42
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Jior mipsel is not built on obs?08:53
StskeepsJi: we have a seperate OBS for building actual mer08:53
Jibut no web ui for this OBS? just scheduler works on it ?08:54
Stskeepsthere's a web ui but it's not for humans :)08:54
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JiI am now working on establish my own obs and add the mipsel arch to it08:55
Jiseems obs does not accept a mipsel arch as project config08:56
Ji unknown architecture: 'mipsel'. it raised when I create new project on obs08:57
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Stskeepsyes, you need to use arch mips08:57
JiOh Thanks, I will try it08:57
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martyonehi, any easy way to get cpu cache(-line) size on arm? neither /proc/cpuinfo nor /sys/devices/cpu contains this info09:06
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sledgeSimmartyone, worth also asking in #edev and/or #elinux10:33
martyonesledgeSim: thanks! :)10:35
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sledgeSimnp, hope for best prepare for worst :)10:40
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kulveit seems that maliit-framework is now called maliit-framework-x11 and the sources comes from git. I branched the package in OBS but I don't see any files in there? I would like to add an commandline option for the server..11:18
Stskeepsosc up -S11:18
Stskeepsor cat _service to see where it comes from11:18
kulveshould I somehow touch the files provide by osc up -S or should I fork the github project, make changes in there and use that in obs..11:20
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sledgeSimkulve, best is fork github, make changes, make a webhook and as soon as you tag your github repo, obs will rebuild it automagically12:21
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sledgeSimfaenil can provide you with a hook as well ;) (no pun intended)12:22
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kulveusing the traditional branchin logic, OBS automatically patches and rebuilt new versions but I guess that logic is lost with github approach?12:25
Stskeepscorrect, though you can always linkpac12:26
kulvehmm.. how..?12:27
Stskeepswell, linkpac from original one, then webhook into your linkpac'ed package/branch12:28
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sledgeSimand .patching is cumbersome, as compared to one-off webhook setup, which will recompress the src tarball for you and fire building12:34
sledgeSimevery time you git push and keep track of changes in commits, not patches12:34
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Uninstalllbt: ping12:37
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drf__hello guys, anyone here comfortable with systemd --user in mer/sailfish? I am hitting a bottleneck where starting user-session won't start the dbus socket12:49
Stskeepscheck how it's done in nemo?12:49
drf__Stskeeps: already did  ( )12:49
drf__the session starts up correctly12:50
Stskeepshow do you see 'won't start', ooi?12:50
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Stskeepsthere's an error in journalctl that won't matter12:50
drf__Stskeeps: problem is that dbus.socket figures as failed, dbus-session is actually not started up at all, and ofc everything in the session fails12:50
Stskeepsdrf__: hmm12:50
Stskeepshow does your user-session@.service look?12:51
drf__it's the stock one12:51
Stskeepslooks okish12:52
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Stskeepsi don't have a good answer currently; other than look at a working setup12:52
Stskeepsi think in nemo it's quite encapsulated12:52
drf__Stskeeps: and that's what journald says
drf__Stskeeps: is there an image anywhere I can test?12:52 perhaps12:53
sledgeSimdrf__, there has been a recent change with user UIDs12:53
sledgeSimfrom 1000 to 10000012:53
drf__I noticed that12:53
drf__in fact it recognizes the uid as 10000012:53
drf__maybe that's the issue?12:53
sledgeSimmaybe :}12:54
drf__heh :D12:54
drf__sledgeSim: I'll have a look at nemo, tbh I'm pretty much new to this user systemd jazz12:54
Stskeepsit's very powerful but also very undocumetned12:55
drf__what's sure is that the /run/user/<user> dir won't be created12:55
drf__I have a mere /run/user/0/12:55
drf__this makes me wonder12:55
drf__Stskeeps: indeed12:55
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drf__looking for help on the internet has not been that much helpful at all12:56
sledgeSimwere quite nice last time12:57
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drf__funny thing is, the unit files are (unsurprisingly) the same13:26
sledgeSimdrf__, are you executing systemd --user as root?13:26
sledgeSimand does the same command work fine on plain nemo(vm)?13:26
sledgeSim*systemctl --user13:26
drf__sledgeSim: I'm delegating everything to its user@.service13:26
sledgeSim` systemctl status --user user@100000.service`13:27
drf__sledgeSim: Failed to get D-Bus connection: Failed to connect to socket /run/user/100000/dbus/user_bus_socket: No such file or directory13:27
drf__sledgeSim: problem is that the socket won't be created for any reason13:27
drf__sledgeSim: I tried creating the directory in advance and giving the right permissions - no change13:28
drf__I even tried touching the file - connection refused (obviously)13:28
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drf__it looks like the screw up is in dbus13:28
sledgeSimare you doing this via ssh?13:28
drf__sledgeSim: yes, please don't tell me13:28
drf__sledgeSim: already set, I'm x11-less13:28
sledgeSimand is it DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=unix:path=/run/user/%I/dbus/user_bus_socket13:29
drf__sledgeSim: export DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=unix:path=/run/user/100000/dbus/user_bus_socket13:29
drf__sledgeSim: now trying the same into the VM instead of ssh, hold on13:30
sledgeSimjust for laughs: `systemctl --user status user@100000.service`13:30
drf__sledgeSim: failed to get dbus connection no such file or directory13:31
drf__now, into the vm13:31
drf__same result13:31
sledgeSimwhich vm are you using13:31
drf__what really boggles me is that I don't even have a /run/user/100000 directory13:32
sledgeSimand is it unmodified?13:32
drf__sledgeSim: it's pretty much a bare mer VM, nothing modified below qt13:32
sledgeSimah ok13:32
drf__running in virtualbox13:32
sledgeSimso on plain nemo vm it works13:32
sledgeSim(just like here in my case)13:32
drf__indeed, it starts up13:32
sledgeSimsystemctl | grep dbus13:33
drf__either I am missing the obvious, or I'm quite out of ideas13:33
sledgeSimloaded active running ?13:33
drf__both service and socket13:33
sledgeSimis kernel in any way modified?13:33
drf__sledgeSim: the system one is rock solid13:33
sledgeSimCGROUPS ?13:33
drf__sledgeSim: the kernel is the one coming from mer's pc adaptation13:33
drf__I'm trying to keep things as standard as possible to test this before moving on13:34
sledgeSimi586 or i486 ? (not related to problem)13:34
drf__sledgeSim: i58613:34
sledgeSimmer-core-iX86-base.ks as ref?13:34
sledgeSimconnectivity-xorg ?13:34
drf__what I really don't get is the missing directory though. pam is supposed to create that.13:35
drf__sledgeSim: the packages might be indeed a bit more stripped out13:35
drf__sledgeSim: no X on board13:35
sledgeSimneed to go back to bare13:35
drf__only libX and stuff13:35
sledgeSimand build from there13:35
sledgeSim(ensuring it's not broken on mer-core-i586-base.ks first place )13:36
sledgeSimdo you know how to get latest generated .ks files?13:36
drf__sledgeSim: any ready-made images of mer-core-i586 so I can test right away?13:36
drf__I guess we can build one there13:36
sledgeSimyou'll have to mic an image yourself, won't take that long (compared to our chat length)13:36
sledgeSimas they are always rolling, senseless to host any13:36
drf__yea :D13:37
drf__let me do that13:37
sledgeSimgo to mer sdk13:37
sledgeSimsudo zypper install mer-kickstarter mer-kickstarter-configs13:37
sledgeSimmer-kickstarter -o /tmp/out-ks -c mer-reference-images/00reference.yaml13:37
sledgeSimcd /usr/share/kickstarter-configs <- before last line above13:37
* drf__ refreshes his mersdk13:38
sledgeSimbingo :)13:38
drf__sledgeSim: which one do you want me to test? mer-core-i586-base.ks?13:39
* drf__ builds13:40
* sledgeSim sees mushroom cloud13:40
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alteregoStskeeps: ping13:42
iekkualterego, o/13:44
alteregoHey iekku :)13:44
alteregoHow're you doing?13:44
iekkualterego, seeing you here made smile to my face, so better now than 2 minutes ago :)13:44
drf__sledgeSim: whoa, it won't find syslinux13:44
iekkualterego, how are you?13:45
drf__guess I'm missing the adaptation here13:45
* drf__ looks around13:45
sledgeSimjsut a package13:45
alteregoI'm glad I could help ;)13:45
sledgeSimzypper in syslinux-extlinux13:45
sledgeSimdrf__, ^13:45
alteregoYeah, not too bad. Trying to keep myself somewhat busy.13:45
drf__sledgeSim: nono, mic will fail13:45
sledgeSimyes, and after that command - it won't fail anymore :)13:45
drf__ah ok :)13:45
drf__sledgeSim: 'syslinux-extlinux' is already installed.13:46
drf__sledgeSim: tbh, the whole ks was kinda broken13:46
drf__sledgeSim: it was mentioning i686 instead of i586 (hence repos not found)13:46
sledgeSimyou need to specify -A i68613:46
sledgeSimis a relic13:46
sledgeSimand pkgmgr=zypp13:46
* drf__ tries13:46
sledgeSimwhat's your mic ?13:46
drf__mic 0.14 (Mer 0.2011 Mer)13:47
*** dimitris91 has quit IRC13:47
sledgeSimmic cmdline13:47
drf__ah, there's an update for it13:47
sledgeSimI think that holds to whatever you ask :D13:47
drf__nop, didn't help13:47
drf__my mic line: sudo mic create raw mer-core-i586-base.ks -o mer-core-i586-base --record-pkgs=name --pkgmgr=zypp --arch=i686 --pack-to=mer-core-i586-base.tar.bz213:47
*** edgar2 has quit IRC13:48
drf__ok, leave me alone13:48
* sledgeSim tries13:48
drf__I'm an idiot13:48
drf__but it fails again13:48
drf__sudo mic create raw mer-core-i586-base.ks -o mer-core-i586-base --record-pkgs=name --pkgmgr=zypp --arch=i586 --pack-to=mer-core-i586-base.tar.bz213:48
drf__Warning: repo problem: pattern:mer-core-.noarch requires zypper, but this requirement cannot be provided, uninstallable providers: zypper-1.8.3-1.1.9.i586[mer-core]13:48
drf__prolly a cache problem13:48
* drf__ tries an empty cache13:48
sledgeSimit doesn't like the whole i686/586 malarkey13:49
drf__definitely not13:50
sledgeSimwe all have been playing with i486 w/o problems13:50
drf__in fact I'm going for i486 next13:51
drf__ok, back to syslinux not being found13:51
drf__which is, in fact, in mer-tools13:52
sledgeSimyes ofc13:52
sledgeSimwiki needs to be updated badly :)13:52
drf__and I'm a damn noob at mic/packaging :(13:52
sledgeSimthe bits and bobs are collected here:13:52
sledgeSimignore the wayland bit, next you'll need to add mer-tools repo13:53
sledgeSimand add repo.meego workaround13:53
Stskeeps-A i686 for i58613:53
sledgeSimwe'll smoothen it out in the wikis, thanks to the people like you ;P13:53
Stskeeps(yes, it's insane)13:53
sledgeSimStskeeps, .ks has ref to
sledgeSimand there's no such thing:
Stskeepsuse i586 and -A i68613:54
sledgeSimand add mer-tools for syslinux problem13:54
drf__sledgeSim: didn't help :(13:55
sledgeSimdrf__, and the pattern13:55
drf__sledgeSim: I tried adding in the ks, and that made the trick13:57
drf__dunno if I opened a can of worms by doing that13:57
drf__and most of all: how will this start in vbox? it doesn't have a kernel from what I see13:57
sledgeSimdrf__, found the problem13:57
sledgeSimmic cr raw is unhappy about syslinux and it's a bug13:58
sledgeSimwe around here were building mic cr fs13:58
sledgeSimand that works13:58
drf__sledgeSim: indeed it does13:59
drf__sledgeSim: point is: this thing doesn't have a kernel - how will I test?13:59
*** edgar2 has joined #mer14:00
sledgeSimwell yeap14:01
sledgeSimthings look quite normal14:01
sledgeSimmer-core-i486-base.ks does not have any HA in it14:01
sledgeSimso nothing provides a bootloader ;)14:02
*** energycsdx has left #mer14:02
drf__ok, at least I'm following :D14:02
sledgeSimyou need to add a ha to it14:02
sledgeSimrepo --name=nemo-adaptation-x86-generic --baseurl=
sledgeSimand for mic cr raw append this: --tokenmap=MER_RELEASE:latest,NEMO_RELEASE:latest,SSU_RELEASE_TYPE:rnd,FLAVOUR:devel14:03
*** pohly has joined #mer14:03
* sledgeSim forgot that mer in itself does not provide HAs ;P14:03
drf__yea :D14:03
drf__any helpful patterns?14:04
sledgeSimoff it goes lol14:04
sledgeSimwell, i didn't add any14:04
drf__XD ok :D14:05
sledgeSimMer Core should provide dbus and hopefully work with --user14:05
drf__I'll copy ours for the kernel & co14:05
sledgeSimthat's why wy are here14:05
*** VDVsx has quit IRC14:05
*** edgar2 has quit IRC14:05
sledgeSimwy? <- momentary lapse of reason :)14:06
drf__heh :D14:06
drf__sledgeSim: ok, building. then slow network transfer, slow unpacking due to crappy hdd... I'd hand you a coffee but I guess you're out of physical reach :D14:07
sledgeSimok, i686 build is spinning too now14:07
sledgeSimas Stskeeps said: s/i686/i586/ in .ks , and go -A i686 on mic lol14:07
sledgeSimneed to fix that .ks in repos..14:08
drf__oh btw, it was close to what I thought before... let me check one thing14:08
* sledgeSim prefers latte macchiato decafeinato14:08
* sledgeSim runs and hides14:08
drf__sledgeSim: ok, found the issue, now it's finally getting clearer14:13
drf__sledgeSim: syslinux is something strictly adaptation specific, so it's not a bug in mic14:13
drf__when adding the x86 adaptation, raw works14:13
*** Eismann has joined #mer14:13
drf__in fact we are using raw for all of our images14:13
sledgeSimyes, that was my vaguely disguised message :)14:13
drf__and syslinux is taken from the x86 adapt14:13
drf__sledgeSim: yea sorry, I'm definitely not the resident mer/mic expert at all, just trying to back up people at the seaside ;D14:14
sledgeSimglad we're on the same page14:14
sledgeSimi wish i was at the seaside though :)14:14
drf__was about to say that :P14:14
sledgeSimsoon soon, 8 days :D14:14
* drf__ hopefully next week14:15
*** edgar2 has joined #mer14:18
*** VDVsx has joined #mer14:20
drf__almost there14:20
*** fk_lx has joined #mer14:20
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*** SpeedEvil has joined #mer14:27
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drf__sledgeSim: f***, I forgot openssh in the ks14:27
*** SpeedEvil is now known as Guest5265614:27
sledgeSimyou need connectivity .ks then14:28
sledgeSimforgot that too, pardon14:28
sledgeSim@Mer Connectivity14:28
drf__sledgeSim: np, stupid me, I should have known14:28
sledgeSim15:04 < drf__> any helpful patterns?14:28
drf__sledgeSim: I was referring to the adaptation in that case tho :D14:28
sledgeSimso stick with .ks you have, to remain minimal14:29
sledgeSim(who knows what else we won't have :DD)14:29
drf__connman got in, so this time should be it :D14:29
drf__just the usual 20 mins for rebuilding14:29
* drf__ zzz14:29
sledgeSimalso this14:30
sledgeSim@Mer Core Utils14:30
sledgeSimit has ssh14:30
*** WWDrakey has left #mer14:30
drf__sledgeSim: I already pulledin openssh*14:31
*** darkbalder has joined #mer14:31
sledgeSimhope connman+openssh enough to get you going14:31
drf__yea it is14:31
drf__with the other ks it does the trick14:31
sledgeSimother? other has xorg and qmlviewer &)14:31
sledgeSimah, your own start one ;)14:32
drf__we're missing systemd's getty, but not much to cry about it14:32
drf__yep :)14:32
*** stephg has joined #mer14:34
*** jayrulez has joined #mer14:36
*** chriadam has quit IRC14:37
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*** chriadam has joined #mer14:38
*** edgar2 has joined #mer14:42
drf__there's gotta be a conspirac14:44
sledgeSimthere always is14:46
* sledgeSim hopes they didn't hear that14:46
drf__we're all gonna die now /o\!14:48
drf__sledgeSim: worst hack ever, but I'm in14:48
*** edgar2 has quit IRC14:49
drf__sledgeSim: first bug: there is no /etc/pam.d/systemd-shared14:49
drf__this makes systemd fail with 224/PAM14:50
sledgeSimin nemo there's no such file either14:52
*** Jucato has quit IRC14:54
drf__sledgeSim: then - there is no for our user14:54
drf__sledgeSim: there's gotta be, or the user.service file is different14:54
drf__it's the service file specifying which pam strategy should be used14:54
*** lamikr has quit IRC14:55
sledgeSimdrf__, looks like mer-core is not user oriented :{14:55
drf__definitely :\14:55
sledgeSimrpm -qf /usr/lib/systemd/user/default.target14:55
drf__oh, that's an interesting package14:55
sledgeSimyou might need to userify it yourself14:56
drf__yea, likely14:56
*** lamikr has joined #mer14:56
drf__sledgeSim: any slight idea on where I can find that package? a quick grep in nemomobile-packages reveals no things close to "session"14:56
* drf__ tries obs14:57
sledgeSimtry :)14:57
*** arcean has quit IRC14:57
drf__found, ttps://
drf__missing an h14:58
sledgeSimeh :)14:58
drf__that should be it probably14:58
drf__sledgeSim: are you interested in backporting to mer anything which makes user sessions working?14:58
sledgeSimgoing nemo :D14:59
sledgeSimi wonder if you pull nemo-mobile-session14:59
sledgeSimwhat deps it pulls behind it14:59
drf__sledgeSim: it's a bunch of conf files15:00
drf__ofc, its user-session uses login as pam policy15:00
drf__Requires:   systemd-user-session-targets15:00
*** exec_s has joined #mer15:00
*** edgar2 has joined #mer15:01
drf__coffee break15:02
drf__sledgeSim: thanks a lot for your help btw :)15:02
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC15:02
sledgeSimhope you'll get to your goal! have fun!15:03
*** Aristide has joined #mer15:05
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Stskeepslbt: can i request mer-tools to have armv7tnhl too?15:43
*** edgar2 has joined #mer15:43
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lbtStskeeps: sure - the mips scheduler I'll look at tonight - something up with puppet config mismatch15:52
lbtStskeeps: is the source for releases and has it already16:00
Stskeepslbt: ok16:00
lbtenabled for :devel too16:00
Stskeepsi need strace once in a while16:01
lbtI'll leave it in :devel to try and spot breakage16:02
*** edgar2 has quit IRC16:02
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drf__sledgeSim: I made it :) now it's time for a nice fight with pulse16:39
drf__thanks so much!16:39
sledgeSimbril! sound job ;)16:43
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