Monday, 2013-06-10

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* sledges just bought FTDI Basic Breakout USB-TTL \o/ 11:19
sledgesit said "5 people bought this item in last 24 hours" :)11:19
sledgesI wonder if it's same reason as me :)11:19
VDVsxStskeeps, what do you think of building qmf in mer  without the GUI stuff(example app), or do you think some user of mer still uses qt widgets based interface ?11:20
StskeepsVDVsx: hmm, maybe ask some of the plasma guys if they use qmf11:20
VDVsxStskeeps, isn't plasma qml as well ?11:21
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sledgesdm8tbr, ^^ :)11:21
StskeepsVDVsx: true11:21
StskeepsVDVsx: but a lot of kde there though11:21
VDVsxis just the example app anyway, but gonna check better11:22
VDVsxin some other project we build it without the gui stuff makes the binary a lot smaller11:22
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Stskeepswell, i don't see why we'd need a widgets based ui11:22
Stskeepsso go ahead11:22
plundstrStskeeps: deztructor: I added helper script for systemd to run "systemctl --user" commands as root11:25
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Stskeepsplundstr: will review later today11:27
Stskeepsbut initially looks ok11:27
phaeronplundstr: I owe you beer if it works :D11:30
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plundstrStskeeps: Looks like my change was not based on latest systemd. It includes mkosola changes too. I guess I need to redo this11:40
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aknightwould the git default editor being set to vi be considered a bug?12:03
Stskeepstechnicall yes12:03
Stskeepsit's pretty annoying12:03
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phakoit's perfect.12:06
aknightat least it doesn't even seem to be installed in the reference builds12:07
aknightmaybe that's a good reminder to set your editor :P12:08
aknightor install vi?12:08
plundstrStskeeps:,1490 in new one. You can delete/cancel/reject 148912:12
Stskeepsplundstr: feel free to click Abandon - do you have such a button?12:16
plundstrStskeeps: yes, and I pressed that. Wasn't sure if that was enough.12:17
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dm8tbrsledges: nice12:24
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sledgesI'm still thinking we need to find a way to boot kernel first, and hope for VT console framebuffer to spit kernel boot strings12:25
Stskeepson n4? naah12:25
sledgesso if we assume BMO has wrongful parameters / compile flags12:25
sledgesand boot halts after famous "uncompressing kernel"12:26
sledgescompiling kernel `the ubuntu way` would show things from different perspective12:26
sledgesjust to cross check12:26
sledgesStskeeps, are you coming from "framebuffer access to kernel is terra incognita on n4" ?12:27
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* CosmoHill picks up a hamster on one hand and a chewed ethernet cable in the other18:03
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energycsdxam i right that mesa package in mer called mesa-<driver_name> ?19:54
Stskeepzyes but it's kind of 'hw specific' ie llvmpipe, x86-generic, etc19:54
Stskeepzif you need to build against egl or opengl es , use pkgconfig(egl) and pkgconfig(glesv2)19:54
energycsdxok thank you19:56
Stskeepzwhat do you hope to do?19:56
energycsdxand in general how packages named? for example qt in fedora named qt and in opensuse it is libqt419:58
Stskeepzyou shouldn't have to worry - you just use pkgconfig(QtCore) for development19:59
Stskeepzfor images it's a different matter but you can easily peek at a mer release19:59
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CosmoHilllbt: from this saturday my bro can learn to drive in my car :/20:33
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CosmoHillalso friends are backing out of the project car idea. mum said I should just do it myself20:34
lbtyeah - devil is always in the details20:35
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CosmoHillhe only adds £58 to my premium until my renewal :)20:36
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