Tuesday, 2013-07-30

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kulvethis might already be an old idea but would it be useful to have e.g. Raspberry Pi (or similar, or even a PC) in your living room for playing music/videos so that it's controlled (completely?) from a (Jolla) phone? I was just wondering if there would be people interested in designing a few main features and setting up a Mer project for that.. Something simple, not one giant app doing everything. Could be a set of tools (mpd, dlna/upnp, etc) that have been06:28
Stskeepssounds interesting to me -- did a curious prototype of media view transfer in http://hacking-mobility.blogspot.com/2011/10/qmlhtml5-application-state-transfer.html06:30
dm8tbrStskeeps: which was like a clairvoyant thing if you look at chromecast06:31
dm8tbralso I'd suggest to try to integrate with something popular like XBMC06:32
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Stskeepsright now i .. ssh into my pi06:32
Stskeepsto start things06:32
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dm8tbrStskeeps: ah, so you have the need and access to devices, you're well suited to pioneer this then ;)06:33
dm8tbror rather take it further06:33
Stskeepsi really want to do something with those android tv sticks at some point06:34
dm8tbryeah, and chromecast is just the same (with less ui)06:34
Bostikmpd + minidlna would be enough for all playback needs, then just something to control06:36
kulveyeah, exactly. I was thinking something in the line on mpd. A daemon on the other side and a UI on the phone06:37
* Bostik has his own mpd desktop client06:37
Bostik... everything else at the time was bloated crap that tried to mimick "the itunes experience"06:38
kulveMaybe the biggest point in this would be able to install a ready made image to RPI SD card, install a few apps to the phone and they would work together fluently. With as little configuration as possible06:38
dm8tbrthere are xbmc images afaiu06:39
kulveone of my uses cases currently is to play music with mpd without turning on the TV (a linux box is connected to the AV and the UI is on my nexus7). Does XBMC handle allow that kind of remote use?06:42
kulveI've tried XBMC only briefly so I can't say much about it. At least it looks really nice06:48
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Uninstall_Stskeeps: hello10:55
Uninstall_Have you got any news about Qt 5.1 on mer?10:55
Uninstall_we have some problems to build it on ARM10:55
StskeepsUninstall_: nothing beyond what i told the other week, utilize mer:qt and tar_git?10:55
Stskeepsshould work fine on ARM :)10:55
Uninstall_Stskeeps: it fails in a weird way on our OBS10:55
Stskeepsok, what error do you get?10:56
Uninstall_Stskeeps: uic complains that can't load QtCore.so.510:56
Stskeepsah.. right10:56
Stskeepsgo look at the prjconf of mer:qt10:56
Uninstall_is it a known problem?10:57
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Stskeepswell it's more about that it needs an addition to sb2-tools10:57
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Uninstall_Stskeeps: ok10:58
Uninstall_I will take a look10:59
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mira|AOhi, is there any chance I can get Mer to change its shell to mksh instead of GNU bash?14:37
lbtmira|AO: you can install and use mksh14:40
lbtif that's what you mean14:40
mira|AOsure I can ;) but I’d love to see Mer adopt mksh14:43
* mira|AO is mksh upstream14:43
mira|AO(well “mira” is, not “mira At wOrk”)14:43
mira|AOpro: less bloat, more speed, more updated, and especially more standards-compliant than bash 3.2 (!)14:44
mira|AOcontra: have to re-check existing scripts, possibly remove some bashisms (most extensions are indeed supported by mksh)14:44
mira|AOI’d of course be available to help with that14:44
lbtit's certainly not a simple decision14:44
Stskeepswe don't really use a lot of scripts in first place; a lot is handled by systemd14:45
mira|AObut this is the only “free-form” communication channel I found on the website, after discovering Mer on LWN14:45
mira|AOah ok14:45
mira|AOthat would make it even easier I guess14:45
lbtwhat license is mksh14:45
mira|AO(fwiw, Android /system/bin/sh on recent enough systems is an mksh)14:45
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mira|AOrecent enough ~= 2.4 (which was never released as product) and up14:46
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mira|AOlbt: https://www.mirbsd.org/TaC-mksh.txt contains the whole shit, but you usually don't need/use all of this14:47
mira|AOe.g. logo stuff and printf code from 4.xBSD14:47
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lbt*nod* - I think we're more likely to use busybox shell as the baseline afaik14:50
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mira|AOthat's a stripped-down ash which is really not fun for people (users, developers) to work with14:53
mira|AOyou can drop all shells from busybox and put mksh aside it, at about 40 KiB cost for dynamically-linked ARM14:54
mira|AO(mksh ranges at about 100-200K)14:54
lbtStskeeps would be the guy to convince :)14:54
lbtI know that shell selection is an eternal TODO14:55
mira|AOat least you’re listening14:55
lbtand that a sound rationale (and resources) both play a part in the decision14:55
mira|AOthat's sensible14:55
mira|AObut to provide a rationale I'd need to know the priorities and requirements14:56
lbtthat android uses it is interesting - and may be relevant to inclusion in mer generally (depending on how build systems run)14:56
mira|AOas for developers… all major shells are developed by only one person, so that shouldn't be an issue14:56
mira|AOah. but android doesn't really use shell (only a bit, and not in the build), and they keep ash around in case they should have trouble with mksh (didn't need that for a long time though)14:57
mira|AOhm. I should look whether they still do that, in fact.14:57
* lbt has a meeting now though ...14:57
mira|AOok, have “fun”…14:57
lbtback later (but not around tonight)14:57
mira|AOi'll have end-of-workday soon, but i'll get back later from home14:57
lbtI sugest digging around Mer a bit and ask if you need help14:58
mira|AOI could probably hack together a PoC that runs on mksh, but won't invest the work if there's no chance of acceptance14:58
mira|AO(took me about 1.5 years to get it into android too…)14:58
Stskeepsthere's always a chance and code is king14:59
Stskeepswhat bashisms don't you do?14:59
mira|AOok, android still has sh around but not touched in ages15:01
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Stskeepsadvertisement-clause bsd license, ooi?15:01
mira|AOstskeeps: some of the more obscure things, some of the things bash4 also doesn't do, and currently process substitution, i.e. <(foo)15:01
mira|AOno advertisement clause in there15:01
mira|AO<(foo) is planned though15:01
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mira|AOand associative, multi-dimensional arrays too, but bash3 doesn't do them either15:02
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mira|AOmksh itself is http://opensource.org/licenses/MirOS15:02
mira|AOstrlcpy.c is needed only on glibc systems ;-)15:03
mira|AOprintf.c isn't even included with mksh normally15:03
mira|AOand the remaining paragraphs are for the logo and the win32 icon15:03
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mira|AOah. and the syntax for $PS1 is different (especially because bash's \$ is impossible to parse right in POSIX)15:05
mira|AObut that's no biggie15:05
*** rcg has joined #mer15:06
mira|AOI’ll look into how to checkout and build a Mer image then15:06
mira|AOah, specfiles…15:09
mira|AOgood, I can reuse the OBS one then :D15:09
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mira|AOI assume Gerrit needs an mksh.git for me to submit reviews against (empty or with one initial commit, maybe)?15:27
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mira|AOuh, building this seems pretty complex…15:34
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* mira|AO gets the SDK15:37
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SuperpelicanStskeeps:Is the OBS build log a new thing?15:58
SuperpelicanStskeeps:Can't remember I've seen it before15:58
Stskeepsnot a new thing15:59
Stskeepswas there even back in 200815:59
*** phinaliumz has joined #mer15:59
Superpelicanhmm, then I must've missed it15:59
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SuperpelicanStskeeps:Where does it fail: https://build.merproject.org/package/live_build_log?arch=armv8el&package=kernel-adaptation-pov_protab2_xxl&project=home%3ASuperpelican%3Ahw-adaptation-pov_protab2_xxl&repository=latest_armv7hl16:01
SuperpelicanStskeeps:It gives multiple errors16:01
SuperpelicanStskeeps:But which one is the fatal one?16:01
Stskeepserror: Bad source: /home/abuild/rpmbuild/SOURCES/mer-toolchain-mno-unaligned-access.patch: No such file or directory16:01
Stskeepscheck your osc status16:01
Superpelicanok, thanks16:01
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* Superpelican thinks dropdown terminals are awesome16:05
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Superpelicanvgrade:What are all those python and perl scripts in your %files sections of the kernel-adaptation-sunxi.spec?16:20
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SuperpelicanStskeeps:"The build root needs packages from project 'mer:mds2:Core:armv7hl:0.20130703.1'", is this due a recent change in the Mer Project?16:27
Stskeepsnew release prolly16:28
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SuperpelicanStskeeps: "error: unpacking of archive failed on file /usr/share/doc/setup-2.8.56/COPYING;51f7ea03: cpio: open failed - Permission denied", known bug?16:30
Stskeepsbit busy atm16:32
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moogI want to put Gentoo on an Odroid X board.  I'm not sure about how install and manage the kernel.19:08
Stskeepsmm, gentoo might be a bit offtopic here19:09
moogGentoo is the bit I don't have a problem with.19:10
moogI was kind of hoping you guys would know a bit about putting an OS on to an Android device.19:12
lynxeasiest is probably a chroot19:12
moogchroot is fine if you don't want to replace the kernel but I need to manage my own kernel.19:14
*** mbohlender has joined #mer19:14
moogIt has this FAT32 boot partition that I can't read.  I can see it, run fsck against it and other file system tools but can't read it or "fix it".19:15
moogI've tried read about Das U-boot but I think that would make a lot more sense if you're studying it from a design point of view rather than a black box that someone's already done the hard work to get working.19:18
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ssvbmoog: there is #odroid channel on freenode, specifically for this board19:24
*** sdjayna has joined #mer19:28
moogThanks.  I didn't think of that.19:28
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moogWell it would seem that the issues with which I am aflicked may be due to the boot partition being broken and thus I can't see how to install my kernel.  Oddly though, this thing still boots.20:23
moogIt is because the operating system boots that I thought I was missing something.  I probably still am but that'll be something else and for later.20:25
moogThank you for your patience, having me here.20:26
*** rcg has joined #mer20:29
moogNow here's a question.  How plausible would it be to have a Gentoo like build your own Mer, Sailfish or Mer derivitive?20:32
Venemo_N9you can20:32
Venemo_N9with mic :)20:32
moogThat is exciting.  Do you know how difficult it might be to re-build Sailfish on the host device to take advantage of new versions the kernel or glibc or openssl or even to (albeit unlikely) replace the UX?20:38
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*** pohly has joined #mer20:39
rcguhm.. honestly, I wouldn't go through the hassle of rebuilding everything on my own just because of that20:41
rcgin fact what you get with obs is exactly that, a system build from scratch from source20:42
rcg_if_ you need something new, i'd first try to tinker on obs, like branching packages and the like20:42
rcgfrom my experience with gentoo things brake quickly in horrible ways and from my experience with mer and plasma active, things are sometimes very fragile when it comes to combinations of different software and versions etc.20:43
moogI have experienced some horrible break down's in Gentoo also but on the whole my experience has been a pleasant one.  I think but I can't say for sure but if you live with a disto long enough you'll probably experience things where you'd think those who should know better got it wrong but isn't that going to be the same for most if not all distros?20:47
moogI have to admit, if you're adventurous in Gentoo then yes you are much more likely to break things.  But if you have a plan and stick to it you can build a very tailored system.20:50
rcgyeah, i just wanted to point at obs as a very convenient alternative to building everything from scratch on your own20:52
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rcgobs is actually very smart and automatically takes care of re-building "rev-deps" when packages are updated20:54
*** darkbalder has joined #mer20:54
rcgit also allows you to conveniently branch packages if necessary20:54
moogDoes obs have a homepage/wiki?20:56
rcgbut of course locally building has its advantages as well20:56
rcgand usually it'd be nice if one contributed via obs rather than building it's own cup of tea ;)20:57
rcgiirc there is in the mer wiki on merproject.org20:57
darkbalderHi everyone o/20:57
moogGoogle brought up a page on the mer wiki but that wasn't very informative.20:58
rcgthe cool thing is, once, e.g., you succeed with something special for your needs you could easily contribute this back to the community via obs20:58
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer21:00
darkbalderI'm compiling https://gitorious.org/archos-gen9-mer-adaptation-kernel/archos-gen9-mer-adaptation-kernel-ics, with config file from http://basyskom.com/news/138-archos-plasma-active.html21:01
darkbalderoldconfig OK, make OK, boot OK, touchscreen OK, but lcd screen is in black!, any ideas of the problem?21:02
*** ortylp has quit IRC21:03
rcgone guess: did you copy the modules as well21:07
rcgdarkbalder, ^21:07
rcgfurthermore, have a look at that patch21:10
darkbalderrcg, yep, in fact, touchscreen drivers are compiled as modules, and I can't see the button to shutdown but I know where it is, so, I touch, it shutdowns21:10
rcgThat's the config I am using: https://build.merproject.org/package/view_file?file=kernel-adaptation-archos-gen9-pvr.config&package=kernel-adaptation-archos-gen9-pvr&project=home%3Awonko%3Aarchos-g9-pa-adaptation%3Apvr&rev=9a2aed0a5cb84e8dcff1c2c0ee19414721:10
rcgdarkbalder, alright, so it may be "just" a graphics driver issue?21:11
rcggenerally, that's the current "semi-official" kernel for archos g9 https://build.merproject.org/package/files?package=kernel-adaptation-archos-gen9-pvr&project=home%3Awonko%3Aarchos-g9-pa-adaptation%3Apvr21:12
rcgat least for plasma active21:12
*** amccarthy_ has joined #mer21:13
* moog waves21:14
*** zenvoid has quit IRC21:14
moogI'll be back some time to learn more about mic and obs.  Thank you.21:15
*** amccarthy has quit IRC21:16
darkbalderrcg, thanks! excuse me but what is pvr?21:16
*** moog has quit IRC21:18
*** FSCV has quit IRC21:25
rcgpower vr21:26
rcgthis kernel is for hw-accelerating some things21:26
blue787Hi there21:27
CosmoHillhey blue78721:27
rcgthere's also a kernel for fbdev21:27
blue787All developers here ?21:29
blue787I've never written an app before but I have a few ideas21:29
CosmoHilli'm a jurour web developer who came here from meego and I joined meego to learn more about linux after LFS21:29
CosmoHillthe most I contribute is some conversation21:29
blue787Oh ok cool21:30
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*** jakeri has joined #mer21:36
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darkbalderrcg, do you know how video driver is for archos 101g9 turbo? I've tried to compile drm in kernel but black screen continues21:51
*** jstaniek has quit IRC21:55
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rcgdarkbalder, dunno about drm22:20
rcgi think i messed a little with that but that's long ago and i forgot almost everything22:20
rcgi'd take the current kernel config, try if this works and then continue with tweaking from there22:21
darkbalderok, thanks, I'll try this22:30
*** Venemo_N9 has quit IRC22:30
*** Aristide has joined #mer22:34
darkbalderrcg, do you know why, when I cross-compile, I get this error: arch/arm/mm/proc-v7.S:391: Erreur: le processeur choisi ne supporte pas le mode ARM « smc #0 » ??22:37
darkbalderI have the "solution" but, in another conversation, someone told that it is very "strange"22:38
*** faenil has quit IRC22:41
ali1234the selected processor does not support mode ARM smc #0?22:42
rcgdarkbalder, i built the kernel via the mer platform sdk22:42
rcgso, this way, it is actually not cross compiling22:42
rcghave a look at the mer wiki for more info about this22:42
*** rcg has quit IRC22:43
ali1234it looks like maybe it's a toolchain bug22:44
ArtoxI herad its a kernel bug instead22:46
lynxor wrong cflags22:46
ArtoxI had this issue too for the GTA04 pphone using a 2.6.32 kernel22:47
Artoxwith a new version of gcc22:47
Artoxnewer kernels did nto have the problem22:47
ali1234kernel/toolchain mismatch is always a problem22:48
ali1234not really a bug as such, just that "the way" has changed22:48
darkbalderI've solved that error with this http://ding34.blogspot.com/2013/05/error-selected-processor-does-not.html22:48
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