Sunday, 2013-06-02

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rcolisteteHi, I'd like to know your opinion about where some Python packages would be better placed : "mer-tools:devel", "nemo:devel:mw", etc ?03:31
rcolisteteThey are IPyython (including graphical interfaces like Qt console and Notebook using web browser) and some dependencies, SymPy (Computer Algebra System in Python) and Uncertainties (error propagation in Python). See my Mer COBS, About IPython on Mer/Nemo/Sailfish :
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wowericit  sound  good04:24
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Stskeepslbt: prerelease ready for cooking09:04
Stskeepsit sorts out libsb2-scatchbox2 split, droid container work, allows for -fuse=gold for qtwebkit/gcc, fixes multithreaded-multicore qemu crashes09:09
Stskeepsso all around useful09:09
lbtwhat eta do you think09:09
lbtalso is gerrit down for you?09:09
Stskeepsgerrit was acting up earlier, i restarted it09:10
Stskeepstuesday or wednesday09:10
Stskeepsthe changes aren't terribly invasive09:10
lbtI'm out a bit on tue - wed OK?09:10
lbtgrr - gerrit isn't showing bad in nagios09:11
lbtI need to add some kind of git remote check09:11
Stskeepslooks deadish indeed09:11
lbtsystem looks fine09:11
lbtOut of memory: kill process 22987 (git) score 291661 :/09:12
Stskeepsso somebody looked at qt09:12
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lbtreally need to find time for github soon09:12
lbtI got LDAP patches in upstream and devs were talking to me - then I went dead due to SDK09:13
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lbtrestart seems to have done it09:14
* lbt unpins and closes
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lbtrelease done10:32
lbtjust wondering about whether to import now or tonight10:32
lbt8pm should be a good time10:33
lbt[SB2 sdk-build mer-i486] david@ash mpd $ perl -e 'print "hello\n";'10:36
lbtperl: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory10:36
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lbtkaltsi_: ^^10:37
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lbtit's the perl SDK incompatibility with later targets10:48
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lbtStskeeps: this means a newer SDK cannot now build earlier versions of Mer10:48
lbtwe're going to have to sort out -t for targets10:49
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lbtmy 'old' SDK (february) can't build new Mer targets - that would hurt a lot if I was working against some released product10:50
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Stskeepslbt, that error means something is wrong in target perl, sb2 doesnt accelerate perl by default10:54
lbtit's a vanilla mer latest target10:55
Stskeepsi think you are hitting another issue, libsb2 should be installed in i486 taget10:55
lbtwhen I upgraded host perl it worked10:55
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dima`hi, do i need to use Spectacle to build rpm spec or i can write it from scratch?12:08
lbtdima`: you can write it from scratch12:13
lbtspectacle is there to help newcomers with simple packages and make life easy for handling sub-packages etc12:14
dima`but all mer packages created using spectacle or taken form another dist?12:17
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CosmoHilldima`: when I made .spec files for my distro I looked at how fedora did it when i needed help figuring something out12:21
lbtdima`: some mer packages use spectacle - I like it and use it in mer-tools12:22
lbtgenerally if a package maintainer uses it already then you should use it too if you're just submitting a patch12:23
lbtif you're writing your own package then feel free not to use it12:23
CosmoHilllbt: hi12:23
lbthey CosmoHill12:23
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fastlane`afternoon \o15:50
Stskeepshow's it going?15:51
fastlane`goin ok15:52
fastlane`how about u15:52
Stskeepsgood good15:52
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lbtpushing pre-release to mobs20:06
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lbtphaeron: mds giving me a 500 again20:19
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lbtI really hate reading source code just to find logs20:22
phaeronwhen were logs ever in source code ?20:23
lbtit's a systemd service20:23
lbtbut no journal - it's suse20:23
lbtlogs also not in messages20:23
lbtnor in /var/log20:23
lbtso ... just looking20:23
phaerondmesg afair20:23
lbtno - nothing but kernel logs to dmesg afaik20:24
Stskeepsbbl sleep20:25
phaeronI don't remember which suse is it ? systemd-journal...20:25
phaeronyay for consistency20:25
lbtsuse - no journal :(20:25
Stskeepser.. journalctl20:26
lbtoh wow20:26
lbtit's actually renamed to systemd-journalctl20:26
Stskeepsthat was old name, i think20:26
lbtI never knew that - thought suse just sent it to messages20:26
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lbtnm release failed20:27
lbtcpio: write error: No space left on device20:28
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phaeronalways blame it on me :D20:28
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lbtnot you - just would like more than a 500 error20:28
lbtspace thing is kinda odd since most full fs has 25Gb free20:29
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phaeronmaybe reserved for root ?20:30
lbtnah - not even close20:30
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Stskeeps  /tmp?20:36
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lbtI'm running it again and watching - it doesn't make sense20:37
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phaeronlbt: I disabled build in nemo:devel:mw while doing the git transition , when will prerelease be ready20:49
phaeronwould like to reenable it only after it is imported , so we build only once20:49
lbtit takes ~ an hour20:49
lbtI did it this morning but obviously missed the errors20:50
phaeronok lets see if we finish at the same time :)20:50
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lbtI just cleaned up and re-ran the pre-release - no problems at all :/21:23
lbtabout to import21:23
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lbtand even mds worked   :O21:27
lbtphaeron: so ... I would have just done an update to mer:devel now21:27
lbtdo you want me to wait or something ?21:27
phaeronlbt: mer:next you mean ?21:28
lbtI think it's the next repo in the mer:devel project21:28
phaeron do it21:29
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lbtI wonder if we should ask people to build on less architectures unless they really think there are issues21:33
* CosmoHill has turned into an old man looking at Saabs21:34
* lbt picks up XKR tomorrow21:35
lbtCosmoHill: just to upset you ... I wrote off my XKR (by driving over a kerb to avoid killing a taxi driver who pulled out) and then, a couple of months later I managed to almost write off the TVR (when it rolled down a hill) ... in the meantime a courtesy car managed to get dinged.... and my insurance premium this year went up by ..... £200 :D21:37
* CosmoHill blinks21:37
lbtbeing an old guy isn't so bad sometimes *rofl*21:38
CosmoHillI'm looking at cars with friends but maybe for myself too21:38
lbtyeah - I recall you saying21:38
lbthey - saabs are fun21:38
lbttorque steer is kinda neat21:38
CosmoHillspotted two at the same dealer, 9-5 2.3t  estate with 185BHP for £1490 and a 9-3 2.0t saloon with 175BHP for @179021:40
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lbtI think modern turbos are less fun though21:41
lbtyou don't really notice them21:41
CosmoHillyou notice my dad's, you put your foot down and nothing happens, then a lot happens21:41
CosmoHillany advice you can give, with a £2000 budget for the car they're a chance of getting a lemmon21:42
lbtpay for an AA/RAC inspection - you may even be able to use it to negotiate a bit off if there's nothing "run away" about it21:43
CosmoHilloh wow, the 9-3 is the first car they won't cost us a load in road tax :)21:43
CosmoHillmy cousin is a mechanic and he'll look over any car for us21:44
CosmoHilloh common, what's the point of having two tax bands next to each other that cost the same21:49
lbt'night all21:50
CosmoHilloh good lord, £1000+ for insurance21:51
CosmoHilllbt: you must be 400 years old or something21:51
CosmoHillLexus IS200 is really cheap for insurance21:52
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