Thursday, 2013-07-18

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morphisStskeeps: got a little bit further06:32
morphisI see now the touch events receiving on client site06:33
morphisbool QtWayland::TouchExtensionGlobal::postTouchEvent(QTouchEvent*, QtWayland::Surface*) x= 1892628 y= 343783806:34
morphisx/y are too high06:34
Stskeepslooks a bit wild06:34
morphison compositor everything is fine and I can move the cursor06:34
morphisbut once the focus is set to a client surface it's producing such numbers06:35
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Stskeepsdid you enable mtdev?06:35
morphisthe numbers are x/10000 would give the right coordinate for the client06:36
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morphisStskeeps: is the cause of that high numbers07:54
morphisbut it's wrapped into smaller numbers in QPA on client site later07:54
morphismakes sense07:57
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UninstallStskeeps: ping08:43
UninstallStskeeps: we have some Qt 5.1 specs, would you like to update Qt in Mer?08:47
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StskeepsUninstall: we have those already, see mer:qt08:51
UninstallStskeeps: cool, so what's the plan?08:51
Stskeepsit's a bit in development still as it's getting stabilized08:51
Stskeepsfor example qtwebkit5 seems to have issues08:52
Stskeepsin developer build mode08:52
UninstallStskeeps: ok08:53
Stskeepsif you'd like to use them, tar_git service can help08:54
Stskeepsas we're trying to make custom cores a bit easier08:54
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BostikStskeeps: oh, webkit5 has problems? should I find time to look at it? :)08:58
StskeepsBostik: we're sending bug report upstream at least08:58
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kostolaStskeeps: I have looked at mer:qt:devel, but the sources are still Qt 5.0.209:00
Stskeepskostola: it says 5.0.2git, to be precise09:00
kostolaok :)09:00
Stskeepsbecause 5.1 wasn't out yet, we didn't want to make versions > 5.1.009:00
Stskeepsand the tilde operator isn't working properly09:00
Stskeepswe're validating the alignment with 5.1 release atm09:01
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kostolaStskeeps: ok09:03
Stskeeps5.0.2git = 5.0.2 plus some git changes :)09:03
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w00t__(effectively 5.1)09:13
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w00t__Stskeeps: actually.. why didn't you bump versions to 5.1 now it's out?09:26
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Stskeepsw00t__: haven't validated the qt5.1 branch 100% yet09:31
Stskeepsbut yes, that'll be the tags09:31
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ljp_Stskeeps: is this still the place for connman patches?,154609:33
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kostolaStskeeps: approximately how long will it take to validate Qt5.1 and release it officially?09:48
Stskeepskostola: so i'd recommend looking into tar_git on your setup09:49
Stskeepsas fixes go much quicker into these09:49
kostolaStskeeps: do you have any doc page that explains how to set it up?09:50
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kostolaI quickly googled but I didn't find anything helpful09:51
kostolaStskeeps: obviously now that I asked you, I found it...09:52
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rcgkostola, yeah, you have to ask first and then google. apparently google checks whether you had already asked a question and hides the helpful results until you ask ;)09:56
kostolarcg: it must be like that because it happens almost every time ;)09:57
rcgscnr, and btw. this shouldn't actually sound sarcastic at all :)09:57
rcgkostola, yeah, i know that too :)09:57
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kostolaStskeeps: thx10:04
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UninstallIf you want to take a look I have this commit that wait for review:,154810:35
kaltsiStskeeps: sb2-tools-qt5-* and sb2-tools-* are overlapping, should the qt packages be removed from the plain old tools injection pkg?10:47
Stskeepskaltsi: that's fine atm10:47
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kaltsiStskeeps: ok.. I'm wondering how libQt5Core ends up in the host.. w00t asked to see if qdoc could be accelerated and it needs libQt5Xml, which isn't there right now10:48
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Stskeepskaltsi: can qt5 moc be accelerated btw?11:33
kaltsiit is already11:34
Stskeepsjust not in sdk-build i guess?11:34
kaltsihm right.. only in obs-rpm-build*11:34
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UninstallStskeeps: ping me if you have any question about any of the patches I've pushed to review15:23
StskeepsUninstall: will do15:24
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energycsdxhi, i have problem with creating mer target rootfs image17:43
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Morpog_PCI must say, lbt is a good speaker17:45
Morpog_PCAkademy videos are uploaded!17:45
Morpog_PCAll videos17:45
energycsdxi`m trying to build mer target image for armv7tnhl17:45
Morpog_PCshould have been all in one line, sorry17:45
energycsdxlooks like some packages missing17:45
energycsdxi successfully built for armv7hl but can`t do this for armv7tnhl17:47
Morpog_PCnow with proper links and in one line:17:48
Morpog_PCAkademy videos are uploaded! Mer SailfishOS,_Open_Source_and_Sailfish_OS.webm All videos
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lbtMorpog_PC: ty :)19:14
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xavinuxlbt: ping19:23
xavinuxhow are you19:24
lbtgood, good19:24
xavinuxa little can I test
xavinuxso as to then be merged19:24
lbtit's merged but not yet in a release19:25
xavinuxah ok as I see it figure as closed get me confused19:26
xavinuxsorry lbt19:26
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lbtno problem :)   ty for the patch19:27
xavinuxbtw I have done some work in the nemo repsitory (mthemedaemon qmlpinquery mcompositor)19:32
xavinuxsomerhing else where I can be useful?19:33
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energycsdxwhat about armv7tnhl arch?20:20
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Stskeepsenergycsdx: getting more and more stable20:21
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energycsdxbut currently a can`t create image, something wrong with repos20:26
Stskeepsenergycsdx: hmm, sure about that?20:26
Stskeepswhat error do you get?20:26
Stskeepsenergycsdx: this is inside platform sdk right?20:27
Stskeepsyou might need to update it to get latest mer20:27
Stskeepsas there's a libzypp fix in ti20:27
energycsdxi use Sailfish OS SDK VM20:27
Stskeepsget one outside that vm20:28
energycsdxi can update zypp in VM20:28
Stskeepswouldn't be so sure20:28
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energycsdxyes ic it updates from releases.sailfishos.org20:33
Stskeepsso get one outside that first :)20:33
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StskeepsUninstall: took most of the no-brainers, let's get that set QA'ed20:52
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energycsdxFatal: Rule file interface version check failed: got 105sb2, expected 105sb2: Error: startup of sb2d failed.21:39
energycsdxwhat does it mean?21:39
ali1234well sb2 is scratchbox2 i guess21:41
ali1234scratchbox2 being a kind of chroot system for cross compiling21:42
ali1234but beyond that i have no idea :P21:42
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kaltsiif you really cot "105sb2" then you might have some corrupt files in your mer chroot21:43
ali1234someone had this trouble before, see and search for 105sb221:44
kaltsiif you got got 105 and got 104 then you have an old mer chroot21:44
kaltsi104 and 105 makes sense .. 105sb2 does not21:45
kaltsithere's a package in mer-tools repository that ships the sb2 modes used for building and if you have too old mer-tools (and too old version of that package) then you will get this message21:47
ali1234104 -> 105sb2 is a bit specific for random corruption, don't you think?21:49
energycsdxactualy i had 104, but i found that link and changed fs_rules.lua 104 -> 105sb221:49
kaltsiupdate the mer-tools or change it just to 105 :)21:50
ali1234i dunno, ask stskeeps :)21:50
energycsdxi understand21:51
energycsdxi had  got 104, expected 105sb2: Error: startup of sb2d failed.21:52
kaltsithat looks like two lines together21:52
energycsdxshould be new line separator before sb221:52
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