Wednesday, 2013-05-15

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ka6soxdm8tbr, I really want coffee...but its 10pm here.05:21
* dm8tbr just had a morning espresso05:22
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Stskeepsmorn all07:27
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dm8tbrgood moaning07:29
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Stskeepsrcg: ping08:35
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rcgStskeeps, pong08:36
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Stskeepsrcg: did you find out that fastboot doesn't accept big images for userdata/system, or?08:36
rcgStskeeps, yep, at least for nexus 7 with the version i used back then this was the case08:36
rcgdon't know about other combinations though08:37
rcgfor nexus 7 the limit was somewhere between 600 and 700 mb08:37
rcgbut i didn't follow this for a long time, so things may have changed in the meantime08:38
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rcgyou can work around this with moslo via usb gadget support08:39
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kulveStskeeps: fastboot reads the image to memory before flashing, hence the limitation08:40
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kaltsi_lbt: I'll push my sb2 changes to mer review..08:40
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kulvewith -S it's possible to send it in pieces, but it's not working to n7. I guess it writes all pieces starting from the address 0 and therefore ends up being garbage08:40
rcgthe ubuntu guys flash a sparse image with a tar.gz and use an initrd which extracts the tar.gz on first boot to work around the limitation08:41
ljpw00t: ping08:41
Sage_kulve: eh..08:42
kulvercg: that's not enough still as the mer images are quite big. It would help if there would be a minimal image that installs the apps etc. over the net after first boot or something08:42
rcgkulve, rootfs is that big?08:44
rcgeven when compressed?08:44
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rcglast plasma active rootfs tarball i created was about 600mb iirc using gzip08:44
rcgso with bzip or lzma you could squeeze even a little more08:45
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* Sage_ thinks we need to do generic moslo that is easy to configure for each device ;)08:48
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rcgaye, i also think moslo needs some love08:53
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w00tljp: pong08:55
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Sage_w00t: I have no idea what you are talking about anymore in the mailing list08:56
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ljpcan we start using the webhooks at  mer-packages / sensorfw for sensorfw obs, instead of the obs git repo? or how does that work.08:57
Sage_ljp: for mer currently no it needs to be pushed for now as;a=summary08:58
Sage_so the mer-packages is just a upstream git repository that is put to a tarball and pushed to gitweb.merproject.org08:58
ljpbummer, as its confusing08:59
Sage_we are moving to gitlab and webhooks later but for now this is how it is done.08:59
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w00tSage_: you did not fix mer-packages:
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Sage_w00t: ah, ok so people were talking about two different git things here. Now I wsee the confusion. I didn't know that the souce git had packaging as well.09:19
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kaltsilbt: ping09:56
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lbtkaltsi: pong - sorry, bit busy10:13
kaltsilbt: no prob, when you have time, I need some advice in releasing this gitpkg'd scratchbox2 in the review.merproject way10:15
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lbtok - what I did for rpm is have 2 git repos - 1 sane, 1 mer :)   essentially you cd to the mer one, rm * and  run gp_mkpkg --build? --git-dir=/path-to-sane-git-repo10:19
lbtgit rm *10:19
lbtand git add10:19
kaltsican the sane repo be for example cloned from review.merproject?10:23
kaltsior what is a 'sane' repo10:25
kaltsilbt, got it.. gp_mkpkg instead of gp_release this time, thanks :)10:31
kaltsilbt one ugliness with this is: modified:   scratchbox2-2.3.90.tar.gz10:32
lbtmeeting .... l8r10:32
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lbtStskeeps: monster has gone pop again13:20
Stskeepslbt: see msg13:20
Stskeepslbt: also, how did you notice?13:23
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lbtnagios complained about disk space13:26
lbtnrpe output failed13:26
lbtI did a lot of work on nagios recently so good to see it paid of a bit13:27
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kontio_Stskeeps: as discussed here the fakechroot, which makes rpm make check pass, the rpm changes are in review already:,142913:53
kontio_Stskeeps: is taken from fedora packaging...13:55
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phaeronkontio_: :)14:04
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kontio_Stskeeps: phaeron:,1429  and,1430 should go together, the 2 packages work in my home:
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kaltsiStskeeps: I've sent scratchbox2 and sb2-tools- for review, they should be updatet at the same time in order to not break packages with python accel14:19
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soldoKynhi to all! using a .ks file for pandaboard mic gives me that error: "Error <creator>: Failed to build transaction : udisks conflicts with kernel-adaptation-pandaboard" ... I did not modified the repo urls... that error means that with the repository specified some packages not fit well to each other? htanks!17:24
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CosmoHillnight night21:50
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